Armin Alert stood on top of one of the chapels inside wall rose. He was currently dressed in his trainee uniform as he stared up at the night sky. His light blonde hair seemed to flicker gold as his bright blue eyes tainted with a slight green colour.

"Lovely night for a stroll away from the barracks" an amused voice spoke up from behind the golden blonde boy. "Say's you" Armin replied as he glanced back at the figure standing in the shadows. "Ho long do we have to act like this" Armin asked looking back at the moon in thought.

"What you don't like acting anymore, what happened to the girly boy that is my best friend?" the person asked as the voice a mocking hurt voice. Armin scuffed at him as they both fell into a comfortable silence.

"You still didn't answer my question" the golden blonde stated with a grin. "Soon, we have our graduation tomorrow, after that we will be in the scouting legion and we can stop acting like this, I kind of miss your girly tendencies" The person replied with a small chuckle.

"You're a real douche you know that, I can't help those habits" Armin stated as he turned towards the person in the shadows. "Not my fault that you can somehow carry bad habits even in death" the person stated as he stepped forward.

The person was taller than Armin by at least a few inches with short raven black hair and emerald green eyes, which seemed to flick to dark brown. He stood up straight as he wore the same uniform as Armin.

"So is this really it Eren" Armin asked as he turned away from his best friend and stared up at the night sky again. "Yep, now let's go to bed or maybe you should go join that girl's bed" Eren said chuckling as Armin blushed bright crimson.

"Shut up you stupid Canadian" Armin mumbled as he looked away from the amused black haired boy. "Come on, even after all this time you can't pick up girls, Akeno would be miffed at you for this" Eren said as Armin stared at him.

"She would electrocute my ass and then cuddle me to death after words" Armin replied in chuckle as Eren shook his head in amusement. "Let's go to bed, we have to up early for squad assignments" Eren said as Armin turned to follow him.

In the dead of night, both boys sprouted a set of black bat like wings as they took flight towards the barracks.

The following morning we find both Armin and Eren standing in line, Eren in front with nine other trainees' as he was awarded 5th best trainee in the whole 104th training squad. Armin stood in the row behind him, idly staring up at the sky, he was board.

The bald head of the captain of the 104th trainee squad, Keith Shadis, stood on top of the podium observing each and every trainee. He caught the odd behaviour from Armin and Eren as he stood staring out across the sea of graduating trainees.

"Ever since training in the first forest assault those two have been acting strange" he thought to himself as Armin finally looked back towards him, his usual bright blue eyes were now tainted blue as his air seemed to shin golden in the sun.

"You have all survived four years of training for this dag recruits, later tonight you will all be given a chance to sign up for one of the three military factions, but for now each of you form into your assigned squads ad report for duty until them, dismissed!" he roared in his usual stern voice.

Eren and Armin casually walked towards each other as Eren's adopted sister, Mikasa Ackerman, left to go to her own assigned squad. Eren caught her glance as he waved at the black haired beauty. Her chin length black hair and sharp onyx coloured eyes stared directly at him as Armin giggled slightly.

"What you laughing about" Eren remarked as Armin sighed. "Sometimes I think you were the dense one back then" the golden blonde muttered as he turned to meet with the rest of their squad. Eren stood there confused before rushing after the short blonde.

"Get back here!" he yelled as Armin took off running down the road.

A few minutes later, Armin and Eren stood on top of one of wall rose's outer areas, Trost, enjoying the soft breeze the height of the wall offered for them. "I miss flying freely" Armin mumbled as Eren patted his back. "Just another few hours, then you can really stretch your wings" Eren replied as Armin smiled up at his friend.

"Yea, Demon's getting annoyed that I haven't been using my true wings for a while" Armin whispered in a giggle. Some loud chattering caught the duos attention as they turned to see Sasha, the purple haired female trainee with a huge problem for any kind of food, standing there holding a hunk of pork.

"Geez she is stupider then you sometimes" Eren mumbled as Armin face faulted at the remark. "I'm not stupid you bloody twat" Armin yelled before clamping a hand over his mouth. "Your accent is slipping through again" Eren stated as Armin looked away.

