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Life is For the Living

Life is what you make of it. You will not succeed if

you believe only that you will fail, you cannot be loved

if you refuse, yourself, to let love in, and you cannot

truly live when you wish only to die. Life is a beautiful

thing and only those who truly live have a part in it.

Life is for the living. Vita enim viventis est.

Volume I

Normalities and Oddities

Book I

Sunshine and Thunderbolts

Chapter I

Just Another Day

It was just an ordinary day. There was nothing exceedingly special about it. The sun was out, shining brightly and illuminating the land, the birds sang their normal songs, the wind blew softly and gently. The streets flooded with traffic, which was normal, and there were people everywhere. It was just another day in Paris, like any other. Everything seemed so normal. Just another day... Of course, appearances can be deceiving.

Eponine weaved her way in and out of the crowd, pick-pocketing what she could. She knew her father was waiting for the money she would bring him, that she had to bring him. She knew that if she didn't bring him the money, there would be consequences. That is to say, she would be beaten or forced to sell her body. She didn't enjoy having to resort to theft, but it was the only choice she had. Anytime she tried to get a job, she would get tossed out of whatever shop or café she had walked into. She wasn't trusted because of who her parents were. Thenardiers just weren't trusted. They were poor, so they were looked down upon, and they stole, so they were avoided. Eponine sighed as she placed the stolen money into the pocket of her ripped jeans. She dusted off her plain black t-shirt before continuing on her way, her hands deftly reaching into people's pockets and relieving them of their wallets and loose change. Her tangled dark brown hair blew in the slight wind, covering her eyes and almost causing her to trip and fall. But she caught herself. A few boys, no older than 14, saw her almost-fall and snickered. Eponine threw them a sharp glare. This only made them laugh more and they walked over to her. She knew they were better off than her, she could tell just by their clothing, which wasn't ripped or out of fashion. She could also tell that they thought very little of her by the way that they looked at her.

"Hey, gamine, walk much?" one of them taunted. Eponine, though only 17, was rather tall for her age and towered over them.

"Grow much?" Eponine retorted, looking down at the boy who had spoken.

"At least I don't live in the streets." he laughed. This was so typical of them, thinking that having money automatically made them better. The other boys laughed with him, jeering at her.

"At least I'm not a little boy that's incapable of intelligent thoughts." she snapped. The boys stopped laughing, giving her dirty looks.

"Who care what you think? You're poor."

"Do you have any other comebacks? Or is that all you can come up with? It's pathetic, really."

"C'mon guys, let's go. This street urchin isn't worth it." they turned and walked away.

"That's right!" Eponine called after them, "Go home to your mommies and daddies! They're probably very worried that their ickle boys have been gone so long!" the boys chose to ignore her, though Eponine knew that they had heard her. She smirked to herself and carried on with what she was doing.

She was rather good at what she did. She hated doing it, but she did have a certain skill. Her hands moved quickly and carefully. The bourgeoisie that she stole from never suspected anything, never even realised that anything was missing until they went to pay for something and found that they were missing their wallets. She was pretty smart as well. She did go to school. Maybe not everyday, but when she could, and she did pay attention to what was being taught. She tried harder than anyone else. She had to with the amount of school that she missed.

"Hey Eponine!"

Eponine turned at the sound of her name. She smiled to herself, for she knew that voice. Marius. Marius was her best friend, her only friend. He treated her like an equal, which was something that not many people did. In fact, most found it odd that he hung around her. He was of status and she was not. But it didn't matter to Marius. He treated her with respect and kindness.

"Bonjour, Monsieur Marius." she said as he approached her.

"Bonjour, 'Ponine." he replied, using his nickname for her. She loved it when he called her 'Ponine. Only he called her that. It made her feel special. "How've you been?" he asked, "You're a bit pale, are you getting sick?" It was true, Eponine was rather pale and with dark bags under her eyes, showing that she hadn't been sleeping well. It made Marius worry.

"No, no, I'm fine." Eponine replied. "It's just allergies... How are you?"

"Same as always." he replied with a smile. "Are you sure that you're okay?" Eponine's normally hard expression softened.

"I'm fine, really." she said with a smile. "Honestly, Monsieur, you worry too much." she teased.

"You're my best friend, it's my job to worry." he said as he tucked a loose strand of her hair behind her ear, causing her to blush slightly. "Now come on, let's go to the Musain. I'll treat you to a meal. You're so thin! When was the last time you ate?" Eponine thought for a moment.

"Two days ago, I think."

"Why didn't you say something? I would have been happy to–"

"Because I should be able to fend for myself." Eponine cut him off.

"Eponine, it's okay to ask for help." Marius said lightly, placing a hand on her bony shoulder.

"I know it is, Marius, it's just..."


"Asking for help isn't exactly in my nature."

"I know, 'Ponine, but you can't keep going on for days without eating. It's not good for you. Please, let me help you." he said. Eponine was finding it hard to refuse. She was rather hungry, and she was starting to feel weak. Besides, the hunger kept her up at night.

"Maybe just this once..." Eponine conceded. Marius smiled.

"Excellent!" he said. "Shall we?" he asked, offering her his arm. Eponine smiled and took it.

"We shall."

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