Happy Birthday to me!

And to celebrate I'm posting this to replace what was Legacy of Saturn and Moon...

I re-read it as I was originally going to start updating it again but found it a bit cringe worthy with how I was alittle over the place with it

So without further ado welcome to a revamp of my original Legacy series idea

Legacy: Neptune

{Line Break}

The Shinigami blinked as time froze when it was about to seal the 2nd half of Kurama into the infant girl and again when it's sister Kami appeared holding a Star Seed Crystal Soul.

"Kami why do you have a Star Seed Crystal?" Shinigami asks curious as it's sister's actions as Kami rarely involved herself with mortal affairs the last time was when Indra the founder of the Uchiha clan had dared to steal fragments of power from a few of the gods and goddesses for his own that had ended with the Uchiha clan's blood line cursed, Any Uchiha who awakens their eyes are cursed to fall into madness should they loose someone they truly love be it a beloved family member or a lover along with the stolen powers being cursed to slowly blind the Uchiha should they awaken the higher level, though Madara had found a way around the blindness by taking his brothers eyes though it had doubled up the madness in him.

"It's a copy Shinigami and the one who it belongs to allowed herself to be copied so that even if the enemy she was fighting with others won at least a part of her would survive, So the Star Seed Crystal will be sealed within the infant girl but not within Kurama's seals as the young Neptunian will be to raise and interact with the child in her mindscape" Kami says getting a nod and sigh from Shinigami as he really didn't want to be burned by his sister's flames as Kami also known as Amaterasu would burn him with her flames if he dared not to go with her plan.

"Very well" Shinigami says with a put upon and resigned look behind it's mask as Kami smiled as time resumed and Shinigami sealed Kurama within the infant girl before Kami pushed the Star Seed into the child causing the baby's red hair to gain green tips before the 2 Shinto Deities vanished.

"Minato you fool" Hiruzen Sarutobi says as he comes upon the sealing site and picked up Minato and Kushina's sleeping child.

"You and Kushina should be the one raising little Reina Minato...and doing the paperwork" here Hiruzen let out anime style waterfall tears at the thought of all the paperwork he'll be doing due to the kyuubi's sudden attack.

"As far as anyone is concerned Minato sealed the Kyuubi into himself and took it with him into the Shinigami's stomach" Hiruzen says seeing as it was at least partially true seeing as there was a Shiki Fuin seal on Minato's stomach as it was later discovered due to redressing Minato for his and his wife's burial in the Hokage tomb that held the 1st and 2nd Hokage along with the 1st Hokage's wife and will also hold Hiruzen's own wife as well.

{Line Break}

{7 Years Later}

Due to no one knowing about the Kyuubi being sealed within Reina Uzumaki who was publically known as the Uzumaki Heiress due to who her mother is being released when it was asked why Hiruzen had the child with him during the council meeting where instead of stating what she held Hiruzen told them it was due to her being the last Uzumaki in Konoha now that her mother Kushina was dead and not having anyone to protect her.

Little did anyone know that Reina did have a mother in Sailor Neptune A.K.A Michiru Kaiƍ who was teaching Reina as she grew up along with how to play the Violin with Reina often playing a song that her mother said symbolized the group she had been apart of before becoming her mother* and as it was Reina was away from Konoha though she had a pair of guards with her to play for the Fire Daimyo who had herd about Reina's music from the 3rd Hokage Hiruzen.

{Chapter End}

* Reina often plays the Outer Senshi theme to the point it's become linked to Reina as her Signature song when she plays.