"It's your fault, stupid Canadian" Armin mumbled as Eren poked his cheek. "They don't know what a Canadian is here dumbass" Eren replied as Armin slumped his shoulders in defeat. "You suck" he mumbled weakly, nothing ever goes his way anymore.

"Oh cheer up, lots of things goes your way" Eren said happily as Armin snapped his head in the black haired teen's direction. "Stopping reading my mind!" he yelled as everyone else stared at him like he was crazy.

"Hay Armin?" Eren spoke up. "Yes?" Armin asked in return. "You're going crazy again" erne stated as Armin for the fifth time that day fell to his knee crying in despair.

As the purple haired trainee placed the food in one of the small storage crates the clouds above them seemed to gather a little quicker than they should have. Eren narrowed his brown eyes as he stared up at them, noticing the slight cackle of golden lightning between the clouds.

"Hay Armin?" Eren spoke up as the once crying blonde stood up, completely unaffected by the past few minutes of making a fool out of himself. "Yea?" He replied looking at the black haired teen with a cocked eyebrow.

"Is that you playing with lightning?" he asked pointing upwards as Armin followed his finger. "Does it look like I'm using my lightning jewel?" Armin asked in return as Eren stared at him. "Just checking, no need to be mean" Eren said as he saw the crackle of lightning again.

"Hey Armin?" Eren said speaking slightly louder as the blonde stared at him in irritation. "What is it now?" Armin yelled in reply as the huge bolt of golden lighting struck the ground outside of the fifty foot wall.

The smoke cleared to revile the muscle and bony bald head of the colossal titan, its lipless jaw showing its huge teeth staring directly at them. "Watch out" Eren deep panned as Armin sighed in annoyance.

Silence rained across the top of the wall as the colossal titan lifted one of its arm up. "I think we should..." Armin didn't get to finish as the rest of the trainees screamed, all using their three dimensional gears to jump off the wall as the huge hand came swinging towards them.

As the fixed canons were tossed aside like broken toys, Armin and Eren jumped from the wall, twisting in mid arm to face the sneering face of the colossal titan. "It's intelligent!" Eren yelled as Armin nodded his head.

The others below them stared up at the two airborne trainees in confusion until a huge explosion coming from the gate was heard. They all turned to see the colossal titan's foot slowly retracting from the new hole as they gasped.

"It's just like before" One of the trainees mumbled in disbelief.

"Back me up!" Eren stated as he fired the cables of his gear. Catapulting himself past the wall, Eren twisted around as he flew out of the dust cloud created by the colossal titan. The titan's arm swung out at him as Eren fired his cables again, catching the underside of the titan's moving arm.

Pulling the triggers of his gear, Eren sailed under the swinging arm and flipped backwards, landing on the titan's extended arm. Eren took off running up the titan's arm as Armin flew out of the dust cloud.

The colossal was already swinging its free arm towards the charging boy as Armin fired his cables. "Jump now!" Armin yelled as the cables latched on to the titan's swinging hand. Eren listened as he jumped, falling under the titan hand as he twisted his hips upwards and fired his cables again.

Letting go of his right trigger, Eren pulled the trigger in his left hand and started climbing as fast as he could towards the nape of the colossal titan's neck. He saw Armin releasing his own cabled as his jacket fell from his shoulders.

Fire exploded around Eren's right hand as it extended out in the shape of a huge seven foot long sword. He was already pulled the sword back as the glint of bright silver was seen beneath the flames on the huge blade.

He swung his blade towards the nape of the titans neck, only for the whole body of the titan to begin expelling a huge about of steam in the black haired boys face. The sound of ripping was heard as Eren found himself being hoisted up by his arm bits.

The sword in his hands dissipated into embers as Eren looked up to see Armin grinning down at him. Behind him were two six feet long demonic ice blue wings, which flapped to keep the two of them in the air.

Eren nodded in thanks as he fired his cables towards the wall just before the dust finally settled. Armin fired his own cables as the wings folded back into his back, disappearing from view as he flew towards the wall.

Eren landed softly in a crouch as Jean Kirstein ran up to him. His short brown hair waved slightly in the wind as his golden eyes looked worried at the Black haired teen. The 6th best graduating trainee stood staring at the crouching teen.

"Did you get it?" he asked as Eren glanced at him before shaking his head. "No, the bastard disappeared before I could get a hit in" Eren answered. Jean was about to say something else when yell was heard.

