Haha... hi. I'm back from a giant time away and I am sooooo sorry! Like i know, its been forever. But since reading The House of Hades, I've come back with a load of ideas. Therefore, here ya go, a little oneshot I've been thinking of for quite a while now. Enjoy :)

Alone. That's all he was. Pretty much the only word that summed up his entire existence ever since he got out of that damned casino.

All he ever did was lurk in the shadows, stay in his room, or just sit there, unnoticed, staring out in the vast amount of water from the ledge of the ship.

Life was never fair. Of course, he should have known that by now. First, he was locked up in a casino for decades. Then he'd lost his sister, abandoned by the only person who ever actually cared and accepted him. Third, he was pretty much homeless. Always moving, always leaving. And now, of course the fates had decided that that wasn't enough. They just had to add to it.

He sighed. Why couldn't he be just a normal guy that wasn't the biggest outcast of the entire planet? Why did he have to be from another time period? Why did he have to lose everything he loved? Why did his dad have to be also the outcast of Olympus?

But most of all... why did he have to love him?

Why couldn't he just like any other girl? Why couldn't he be like Jason and Piper? Frank and Hazel? Even Leo for the gods sake. He had to be the man out.

It hurt. They were always together. Holding hands, kissing, hugging.

But why wouldn't they? They were together. They were happy. Something Nico would never have, especially with him.

He turned his head away from the sight in front of him. It hurt. Just knowing he would never be his. Always hers. They belonged together. He just better get used to it. His feelings were just something that he'd have to hide, along with all his thoughts.

No problem, not like anyone cared anyway.

His heart cracked with every thought that crossed his mind.

Misery was all he felt.

Hope you guys liked it. :D I absolutely adore Nico. He is just someone I can relate to with everything. I hope I got his thoughts rather well. :) Please review, and tell me what you guys think! :D