The red armoured figure floated in the air, landing softly on one of the destroyed buildings as its jagged blade sliced into the plated roofs without even meaning too.

The sear pressure of just being around the armoured beast made the plates crack as it stared directly at the female titan.

For once in her life, Annie felt true fear as she stared at the beast standing across from her. She had always thought the titans would be the greatest threat to anyone.

She was dead wrong.

Her titan's body had already reformed, her forearms encasing themselves in crystal as she looked at the beats across from her. A hollow snarled echoed around her as the blood mist that seemed to be generating from the cracks in its armour started to gather around its demonic draconic helmet.

The sound of the jaw unhinging echoed around her as the spiralling blood mist solidified into a ball of pure crimson energy. "GIGA CANON!" the hollow voice of thousands roared at once as the huge four meters wide fired at the female titan.

The blonde titan dived to avoid it; almost letting loose a scream as her right arm was torn apart by the destructive beam. Rolling sideways, the female titan slid into a crouch as her destroyed arm started to reform.

Now far away, Armin was sitting on top of a chapel as a pure silver mist started to gather around him. Sweat poured down his forehead as cracks started to appear along the roof stop he was kneeling on.

"Abandon your fear" he started his voice echoing around the buildings as the red knight and the female titan continued to battle.

The female titan leaped over one of the half destroyed building, his back reforming from the intense flame that the horrific red monster had burned her with. This wasn't even a fight was a slaughter.

The figure leaped on top the building the titan had just past, the bloody mist making it look like a true demon out of hell. Its glowing ruby eyes seemed to stare at the female titan before it leaped towards her again.

Annie tried to punch the oncoming knight, only for her fist to be sliced in half as the red monster tore through the titan muscles with ease. She didn't even have time to think over the loose of her hand as the red monster as stopped in front of her face, its right arm pulled back as the black flames flickered along it.

The flames grew in size as the knight swung his blade towards her. "TERROR FORCE!" the hollow voice of the red knight roared as he swung his blade with the huge ball of black flames with it.

Annie couldn't think as the ball exploded, incarnating half of her titan's chest as she was tossed through a building. Only practise instincts allowed her to roll in her landing, destroying the street before her as her unharmed arm dug into the stone ground.

The beats seemed to study her for a moment, before blurring into motion again as Annie's left arm reformed. As she saw the blur heading towards her, Annie threw her punch early, watching the skinless fist actually smash into the red knight before he could stop his movement.

The knight was thrown through two building by the blind punch, the armour easily taking the brunt of the impact as it crashed into the wall of a chapel.

Screams of men and women echoed around the red monster as he stood up, glancing to his left top see the priest from the court screaming his head off and ranting about devils.

The draconic helmet titled to the side as the priest continued to rant on. "You-you might want-want to run" a women in a long purple dress stuttered as the priest froze in place. He slowly turned to see the red knight standing right behind him, its right bladed arm pulled back and covered in black roaring flames.

"Magma blade" the hollow voice stated almost casually as he swung, the blade exploding not a second after it wacked the priest on the head and threw him across the room. The women and men screamed about their religion as the knight turned back to the whole he had made.

The female titan was heading towards him as the bloody mist leaked out of his armour. A second later the knight was a blur, embers of black flames flicker in the street as he moved.

Annie could see the knight heading back towards her as she ran at her titan full speed towards him. She knew she couldn't win this; she could only distract the knight until she could get away from it.

That was easier said than done.

She tried to stomp the moving blur with her right leg, only for the blur to jerk to the left, a black flaming wrist blade slicing into the inside of her left foot, cutting her ankle as her weight was placed on it.

She couldn't stop as she fell towards another building, her arm going straight through it as she tried to stop herself from falling. Her eyes widened as she felt the knight running up her back, she rolled t the left in panic at what the monster would do to her real body.

The knight leaped off her back, landing on a far building as both its red jagged blades erupted with black fire once again. Annie could only watch as her ankle healed, the red monster crossed his blades as it stared directly at her.

"HELLFIRE ANNIHILATION!"it roared, swinging its arm out as black fire started to spread across the roof tops. It was like a true version of hell as the black flames danced across the rooftops. The female titan forcing herself to stand as her ankle reformed itself.

