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Leo sighed, and continued twitching the little copper wires in his hands. It was nights like this, when the atmosphere was calm, (or as calm as it could be with impending war and Mother Earth wanting to kill them) that his brain turned into Super Wise Thoughtful Gadget and kept him up into the early hours of the morning.

It wasn't just the war at hand that kept him up, in fact, that was a vague memory in the back of his head. He might as well have forgotten all about that.

It was the girl with the pretty brown hair. The one with chocolate caramel eyes and the smell of cinnamon. It was her. Always her.

He'd promised he'd save her from her eternal prison. He needed too. Not just cause he owed her, or the fact he swore on the River Styx, but he was not going to let her suffer alone, especially for a choice made millennia ago.

Sure, she'd said he was stupid, useless, a smelly, but he knew deep down she had to like him.

She had to be on Team Leo...

And he was most definitely on Team Calypso.

They had to live out their little plans. They had to make it somewhere. He couldn't end up being a bad memory in the back of her mind just like all those other guys.

It made him so mad. How could such a helpful, gorgeous, kind heart girl like her be kept alone and have her heart broken every time she met someone?

The gods were cruel.

So, he was determined to keep his promise. Even if it killed him. Which he hoped didn't happen, after all, their shop had to be done.

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