Both teen turned to see Armin flying in as his cables retracted, he landed crashing straight into some of the storage crates, which made Jean wince at the sight. Eren just chuckled as Armin's head shot up.

"I'm okay" he said in a daze as some blood tricked down his forehead. "Maybe not" he muttered before falling back into the pieces of broken crates. "Come on Armin, we have to get to our squad" Eren said as he started running towards the edge of the wall.

Armin stood up, shaking his head and grumbling about stupid nimble Canadian bastards as he took off after Eren. They left an absolutely confused jean behind who just sighed in defeat and cursed the suicidal bastard for being insane again.

Armin and Eren met up with the rest of their assigned squad at the refuelling station in the middle of Trost distract. "We don't have the man power to fill that hole" Armin said as he filled his gas chambers up. He was shaking slightly as Eren look at him in confusion.

"What's got you so anxious" he asked as Armin sighed and looked at him in frustration. "If we didn't have to hide so much we could be of more help" he whispered harshly as Eren looked surprised at the blonde outburst.

"I know, but relax, we will sort this out" Eren encouraged as Armin just sighed again. "A lot less would die if we could fight freely" he mumbled as Eren nodded with a slightly scowl on his face. Mikasa joined the two as they finished refuelling.

They ended up bumping into Jean as they were about to exit the station. He scowled in fury at Eren as he grabbed the scruff of his shirt and lifted him up into the air. "This is your fault you suicidal bastard!" he snapped as Eren cocked an eyebrow.

"I was one day, one day away from going to the inner walls!" he yelled as Mikasa moved to break the two apart. Eren didn't move as he grabbed Jean hands and clenched his fist tightly. The pressure on the taller boy's wrist made him release the black hair by.

Eren didn't stop as he pulled Jean's arm down so he was eye level, reviling the hardened dark brown eyes to the boy. "I don't really care, it might be my fault it might be anyone's fault, but you struggled through those four years of training to get to where you are now!" Eren snapped harshly as Mikasa watched him in shock.

"So suck it up, if you want to get to the inner walls by tomorrow, then you are going to have to fight and survive this operation" Eren finished letting the boy's wrist go as he walked past the taller teen. Armin walked up to him as he sighed at Jean who was cursing as he rubbed his wrists.

"Better get moving, you want to live then do it, it's not hard...all you have to do is not die" Armin said as he walked off with an odd skip in his step that made Jean do a double take.

Further up a head, Armin watched silently as Eren shouted at Mikasa for wanting him to be safe. "Always the hero, aren't ya" Armin said shaking his head as Mikasa left with the rear guard. "I really don't get this logic" Armin sighed as he joined Eren, matching his step as they walked.

"And what logic is that?" Eren asked as they turned to corner to leave the station. "Let's put the best soldier at the rear guard, let keep them safe" Armin said mockingly as they walked towards the other ready squads.

Eren offered a smile at the blonde as they met up with their team. One Mina Carolina, a black haired beauty with her hair tied into two low pig tails with light blue bands. Her onyx black eyes looked at the two of them grimly as she stood beside her other squad mate.

Beside her was Thomas Wagner a bright blonde haired golden eyed boy. He stood tall as he gazed up at the building there were about to scale. Armin looked at Mina and a blush found its way onto his cheeks as he looked away.

Eren caught the blush and smirked as they approached the two other trainees. "Let's go!" he ordered taking to the role of leader quickly as Armin nodded his head. He passed by Mina and blushed as she smiled at him, damn girls, and their cuteness.

Squad 34 made their way towards the upper buildings, getting closer to the hole in the gate as they stopped. Eren looked to see some titans wondering around the streets as he narrowed his eyes on them. "Circle around, we can take them by surprise" he ordered and the other three nodded.

Armin was beside Mina as Thomas took the lead and Eren staying off to the left of him. The taller blondes cables extended and latched onto of the tower of one of the high cables inside the distract. Thomas swung around, already getting ready to make his cable let go of the tower as a titan snapped its head in his direction.

The titan seemed to grin as its legs bent and then leaped; throwing its arms and legs wide and it flew towards the shocked and surprised Thomas. Thomas didn't have a chance as the titan slammed into him crashing its face into the tower as its arms and legs wrapped around it.