She looked around trying to find an exit from the burning infernos as the red monster stared directly at her form across the roof tops. Her forearms encased themselves in crystal as she destroyed a burning roof beside her, the flames melting the outside of the crystal as the hand past through it.

She had to find a way out, now. As she turned she saw the red monster walked towards from, the black flames seemingly separating as he walked past them. All she saw as the red figure moved as a true demon, a true monster intent of destroying the world around it.

She lunged forward, hoping to keep the beast away as she tried to find an exit. Her fist descended on the figure, only to crash into the stone ground as it blurred into motion. She ripped her arm out of the ground as quickly as she could before she turned to see the beast standing on top of the roof beside her.

The beast leaped towards her, its right blade swinging as she brought his crystal encased arm up. The flaming blade clashed against her greatest defence, cutting into it and stopping about half way towards her titan flesh.

The crystal was already melting away from just being in the same area as the black fire. The beast pulled its left arm back as Annie swung her right arm. The beats didn't have time to attack with its left as it was punched across the roof tops again.

Annie didn't even look as she bolted in the opposite direction, not caring if her leg were burning form the black flames of hell. She leaped through a torrent of flames, rolling in her landing as she crashed into a building across from her.

Her icy blues eyes looked up to see she was outside of the flames, her legs already replacing the burnt and burning flesh as she forced herself to stand. Her eyes looked up to see the wall she was aiming for was another four streets away; she could only hope to make it before the beats killed her.

Before she could move, her left arm was cut off by a flaming black blade. Her eyes widened as she saw the red blur moving away from her, taking a place in between her and the wall. Did it know she was going to try and escape?

It didn't matter as the beast blurred towards her, a black flaming blade appearing in front of her face as she leaned to the side to avoid it. The black lashed out again her cheek, burning the skinless flesh away as the beats past by her.

She could only run away, the beats landing on the ground, jerking its head back in her direction as the bloody mist started to gather around it canon barrel inside its jaw. Annie could feel it already as she dove to the side.

"GIGA CANON!" the hollow voice roared as Annie reforming left arm was destroyed by the red beam. Her titan crashed through the building, rolling sideways on to its feet as she took off running towards the wall again.

Her arm reformed as the beast leaped into the street she was running down, blurring across the roof tops as it started to overtake her. The red monster appeared on the roof she just ran past, pulling its right flaming blade back as it stared at the moving female titan.

"HELLFIRE WAVE!" the hollow beast roared as a wave of black hell fire lashed out towards the female titan. Annie encased the nape of her neck in crystal just before the flame hit. The black flames exploded against her back, throwing her into the building as she landed in a street closer to the wall, and her escape.

The crystal protecting her real body hand melted slightly as the skinless flesh reformed around her back, replacing the burnt titan flesh as she turned to face the monster chasing her. She lunged forward, punching the ground between the two destroyed buildings as the beast tried to blur towards her.

The shockwave tossed the red monster into the air, allowing her other hand to swing, trying to smash it into one of the buildings. She didn't get that chance as the beast jerk its body in her fist direction, throwing on of its flaming blade forward and stabbing into the tick crystal fist.

Annie didn't have time to pull back as her fist exploded into chucks of black flaming flesh shattered around her as she stumbled backwards. Her titan was already replacing the flesh on her arm, getting rid of the burning flesh and replacing it to reform her hand again.

She tried to back up further, only for the beats to lung into the air, with both bladed hand raised above its head. A small orb of black flames had already gathered between its blade as Annie tired to punch the airborne beats away.

She didn't get the chance as the orb grew in size, almost melting her uninjured fist as she was forced to pull it back. "TERROR FORCE!" the red knight roared as he threw the huge ball of hell fire towards the scared titan.

Pain wracked Annie's body as she was tossed through the last line of buildings, her titan burning back skidding across the stone ground and stopping when her side hit the wall. Her left hand had reformed as her right was still burning.

Pushing herself up, Annie's legs reformed faster as she forced her titan's regeneration to work over time. She could see the beats waking calmly towards her, as if baiting her to try and run while it could easily attack again.

