"Your past will always find a way to your present."



Chapter One: It's Official!

It was a cold winter day in Petalburg City when May Maple was sitting in her room reading her new magazine, The Kalosian Life.

"Sylveon is so cute," May said to herself as she saw a picture of the fairy type Eeveelution. She was reading an article about some strange Mega Stones when her white iPhone started ringing.

"Hello? May Maple speaking."

"Hi May, this is Korrina from Kalosian Idol!"

May's heart skipped a beat; it was the moment she was waiting for for the past few months. May and her best friends Leaf Greene, Dawn Berlitz and Misty Waterflower, auditioned for a vocal completion, Kalosian Idol, which was held every year in the Kalos region.

"- I called up to tell you-" there was a long pause, "- Congratulations! Your band Eye of the Liepard has made it through to the first round of the Kalosian Idol!"

"Wh-what really?" May stuttered. She couldn't believe it. It was what her and her three best friends dreamt of since they were just kids. And then bam, it became a reality.

"Yes, really! Now I have to go, you're the first member of Eye of the Liepard to know that you've passed the auditions so I have to hurry and call your little friends!" The excitable roller skater was talking at around 500 kilometres per hour so poor May could only make out a few words.

"You'll get an email with the all the details and the plane ticket bookings to Kalos alright? Anyway, like I said I'm in a hurry! Au revoir!" Korrina chirped as she hung up.

"B-bye." May still couldn't believe it, her happiness was overflowing there could be rainbows coming out of her mouth if it were possible. It took two minutes for Dawn to text her from the Sinnoh region, Leaf texted her next from the Kanto region and Misty texted her last also from the Kanto region.

This was their chance, the first chapter of their success. This was where their journey to get their names out there, the whole new world of musical industries and fame began. However, what they didn't know was that there would be a large, hidden obstacle they were completely unaware of in their way.

May met her three best friends when they were kidnapped and held hostage by an assassin organisation. Dawn was just four years old, May and Leaf were five and Misty was 6. All their parents, except for Dawn's mother, were assassinated.

"Maybelle! Lunch is ready!"

Even though May didn't have her parents, she still had a loving aunt. She also had an uncle but he really wasn't that nice. She lived with her only remaining family- Aunt Teresa, Uncle Frank and her cousin Wally.

She was fond Wally but he was a tad too shy for her taste in friends. May headed downstairs and the aroma of fresh chicken corn soup- her favourite -wafted towards her. But somehow, that wasn't what was on her mind.

Her aunt, uncle and Wally were all having a peaceful lunch until May ran in and screamed, "We're in! Eye of the Liepard is now officially in Kalosian Idol!"

The round, brunette aunt pulled her chair back and ran to May to give her a big bear hug. Wally grinned at her and clapped, even her stern uncle cracked a smile. "I'm so proud of you! Imagine how proud Caroline would be right now!"

As she said that, tears started coming out of both of the brunettes' eyes. But they were tears of memory and happiness, not sorrow.

"Come on May, let's go pack you have to leave soon."

"Hold on a sec, may I have some soup first?" May gave a sheepish grin. Some things never changed.

A cold voice echoed around the room. "Boys gather around." Four boys circled the desk around their leader.

The cold voice spoke again, "You have passed the auditions for that despicable... singing show. Remember the real reason why you're going there. Paul, what's the reason?"

"We have to capture four girls and bring them back here," he replied, monotone.

"Very well then, each of you pick one," the leader said as he spread four files on the desk.

Drew Hayden, smart, agile and great at close combat. With unique green hair, emerald eyes and a stunning smile, he was very arrogant sometimes. He had a tendency to charm his female targets before killing/kidnapping her.

"Ah Maybelle Maple, better known as May? Likes to eat a lot... blah blah blah, loves the colour red, blah blah. Well this is going to be fun," he said smirking as he scanned through the rest of the information.

Ash Ketchum was a tanned boy with messy raven hair. He had chocolate brown eyes and was the kindest of the four. He could be exceptionally dense sometimes but was a genius when it came to Pokémon battles. His reflexes were also the fastest of the four.

He smiled goofily as he opened the file, "Misty Waterflower, is usually nice but had a VERY bad temper and very protective with friends, loves water sports and the colour blue. Always has a mallet armed for annoying people." Ash's face fell as he read the last part aloud. He sighed as he read the rest of the information.

Gary Oak smirked at Ash. He had spiky auburn hair and was just charming overall, any girl would fall for him. He had outstanding hacking skills, as well as being great at close combat.

He opened his file, "Leaf Greene, likes to read, loves performing and loves the colour green. How ironic, Leaf Greene loves the colour green." Gary's smirk grew larger when he saw her photo. "Isn't she a pretty one. I'm really gonna enjoy this," he said with a wink.

Lastly, Paul Shinji. He was often portrayed as the leader of the group, definitely being the one with the most strength. He wasn't as fast as the rest but could hit the hardest for sure. He was the dark, quiet one.

Paul opened his without even a bit of change in his facial expression. "Dawn Berlitz, happy, girly, energetic and talkative. Loves fashion and the colour pink." He grimaced. Drew and Gary were sniggering and Ash was laughing but they immediately stopped when Paul glared at them. "How quickly can we get this over with?" He asked.

The cold voice spoke again "You need to wait until the day they get kicked out which isn't going to be anytime soon, they have significant talent. Even if it means waiting until the finals, you must bring them back, understood?"

"We understand sir," they all said in monotone unison.

"One more thing. Get close to them; get them to trust you and they will do whatever you say. Don't get too mixed up in the competition, you all have talent but remember it's just a background so you can kidnap the girls."

"We understand sir," Drew said, but then he realised he had a question. "But why do you need them? They're nothing special, sir.

"That's for me to know and for you to find out," he replied, turning his chair's back to the boys. The man grinned cruelly, thinking about what he had in store.

They all left the room and headed upstairs to Drew's room. "I can't wait to see you Leafy," Gary said staring at the file with a cheshire cat grin.

Drew sweat-dropped. "Gary, that's just a little bit creepy…"

"So Paul, how are you gonna survive with a happy, girly, talkative girl that loves pink?" Ash asked cheerfully.

"Hn. I couldn't care less." And with that, he left to start packing.

"Well, I'm gonna go pack now as well," Gary said as he stood up and left to his room.

"Me too!" Ash walked out of the room happily, asking Gary for a Pokémon battle later or something.

Drew was the only one left in his room. He sighed; there was something bugging him. Damn it, she looks so familiar, he thought. Why does it feel like I know those eyes?

May Maple. We'll meet soon.


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