AN: Hi there first off this is set to take place following the suspected conclusion of Season 2 where Korra defeats Unalaq and all that good stuff we expect to happen.

Disclaimer: I do not own Legend of Korra

Pairing: one-sided Korra/Mako implied Asami/Mako

Summary: Korra takes a look at how maybe Mako and her weren't really meant to be.

All We Ever Were

Maybe we weren't really meant to be.

Maybe the whole thing was just a bunch of built up attraction.

Yue, knows we had a lot of attraction.

I really do love him.

I have to right?

Otherwise it wouldn't have hurt so badly when he ended it.

That's why it still hurts now.


I know now that he was in the right with ending it.

I was a brat.

Hell I still am a brat.

Just with a little more spiritual awareness.

Defeating a crazy thousand year old spirit sure will make you mature.

I mean, I am the Avatar.

Then again I have used that title too much.

Thinking it entitled me to so much more than I deserve.

I even used it to make him feel stupid when we first met.

If that's not an abuse of power I don't know what is.

I guess I just assumed that because he knew who I was and that I liked him he had to like me back.

He did for a while anyway.

Then I ruined it.

I pushed him away.

Blamed him for doing his job.

Got mad for him not giving me his undivided attention.

Wasn't he supposed to just come at my beck and call.

No, I abused him.

But I didn't mean to.

I wanted us to be together forever.

An amazing team.

The Avatar and her Firebending Boyfriend.

That sounds so stupid.

Did I really expect him to always be just the boyfriend?

How could I ever think that he could just be my personal cheerleader?

I should have known better.

Katara never was just a cheerleader to Aang.

She played her own part.

Just like Mako is doing.

And now I have messed up my relationship.

We were destined, and I messed that all up.

Although I am not so sure I did.

I'm starting to think we weren't meant to be.

I mean he went straight back to Asami.

Maybe I was a wedge in their relationship.

Maybe I took those 6 months away from them that they could have been together.

Perhaps our attraction became too hard to deny and I was so willing to finally take him away from her.

I am terrible.

I broke them up, because I liked him.

Because I allowed him to leave her for me, and with no second thoughts.

Why would I need to have regrets?

I'm the Avatar, and the Avatar never makes mistakes.

Ha, as if that was the case.

Then again you never hear about fire and water.

They cancel each other out.

Sure I can be fire too, but I am water first.

All we could ever hope to produce together is steam.

And even that evaporates after a while.

Maybe our steam finally cleared and Asami was there in the clear air.

It's sad, but all we ever were was steam.

well that's the end of my drabble. I hope you enjoyed and I guess I hope you enjoy the rest of Season 2 as it unfolds. oh and thanks for reading :)