She saw the beast leaking more of the bloody mist as she desperately lunged forward, her left fist impacting against the ground and creating a shockwave to throw the beats away. As the beats was tossed into the air, Annie turned and leaped towards the wall, her fingers crystallising as she used them to stab into the stone and start to climb.

She was only a few meters above the ground, her left hand reached up to stab into the wall again. Only for a flash of black and silver to fly past her face. Two cables stabbed into the wall beside her hand as the glint of a connection sword sliced through her fingers.

Her hand dropped back, her mind trying to reform her fingers as the blur redirected itself and sliced her other hand apart. Annie couldn't believe it, she was so close to escape, but someone got in her way.

As her titan fell back towards the ground, towards the monster below her, she saw Mikasa landing on the wall, glaring down at her.

Annie's titan hit the ground, the beast already leaping in the air above her as she stared up at her. She knew she couldn't win, she knew this was the end of it. She was so close to escaping, to be free of the walls once more.

Maybe if she left she could have came back...for Armin.

All thought stopped as the beasts reared his black flaming blades back. She could feel the death upon her as she looked up on the creature that would end her.

It only stopped when an unfamiliar roar echoed around them.


a pure golden wave sliced through the air, colliding with the air born beast and throwing it away from Annie's scared titan form. A boom of static echoed around her as a new player appeared in front of her icy blue eyes.

Pure white armoured boot, slim to fit the person legs with an ice blue spike acting as the knee guard. Plated white armoured thighs with dark blue under armour that connected to the white waist armour.

Dark blue under armour wrapped around the figure mid section before going to the plated white armoured chest plate. White dragon head gauntlets took the place of the fingers hands, one slightly open as a large broad sword blade extended out.

The tribal white markings and white edge of the blade glimmered in the light of the sunny sky. A hexagon plate attached to the shoulder guards with the symbol of a dragon wrapped around a silver/white jewel was placed on both of the figured shoulders.

An ice blue cap cascaded down the figures shoulders, billowing in the wind as he floated in the air in front of Annie.

A white armoured helmet with two ice blue spike extending out the side of the helmets head and a final horn in the middle of the figures forehead. The figures glowing yellow eyes glanced at her as he turned back to the recovering beast.

"This has gone far enough Sean, you will not harm her again!" the figure stated, his voice carrying power and authority as the beats snarled hollowly at him. "If you will not listen now, then I will have to use force" the white knight stated as he raised his left hand across his chest.

The dragon headed gauntlet opened slightly as the eyes glowed golden. "DIVINE CANON!" the figure commanded as his hand flicked out to the side, the dragons moth opening as a large double canon barrel extended out, sparking with golden bolts of lightning.

"Annie" the knight stated as he glanced at her titan form again. "It is time for you to stop" he stated as Annie's titan could only stare at him with wide eyes.

It was Armin.

"When I have finished with this beast, I will come back for you" he finished as his cape bellowed again. The beast snarled at the knight for interrupting its fight, leaping forward as it pulled it blades back.

The white knight moved forward, his glowing broadsword blade sweeping across his chest as the beast swung both of its flaming blades down on him. The black flames clashed against the white blade as the two supernatural beings battled.

The very ground around them shattered from the shockwave of their weapons clashing against each other. Powerful winds kicked up around the area as the knight leaped backwards. His canon arm aimed forward as the beast blurred forward.

"DUAL SHOCK CANON!" the knight roared, two separate orbs of golden energy formed in the barrel of the dragon canon. The two golden orbs fired, circling around each other as the intercepted the moving bloody blur.

The impact of the shock canon threw the beast into the air, allowing the knight to lung forward with his broad sword blade pulled back. The beast jerked in his direction, swinging its right flaming wrist blade as the knight got in range.

"HELLFIRE WAVE!" the beast snarled as a wave of black fire erupted towards the charging white knight. The wave exploded around the knight, engulfing him as the red beast landing on its clawed feet.

The knight came skidding out of the blame flames, his cape billowing behind him as the flames that touched his armour vanished. "I will protect everyone I need to Sean, even in this state you know you can't win" Armin's knightly voice spoke as he pulled his broadsword blade back again.