Eren, Mina, and Armin stared in shock as the titan moved its head, cocking its head to the side to show Thomas in between its lips, his mouth hanging open in agony. "No, Thomas!" Eren yelled as the titan bit down on the defenceless boy.

"Damn it!" Eren cursed as his cables fired, taking him across the buildings as Armin and Mina followed. Not far away a large hand reached up and grabbed the extended cables of the black haired girl, pulling it slightly before it snapped.

Mina flew out of control, hitting the back of her head against the far wall as she crumpled the street floor in a confused daze. She didn't have long as two big hands wrapped around her body and started to slowly lift her up.

Her vision cleared to show the shaggy haired titan opening its mouth and slowly bringing her closer. "AAAAAAA" she screamed in terror as Armin and Eren snapped their heads in her direction. "I'm not losing another one!" Armin yelled as he twisted his body around.

Eren was going to warn him when he saw the blonde boy dislodge his 3d gear from his belt. It already started to fall to the ground as the blonde pulled his left hand up. A shin was seen as pure white metal plates formed on his left arm, clicking into place as a bright blue jewel embedded itself in the back of Armin's now armoured palm.

"RELEASE THE ORDER: HEAVENS TORMENT!" Armin roared as the blue jewel flashed solid silver. Armin was enveloped in an ice blue mist as Eren watched him silently. a boom of static was heard as the mist disappeared while Eren shook his head.

"Go get her" he mumbled.

Mina couldn't control herself as she wiggled in the titans grip. She was going to die, this was it, and she was going to die without helping anyone. She her body finally gave in just as the titan jaw was about to crunch down on her spine, a huge boom of static was heard.

Mina didn't know what to do as a flash of white was seen in her vision from inside the titan's mouth. Acid like blood spray all around as the titan head was completely chopped off. She didn't have time to scream as he body fell to the ground, roughly landing as the titan's body was already reforming.

She looked on in fear as the titan's head was all but reformed when the flash of white happened again. "HELL'S TWISTER!" a voice roared as the flames of white became a roaring orange flame, spinning like a twister as the titan's body was consumed by the fire.

She stared in shock as the ash's that was once the titan about to kill her were whisked away in the wind. Beyond them was a figure, short in high with bright golden ear length blonde hair and tainted blue eyes.

He was wearing the same uniform as her but with the added pure white armoured grieves and gauntlet that adored his limbs. His left shoulder sported a lone white armoured shoulder pad with a white chain going from his left shoulder to his right hip. His face was familiar to the shell shocked girl as she saw the pure white mask shard covering his left eye and some of his upper lip.

Adoring the right side of the mask shard was a white flame that danced between his golden locks. In his hands was a pure white long Katana with two spikes for a guard and each tainted with a different colour.

Her vision finally cleared as she saw the figure had held his free armoured hand out to her. "Take my hand Mina" he spoke as she finally realised who it was. "Ar-Armin" she strutted looking up at the blond in question.

He found himself in a crushing hug as the black haired girl cried into his un-armoured shoulder. Armin held the girl tightly as he flicked the guard on his Sword. The blade glowed with a yellow taint as lightning started to cackle along his grieves.

They disappeared from the street floor in a boom of static, appearing on one of the many roofs away from the titans that surrounded them.

Armin set the girl down gently; she was exhausted and breathing heavily as she looked up at him, tears streaming down her face. "Hay, it's..." whatever Armin was about to say was cut off when a huge hand grabbed his chest.

Armin couldn't register the shock before he found himself inside the fat bearded titan's mouth. He snarled as he was about to flick the guard of his Katana when a familiar red gauntlet clamped on to his extended hand.

A grunt was heard as the wielder of the red gauntlet clenched his fist around the blonde armoured hand. "BOOST!" the green jewel bellowed as Armin found himslef thrown out of the titan's mouth. The golden blonde turned to see Eren kneeling inside the titan's mouth, grinning goofily at him as his armoured hand tried in vain to keep the huge maw from clothing.

"Hay Glenn" Eren spoke up as he grinned at the blonde. "I got this" he spoke as the titan clamped his maw shut, slicing through the black haired boy's right arm as Armin stared in shock at the sight. "SEAN!"