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[kidnap Mr. Sandy clause? I wanna do it. Lets draw straws. Jack said we should work together. Three of a kind. Birds of a feather. Now and forever. Kidnap the sandy clause lock him up real tight. Throw away the key and then turn out all the lights.]
Masika walked into the apartments small living room. She glanced out the window at the orange harvest moon hanging in the dark blue October sky. It emitted an eerie glow that was fitting for the night in question. Devils night, as her father had called it. She glanced down at the millennium ring that reflected the moonlight. It gave her chills as she thought about what would happen if Bakura woke. A voice startled her.

"Hey Masika are you ready for Halloween?"Ryou came into the room.

His smile turned into a frown when he saw her concerned look.

"What's wrong?"He asked.

"What if Bakura comes back?!"She gazed at him with fear.

[First were going to set some bate inside a nasty trap and wait and when he comes sniffing we will snap the trap and close the gate. Wait I got a better plan to catch this big red lobster man! We'll pop him in a boiling pot and when he's done, we'll butter him up]

Ryou crossed the room and knelt to hug her. He smiled.

"He won't."He said "I'm sure of it.".

A crash from outside made them look at the window. Ryou stood and hurried over to it. He threw it open and began to yell. After a minute he stuck his head in again.

"What's happening?"Masika asked.

"Just some Domino high school students. It is devils night."He mumbled.

She kept looking at him quizzically so he continued.

"They were trying to tea pi the apartments."Ryou said "High school students always cause trouble on devils night. When you were a baby they actually tea pied are house. Your mother and i..."He trailed off.

Silence rained for a minute. It hadn't been four years sense the fire and it was a very touchy subject.

"Well anyway"Ryou slowly broke the uncomfortable silence "Those high school students always do that.".

[kidnap the sandy clause! Throw him in the brig! Lock him up for ninety years, see what makes him tick!]

"What did you do when you, uncle yugi and uncle Marik were in high school?"She asked.

Ryou sweat dropped.

"Well um, uh..."He stuttered, rubbing the back of his head "Te pied houses, stayed out late, know that kind of thing.".

"Please father can you tell me about it?!"She begged.

"Well ok. But if i catch you and Jaden doing any of this when your in high school..."Ryou said sternly trailing off to leave a lingering threat.

"OK. We won't. Please tell me!"She begged.

"OK. The first time we went out on devils night was during are sophomore year..."
(Ryou narrating- Well we fifteen. Well Yugi and i were. Marik was fourteen. This was two years before you were born. Marik called us down at the park around ten...)
Ryou peeked around a corner and looked across the half lit stretch of grass. He spotted movement on the other side of the park and saw a two shadows dart between two bushes. Good. They were both here. He slipped backward freezing as he heard a soft jingling sound but then realized with a sigh of relief that it was just the millennium ring. Slowly, he inched his way among the tree line to were the two shadows had appeared. As he neared the spot, he heard two voices conversing softly.

"...Ryou..."He heard one voice mumbling.

"...said he be here...not...".Said the other voice.

Ryou slowly stepped out of the shadows. Marik and Yugi were kneeling behind a bush whispering and obviously looking across the park for him.

"Guys!"Ryou whispered.

Marik and Yugi jumped up in fight and fell over each other clasping on the ground.
(At this part, Masika interrupted with a fit of giggles.)
"Geez!"Marik stood up in a huff "Scare us why don't you?".

Ryou held back a laugh and turned to help Yugi up. The three stood in a circle in silence. Yugi broke it first by saying

"So...why are we here?".

Ryou and Yugi glanced at Marik in curiosity. Marik's eyes lit up as he exclaimed.

"We are going to tea pi our houses."He smiled triumphantly.

Ryou and Yugi exchanged quizzical looks.

[I say that we take a canon, aim it as his door and then knock three times and when he answers, sandy clause will be no more! Your so stupid think now! If we blow him up to smithereens, we may lose some pieces and then Jack will beat us black and green!]]

"Now what's the real plan."They asked.

"No. I'm series. Ishizu said that nobody would so I'm going to prove her wrong."He said.

