Chapter 2- In witch there is trick or treating
Masika and Jaden sifted through their respective Halloween candy.

"Tootsie role for a snickers?"Jaden asked.

Masika traded with him and negotiations like these continued to go on as it was the Halloween tradition. Trick or treat had ended an hour ago so they had been at the Mouto's home for that long. Jaden had dressed as a duel monster while Masika was dressed like her aunt Amane. Ryou was there as well helping Yami pass out candy while Yugi and Tea had taken the children out. Ryou entered the sitting room were Yugi was currently sitting watching a Halloween special that Jaden and Masika were only half paying attention to.

"Father?"Masika asked "What was it like during our first Halloween?".

"Well...we did go out trick or treating. You were just a baby but Jaden was two. Remember Yugi?"He smiled at his friend.

Yugi smiled thinking about it and nodding.

"Yeah. Jaden was so protective over her. We had to force him to go up to the house without you. He didn't understand that you couldn't walk up there with him."Yugi said "It was the cutest thing i ever saw.".

"Dad!"Jaden complained "Mom's supposed to be the one embarrassing me with baby stories. Not you.".

Masika was blushing furiously at this point as well.

"What happened when we first went trick or treating together?"Masika asked.

"Do you want to tell this one?"Ryou asked.

Yugi nodded.
(Yugi narrating- Masika had just learned how to walk so she was accustomed to running around in circles trying to go somewhere. Jaden was about four at the time and she was two.
Ryou narrating- sorry to cut in.
Yugi- thats ok
Ryou- Were was i...oh! This was about four years after Marik, Yugi and i went out on devils night.
Yugi- well anyway, Jaden was over excited to have Masika walk with him this year. Unfortunately, there was an accident that resulted from Masika's incessant wandering...)
Jaden ran in circles around Yami as the man glanced down at him with a smile. His hikari hadn't made such a big mistake after all.

"Hey! My son wasn't a mistake."Yugi said firmly through the mind link.

(Yugi- Now Yami was just upset because i was almost sixteen when you were born. He loved you like his own son.)

"Ra. I didn't mean it like that."Yami said.

Ryou and Ishizu were trailing along behind watching as Masika tottered around trying to follow Jaden as fast she could.

"Oh look you two."Tea pointed to a brightly lit house "Why don't you go there?".

"C'mn Sika!"Jaden grabbed her arm "Candy!".

The two took off down the stretch of lawn in front of the house.

"Remember your manners Jaden."Tea called.

"OK."He waved at her.

They climbed up the porch steps and stood. Jaden knocked. As the door opened to an elderly women, Masika hid behind Jaden.

"It's ok Sika."Jaden said.

She looked a bit unsure.

"Trick or treat."He said.

The women dropped candy in his bucket, smiling at the children. Jaden pushed Masika in front of him but she clung to his jacket scared.

"Say Trick or treat Sika."Jaden said turning her around.

He got her to raise her Halloween bucket.

"Tr'ck 'r tre't!"She said.

The lady smiled at her and dropped a piece in her bucket.

"Th'k you!"She said.

"Thank you."Jaden said.

They retreated.

"That wasn't so bad was it?"Jaden asked.

"Th'k's Jad'n."She smiled.

Ishizu smiled at Masika and Ryou scooped her up and hugged her.

"Your growing up so fast."He smiled.

Ishizu hugged Ryou and Masika. After a minuet, Ryou sat Masika down and the two kids took off again.

"Jaden!"Tea called slow down.

"Masika stay with Jaden."Ishizu called.

They ran from house to house collecting candy while their parents followed closely behind. Yami looked around noticing something.

"Were are Jaden and Masika?"He asked.

Ishizu and Ryou panicked instantly.

"I'll look this way."Ryou said.

"Masika!"Ishizu yelled "Masika?!".

No answer.

"I'll check down there."She said.

They ran off. Yugi took off in Ryou's direction while Tea took off in Ishizu's.

"Yami stay here encase they return."Yugi said.

He nodded and stayed put. Meanwhile, Jaden and Masika were wondering the streets trick or treating oblivious to the fact that their parents were missing.

(Yugi narrating- We knew what you did because we asked the people on the streets what you did and were you were.)

They wandered up the road and around the corner. Fortunately Ishizu and Tea were right near them. Unfortunately, they didn't see them. They however hadn't turned the corner yet.

"Oh look!"Jaden said pointed to a haunted house.

Masika hid behind him scared.

"It's ok."Jaden smiled "I'll protect you.".

"R-Rea'y?"She smiled back.

He nodded and they went inside. Inside, smoke settled like a mist over everything. Masika clung to Jaden. Suddenly, a figure moved in the shadows. Jaden stopped.

"Wha's wro'g?"She asked.

"Nothing."He said reassuringly.

They figure continued to follow them so Jaden hugged her to his side. They came to a dead end that was blocked by a bookshelf. Jaden scanned the books. He had seen this trick in a movie before. Running his fingers over the books, he felt a plastic backing. He pulled that book out and the bookcase slipped open. She stood ridged in fear for a moment before he patted her shoulder reassuringly and went forward. The shelf closed behind them and left them in darkness. Jaden clutched Masika's hand and walked forward. They walked, feeling their way around for a few minutes until a bright red pair of eyes launched at them. It was a bat on a wire and it emitted a loud shrieking sound. Masika squealed in terror.

"It's ok."He said.

They walked on. After another few minutes, with occasional bats and sound affects, they heard footsteps. Jaden looked behind them and saw a dark figure with red eyes. He didn't let on he knew it was there for Masika's sake. He lead her down another hall with the man following. He started walking faster and the man walked faster to. He ran pulling her behind them. The man sped up. Jaden saw they were going to slow. Quickly, he glanced back at Masika. She was scared and on the verge of tears.

"It's ok."He huffed out to her "We'll be ok.".

He stopped and scooped her up in his arms and ran. They burst out of the haunted house and kept running. Tea and Ishizu had turned the corner and spotted them.

"Jaden! Masika!"They called.

The two ran toward their moms and they were met with worried hugs.

"Were did you go!"Tea scolded.

"What do you mean?"Jaden asked hugging Masika.

Tea and Ishizu exchanged looks. The two kids hadn't even noticed that their parents had gone? They burst out laughing and hugged their kids.

"Are you ok?"Tea asked.

They nodded. Jaden set Masika down and they began walking back to Yami confused.

"Lets not tell them."Ishizu said.

Tea nodded. As they arrived back, trick or treating was winding down and Yami stood in the middle of the semi deserted street with Yugi and Ryou. Yugi and Ryou hugged Masika and Jaden.

"We went in a haunted house!"Jaden said.

"Did you really?"Yugi asked.

Yami smiled at them. Tea gave her husband a "I'll tell you latter" look that was also exchanged between Ryou and Ishizu. As they headed back to their respective homes, Jaden and Masika ran ahead, but Ishizu,Ryou,Yugi,Tea and Yami stayed closer behind.
(end flashback)
Yugi and Ryou finished their story. Masika and Jaden were embarrassed by the end of it.

"Um...were going to watch a movie"Jaden said awkwardly.

He headed to his room followed by Masika. Yugi smiled. Ryou let out a sigh.

"Good times."He said and Yugi knee he was thinking about Ishizu.

A Halloween special started. Ryou sat down with his long time friend and watched it.
Happy late Halloween!