The two shot off again, clashing in the middle of the clearing as the stone ground shattered around them. Golden sparks erupted form the knight's greaves, making the boy under the helmet smirk as he disappeared from the beasts view.

He appeared again, his canon already aimed at the back of the red dragons head. "OMEGA BULLET!" he roared firing a golden shot into the back of the berserks head. The red beast was thrown forward, digging a large trench into the ground before he came to a stop.

As the beats attempted to stand, the knight disappeared in another boom of static, keeping up the pressure as the beats tried to blur away. Before the beast could move, a devastating axe kick forced the beats draconic helmet back into the ground.

The beats tried to stand up again, only to have a white armour boot pressed against it back, keeping it on the ground.

"I'm sorry Sean, but it is time to wake up" the knight stated as he pulled his broadsword blade above his head. "DIVIDING SLASH!" he roared, swinging the blade down towards the beasts back.

The blade seemed to easily pass through the armour, but no blood exploded from the blade wound. As the knight's sword exited out of the back of the beats, the knight stepped back and watched his friend's unmoving form.

Some military police and the guarding survey corps watched as the white knight stepped away from the still beast, spider like cracks appearing across the armour as the knight let his sword and canon retreat back into the dragon headed gauntlets.

"Ugh...what happened?" Eren's voice muttered as the armour shattered, reviling the black haired boy pushing himself up into a kneeling position. "You went over the top...again" the knight stated as Eren looked up sheepishly at the knight.

"But everything worked out right?" Eren asked as the knight turned away. "It will now" he replied as he started walking towards the female titan. No one moved to stop the knight as he stared directly up at the females wide and scared icy blue eyes.

"Annie...come down" he instructed as the female titan looked down at him. She knew she couldn't refuse him; it wouldn't do her any good. Slowly the flesh of the titan began to recede, melting away as the familiar blonde female pulled herself out of the titan's nape.

She dropped the ground, stumbling forward as she stared fearfully up at the seven foot tall knight. Some of the military police moved, their guns slowly going up to aim at the girl until the knight turned his head in their direction.

"Don't" he growled, making the men and women flinch as they reluctantly lowered their guns. Levi and Erwin stood at the front o the ground, each eying the two as the knight turned back to Annie. "You still have time Annie" he said as Annie looked up at him, the only indication that she was shocked at his words were the slight widening of her icy blue eyes.

She could only look down in defeat, she knew she couldn't do anything...but could Armin really keep his promise. "How...How do I know your words are true?" she questioned, looking up at him as the knight looked down at her.

His golden eyes softened as he stared down at the broken and lost girl. "I never go back on a promise Annie" he replied as the girl looked uncertain as she stared at him. She glanced around her, seeing the fearful and angry looks everyone was giving her as she turned back to the knight.

"I know you will...but I can't trust them" Annie aid as she stepped back. Everyone tensed waiting fo0r her to turn back into a titan again. Only for her body to glow as crystal began to encase her body.

Her eyes locked with Armin's shocked ones. "I'm sorry" she said as the crystal encased her, keeping her safe from all those around her as Armin gently lifted a hand towards the crystal. The dragon gauntlet shattered as Armin's' hand caressed the crystal that now held Annie.

He could only look down in shame at what the girl had done to herself. Levi and Erwin stepped forward, glancing at the crystal before they turned to Armin. "What are you going to do now?" Erwin asked staring at the short blonde as he waited for an answer.

"I will wait for her...bring to the HQ" Armin ordered, some military police were going to voice their opinion until they noticed the survey corps glaring at them. The harsh glare of Mikasa, matched by the demonic mask Eren wore and the large sword stabbed into the ground in front of him.

"And if she attacks us" Levi questioned as he looked at the frozen girl with untrustworthy eyes. "Then it will be my fault" Armin replied before he fell to his knees. Mina and Sasha had already moved, catching the boy before he hit the ground.

Armin didn't ntoice but Sasha and Mina were glaring at each other as they dragged him away from the crystal encased Annie. "Let's get this girl back to the base!" Erwin ordered as the military police could only watch as they were humiliated...again.

As Mikasa helped Eren walked past them...he flipped them the bird for shits and giggles.