"I'm in the field of flowers again."

Tsuna was always happy when he was here. The boy was surrounded by a plethora of flowers, ranging from different colors and species. It always held a sweet fragrance in the air, and the aura was peaceful.

As the brunet walked further into the fields, he spotted his two best friends. One was a teen with short silver hair framing his face. The boy had a tendency to unleash his temper when it came to anyone that messed with the brunet, but overall he really was a good guy. Gokudera Hayato was his name, also known as Smoking Bomb Hayato, due to his infatuation with dynamite. The other teen was the tallest among the three. Yamamoto Takeshi, a black haired gentle giant who easily got along with everyone. A little clueless, and doesn't really read the atmosphere, but at least he is kind, and very athletic. Tsuna ran up to his two friends, who were already waiting for him with open arms, and hugged them both around their waists. Their trio was now complete.

As minutes ticked by, the group of three merely conversed. Although, it was more like Tsuna was watching the two other teens talk to each other. Normally, there would always be a one-sided argument between them, courtesy of Gokudera, however it was during these times that the two would have a civil conversation. The brunet sat and smiled towards his two friends, enjoying their calming surroundings. "It shouldn't be long now. They should be here soon," Tsuna thought.

No later than when Tsuna thought about it, more people began to arrive. There were fifteen new figures; it was strange because Tsuna could not see their face nor their body. Instead, he saw them as black silhouettes. The teen wasn't scared when they came though. In fact, he rose from his seated position on the ground, and hugged every single 'person'. Rewarding him with hugs in return, the figures listened as Tsuna animatedly talked to them, nodding in response. He never heard these people speak. The brunet couldn't tell if the silhouettes even had voices; it's not like he could even see their mouths. None the less, it didn't bother him. They never hurt him, so he assumed that they were nice.

Once all his friends were together, the boy was elated. He wished time would stop, and they could all hang out together forever. "Nothing could ruin this moment," Tsuna thought. He heard a light, persistent noise, wishing for it to go away. However, it wouldn't stop, and the teen slowly felt himself being pulled away from everyone. "W-wait not yet!"