Hi guys :) x Back with another short one shot! HoH spoilers. Enjoy :)

She'd always been that girl with the smile on her face. The heart so loving that was capable of caring for anyone. The helpful one that lent a hand to whoever needed it.

But time changes everyone.

And she should have known by now. They never stay.

That's why when he'd promised to come back she shut him off. Told him to stop saying something that ridiculous.

It wasn't his fault. But it wasn't going to change the fact that he'd never come back.

They all said that. What could possibly change it this time?

And now that's why she was crying on her floor whilst the chores did themselves. Making slight noise, diminishing the loneliness she felt.

Why did she have to get her hopes up? She knew this was how it was going to end. But something about that curly hair, the adorable smile, those witty comebacks... they made her forget that.

She held her head, drying her eyes as well.

Crying wasn't going to solve anything. If only, just make things worse.

She picked her shattered self up, determined to not let this become that big of a deal. After all, empty promises were all she ever got.

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