Ryou looked uncertain.

"All three houses?"Yugi asked uncertainly.

Marik nodded.

"I live in a apartment."Ryou said.

"We'll trash the place. That'll show Bakura."He said.

[kidnap the sandy clause! Lock him up real tight! Throw away the key and then turn out all the lights. Then Mr. Oogie boogie man, can take the whole thing over then. He'll be so pleased by are success! He'll reward us to I bet! Perhaps he'll make a special brew! Of snake and spider stew. Mmmm!]

"Bakura isn't one you want to show."He responded.

"Well ok. We'll leave your house."Marik pondered.

"Well lets hit your house."Yugi said.

The other two nodded. They slunk out of the park and crept up toward the street. After a few minutes of slipping through the shadows, they were looking down the driveway to the Ishtar's. Marik smiled somewhat wickedly and pulled a bag from behind the bush in his yard.

"Please tell me you only hid the toilet paper roles in this yard!"Yugi said.

"No. I planted one in your yard to."Marik said.

Yugi looked like he was in between crying and laughing. Marik passed out the three roles and took cover behind the bush. A silent moment came between them and Ryou and Yugi followed suit. Marik launched the role up and over the house. It left a white strip over the shingles and they heard a soft thud from the rest of the role. They waited with baited breath as the house creaked slightly as if it would break. Then Ryou threw the next role quickly followed by Yugi. A light came on inside. Marik panicked and dashed off down the road crying out

"Run! It's crazy Mrs. Ishizu?".

(You think it's funny? You wouldn't be laughing if you knew how bad Ishizu's wrath was.)

Ishizu came out of her house with a frying pan but the three teens were already out of site. They didn't stop until they were in front of Yugi's house. Marik's panting turned into a hysteric grin when he pulled the second bag out from under Yugi's bush. Once again he passed out the rolls. The toilet paper went flying and it made dull thuds on the roof. A light snapped on upstairs and sent them running. Unfortunately, they were spotted.

[were his secret henchman and we take are job with pride. We do our best to please him and stay on his good side. I wish my cohorts weren't so dumb. I'm not the dumb one! Your no fun! Shut up! Make me. Listen up I got something really good!]

"Yugi! Ryou! Marik!"Solomon Mouto shouted from the upstairs window.

"Sorry grandpa!"yugi shouted as they ran.

As they dashed up the street, Marik stopped abruptly as he fell to the ground. Ryou and Yugi tripped over him and all three tumbled to the ground. Ishizu stood with her frying pan in front of them. Marik looked ready to cry while Ryou and Yugi looked scared to death. Marik tried in vain to escape the new horror he was faced with but instead stopped dead. Grandpa Mouto was coming up behind them and he looked angry.

"Don't you even think about moving."Ishizu warned, waving the frying pan.

They remained motionless on the ground.

"They tea pied your house to?"Solomon asked.

[We'll send a letter to his door upon there' be a note to read. Now in the box we'll wait and hide until his curiosity entices him to look inside and then we'll have him one, two, three!]

Ishizu nodded gazing disappointed at the three.

"I can understand Marik but, Yugi and Ryou?"She spoke.

"It was all Marik's idea."Yugi said "But that doesn't change the fact that we went along.".

Solomon nodded in agreement. He garbed Yugi's arm and pulled him up, marching him home. Not a word was spoken until they went inside.

"Ryou I'm disappointed."Ishizu said and left him feeling guilty sitting on the ground as she hauled Marik away.

Ryou's cheeks burned with embarrassment. What had he been thinking?! He got up and dashed home in shame. Ishizu had sure taught him a lesson. Never tea pi houses.
(end flashback)

"So you and mother almost broke up?"Masika asked worried.

"We weren't even dating yet."Ryou shook his head.

[kidnap the sandy clause lock him up real tight, throw away the key and then turn out all the light! Kidnap the sandy clause lock him in the brig. Mr. Oogie boogie is sure to get his kicks.]

A moment of silence.

"Well you should get to bed. Goodnight sweetie."He hugged her.

The apartment settled into a state of quietness and devils night continued.
(end of part 1)

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