199 Years ago…

"Why you, think only of yourself Rosa! You only want Brewer for fame and fortune!" Screamed an angry Eric Crawford.

"I love Charles! How DARE you speak to me like that!" Yelled an outraged Rosa Laker, well soon to be, Rosa Brewer.

"Fine! Go! Love a little rich brat like you!" Rosa gasped and threw a picture at him.

"I will!" and with that she left a heartbroken Crawford in the dust. He was nothing but a poor farmer. I hate the Brewers and Lakers. I WILL get my revenge! He thought before he fled from Seaford, California to the silent town of Nashville, Tennessee.

199 Years Later

Nashville, Tennessee

"MOM! Why are we going to Seaford!" said Kim Crawford with her southern accent acting up again.

"Because, we need to connect to your roots more. And Mommy got herself a promtion…" said her mother more calmly, whispering the last part. Kim groaned and ran upstairs to call Olivia, her best friend.

Seaford, California

"MOM! I don't need sunscreen!" groaned Jack Brewer.

"Sure sweetheart, and Daddy all of a sudden will become a saint," said his mother sarcastically. His dad was in jail for ummm... harassing Jacks mother. They got a divorce and now Jack's father was in jail for 40 years. His mom now absolutely loathes Jack's father more than Jack hates brussel sprouts.

"Whatever. I gotta go!" said Jack before skating away to Jerry's End-of-Summer pool party.

First Day of School


"Mom? Can I go NOW!" Kim asked annoyed to her mother who was ferociously snapping pictures.

"Fine! Be back by 2:30," Kim groaned

"5:15. Dojo searching! Remember?" Kim said exasperated. She wore a green and yellow striped top with blue jeans and a cropped yellow jacket. Her shoes were neon orange converse with doodles all over it.

"Oh, oh right sweetheart. Are you sure you don't want me to come with you?" Kim groaned.


"Okay, okay…" Kim's mom said before snapping one last picture. Kim ran out the door and grabbed her skateboard. The cold air pierced her face as she skated to school. Then she collided with someone.

"Hey watch it!" Yelled a boy with shaggy hair. He lifted his head to reveal the most beautiful eyes ever.


Jack saw a girl with chocolate eyes wearing just a simple top, jeans, and a yellow jean jacket. But boy, did she rock it.

"I watch it! You just collided with me out of the blue!" The girl yelled. Her voice contained a slight southern accent, like Tiana from Princess and The Frog.

"Sorry blondie. See you around," Jack said before skating off. But the mystery girl catches up with him before pushing him off the board.

"SORRY! YA' KNOW I'M A BLONDE!" (I got nothing against blondes! Most of my friends are blonde!) The girl yelled before skating off. Jack groaned but finally got up and got to class just in time. And the only seat next the girl that pushed him. Go figure