Through the Slime and the Mud, I Came Through the Otherside

Chapter 1 - Overture

I had been on my own for a long time, some might think too long.

I never used to be alone. I had a nice sized family for the best part of my life but one day the Soldiers came into my father's business and told him he had until noon to pack up the shop and hand over the business to a Roman who had bought the land on which his business now stood.

My father had been a Fishmonger and my brother a Fisherman so naturally they ran the business together, they had built it up over a number of years and in a matter of seconds their livelihood had been snatched from beneath their feet.

I had a job on a fruit stall in the market nearby but there was no hope of that ever being enough of an income to support all three of us.

My mother had died many years previously and the only thing that had saved my father from the grief was his business. Once he lost the business it did not take long for him to give up both body and soul.

My brother left two weeks after the business was taken. He told father and I that he was old enough to be taking responsibility for himself and that his absence would make my role as 'breadwinner' easier with less people to provide for. I never saw him again, if he still lives then he lives believing father is alive also.

Then that was me. All alone.

I worked my fingers to the bone day in and day out.

I suppose it would have been easy to harbour resentment for the soldiers. Blame them for my fathers death and I think on some level I did. On the other hand I knew they had only been acting on orders and doing what any army anywhere would have done. They were here to occupy and were tasked with keeping the peace along with doing whatever necessary duties they had to. My father's business was just one of those 'necessary duties'. Maybe I just didn't want to blame them because then to blame someone for his death would be to admit he was dead which, in turn, left me to acknowledge my loneliness in the world.

Oh the times I almost gave up that job and wanted nothing more than to die myself but I never did and for that I will be forever grateful because one day a group of people came through the market chatting in a lively manner. They stopped at my stall.

The two men at the front of the crowd could not have been more different but they seemed like the best of friends.

One had a kind of ginger hair in dreadlocks and brown eyes, he carried a backpack and wore a jacket and scarf, t-shirt and jeans. His smile was genuine and beautiful.

The other had black hair, mussed up but in a way that made it look presentable. His eyes were blue and looked like they carried all the woes of the world hidden behind them. Beyond the large trench coat he wore I couldn't see much. He was clearly the leader in the group and something told me that the way the other man held himself around him meant he was his the right-hand man.

"What can I do for you today sir?" I asked him. I remember the exchange so clearly, it would change my life.

"Your eyes carry a great amount of sadness. Perhaps you would let me help you." He said and tilted his head a little. His eyes glistened with a concern I hadn't seen in such a long time that it would have been easy for me to forget it existed.

"I have known my fair share sir, but so will any of the others you see around you. Nothing can be done to change this." I told him as I had told countless others before him.

"I do beg to differ. My friends and I are on a mission to deliver the word of God. Let me help you and let us give you hope and perhaps in turn you will be able to do the same for another some day." He told me with a polite smile, "Please, do not call me 'sir'. Call me Jesus."

I knew the name of course, he was a preacher. Some were calling him the Messiah.

"Jesus, I accept your kind offer but I can not leave right away as there as some things I must do first. Will you wait by that tree over there for me please? I should not be too long." I said.

As soon as I had agreed I felt instantly happier and more hopeful, a new course for my life to take. I could not have wished for much more. I closed up the stall and asked the man on the stall next to mine to let Ruth know I would not be returning for work the next day. I left for home whereupon I packed a bag of clothes, food and water. Returning to the stall little more than twenty minutes later I looked all around to see that Jesus had indeed kept his word and waited by the tree.

Perhaps you know his story and how it ends but I would not have it any other way for many reasons but the main being that I truly had been saved that day and Jesus had been right, I was given the opportunity to save another.

My goodness! Where are my manners?

My name is Esther and this is the story of how I came to be saved and loved.

So that is that! We have a prologue! Was it any good?

So a few things I want to say before I let you go off and do other things.

1) I am so sorry that I have been away for so long! I started college a while ago and since then it's really been non-stop 5 days a week. By the time I get home I am usually too tired to write anything or update anything, however I have grown used to the routine and hope to get back to writing and updating regularly for you guys!

2) I know that my last story kinda crashed and burned, I apologise for that. My muse upped and left with no intentions of returning. Since that was the case, I decided there was no point in keeping it so it has been deleted. I think part of the reason my muse ran away was because of the end of the summer and start of college so I was so busy getting started there and keeping up that my muse got fed up of waiting on me. Still, I've come back and I intend to stay this time!

3) So this point is more about what you can expect from this story and where the Plot-Bunny came from; See I've always loved J.C. Superstar and I recently went to see the Arena tour (WITH MY IDOL TIM MINCHIN REPRISING HIS ROLE AS JUDAS!) and in the scene where Judas commits suicide I thought to myself 'How differently would the story have gone if Judas hadn't done that but instead returned to the 12? What would have happened and how would that have affected Judas?'. So I set out to write a story with the intention of exploring that idea and realised that Judas would have to have a reason to live on after he betrayed Jesus so I came up with Esther. She will be his reason to live.

4) The idea is that it will be Esther's story of how she saved Judas without really even knowing it. It will take the POV of different people but Esther and/or Judas will be the center of the chapter. The chapters will be named after the titles of the songs in the show. The story will be written in first person and in the past tense.

5) I actually have to thank LollypopCherrypie who gave me the idea of giving Judas a friend with her story 'Telling The Truth'. I suppose she has become my muse really. That sounded less weird in my head... Anyway, Thank you LollypopCherrypie :)

6) Lastly, I am not expecting this to get many reads as it's not the largest fandom on the site but if you do happen to read and enjoy it please do leave a review as it does mean quite a lot to me to hear your thoughts.

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