"Are you sure you want to dye your hair?" Mom asked on our way to the hairdresser's. I nodded. Kelsey somehow convinced me to put purple in my hair. I told her I would do it if she told me why Grace is mad at me. She said she was jealous of me. And when I spoke to Grace, she admitted it and asked Kelsey to choose between me and her. Kelsey said she didn't want to pick. Grace screamed and left. I tried talking to her, but now she's been hanging out with Lindsey and Donna… But that's really all what happened yesterday.

"You little ****! I think you should go **** yourself!" I remember her yelling and swearing with tears rushing down her face. I winced at the memory. I don't think Grace would go that low when she said I will regret ever moving here… At least not intentionally

"We are here!" said Mom. I walked into the salon as perfume and hairspray filled my nose like water in a water bottle.

"Hello! I am Jennifer Jones, and I will be doing your hair today!" said a plump woman with an afro hair dyed bright green and neon orange. Oh god help me…


I saw Kim go into the hairdresser's. Huh. Heard she and Grace had a little hissy fight. Everyone heard it. Who knew innocent little Gracie Bell could cuss like a sailor. Anyway, My cousins Adam, Bree, and Chase are visiting. Kim reminds me of Bree. Both have 'You-are-such-an-idiot' and 'Just-shut-up-already' attitude.

"Hey DUDE!" yelled a voice. Must be Adam…

"Hey, man," I said, "Where's Chase and Bree?"

"I don't know?"

"YO JACK!" yelled a voice. Crude, Bree's here. I ran downstairs to see Bree wearing a purple and gold striped v-neck, jeans, golden combat boots, and a jean jacket with gold embroidery.

"Hey Bree! Where's Chase?" I asked. She shrugged

"Big-D, and Chase stopped to discuss with some nerd thing about parallel universes or something…" She trailed off, "Anyway… Is there any girls I should meet?" Whenever they come over, Bree somehow always stays home. Alone. She never really gets any friends around here because, she says and I quote 'All girls here are shallow and can't take a joke'. I should have her meet Kim…


Jennifer finished my hair, I actually think it looks decent. Jennifer added purple and blue wisps in my hair.

"Are you sure you don't want more colors?" asked Jennifer. I nodded.

"Okay! Bye-Bye!" She said before I left.

"KIM!" yelled a voice. I looked over to see Jack running towards me. I narrowed my eyes, what did he want?

"Okay I know what you are thinking, Why- the- heck- does- Jack- want- to- see-me? But hear me out. Truce?" I thought about it.

"Why?" I inquired.

"My cousin's in town and you know… I want you to meet her, since she doesn't really know anyone…" Awww, I never knew Jack could be so sweet…

"Fine… Truce."


"Okay, Donna! Give me the video!" I said. Donna took a video of Kim dancing, and threaten to send it to everyone unless, I made Kim really mad and act like a jerk towards her. So I had to…

"Awww, and then what, let Kim take the spotlight from you? You would be a star if you hang with us..." she whispered. What if she's right? The most attention I'll get will be that I'm Kim's sidekick… My fists balled as I followed Donna and her posse.

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