Four months later, in a hospital somewhere in the US, a woman in the Maternity Ward relaxed as she recovered from twelve hours of labor. Even though she was exhausted, she smiled. A nurse walked in to check on the new mother and smiled at the sight before her. "Were you surprised you had twins?" she asked as she checked the woman's chart.

The mother shook her head and then looked down at the two babies, one in each arm. "No. In fact, I am a twin."

"Wow. I bet that was fun growing up."

The woman smiled. "It was. My sister, Taylor, and I were identical. No one could tell us apart."

"Were?" the nurse asked with raised brows.

The woman swallowed as her eyes watered. "I lost my sister about six months ago, but these little guys will help ease that loss, won't you boys?" she asked as she smiled at the babies.

"They are gorgeous. They must get their dark hair and eyes from their father?" the nurse asked.

The woman smiled again. "Oh yeah. They look just like him."

"What are their names?"

"Aaron and Jacson," she told her as she gestured with the one in her left arm and then the right. "After their father." One of the babies made a face that could have been taken for a smile, and both women laughed as a dimple emerged on each cheek.

"They're going to be heart breakers," the nurse told her.

The mother nodded. "Killers for sure," she added and then giggled.