So far with the poll, it seems like the people want a rewrite of Child of Artemis and for me to continue Rensa-sa. I'm going to request that, if you wish for a rewrite of a story, please PM me with something you'd like to see changed from the original to the rewrite, so as to give me ideas that I can use. Or possibly with issues or complaints you had from the plot of the original, that you'd like to not see in the rewrite. And please, do not use this chance for flames of the original story.

In other news, I am currently in the works of a new Percy Jackson story. It is a cliched 'reading the books' story with some Fem!Percy, partially Male!Thalia (explanation in the story), and some beautiful Perilico (Percy, Thalia, and Nico) romance. Because I seriously love the pairing thanks to GaleSynch's "Just Be Friends", with another slight twist. The first couple of chapters will be posted once I'm done with them (the first chapter being a prologue, the second actually containing the first chapter of The Lightning Thief).

Now, the rest of my stories besides (currently) Child of Artemis, Rensa-sa, Child of Greece and Rome, and my new story, are under an indefinite hiatus, with a chance to adopt them. If you wish to adopt, please send me a PM containing which story(s) you wish to adopt, and your reasoning's behind wanting to adopt them. Otherwise, if my muse for the the rest of the stories does not return to me for more than a few months, they'll probably just be deleted from my profile and be gone forever.

Now be aware, I am (hopefully) starting college within the month (if I can pay my tuition), so my writing schedule will continue to be extremely dysfunctional, though hopefully not as dysfunctional as it was during high school. So I cannot promise an update schedule, nor can I promise that another hibernation of a hiatus will not occur again.

This update will be released onto each an every one of my stories so that anyone whom is following me or my stories will see it. So if you are an individual that follows multiple of my stories (first of all, thank you for your support of my works), be aware that you do not need to read every single update made to my stories.

Until next time. さようなら.