Chapter 1:

The year's 1969, Syd Barrett has already been kicked out of the band that he has named, Pink Floyd, almost a year ago. Yes, he was unpredictable, and the other band members thought it was the best for them. But getting out of the band didn't help him at all. Instead, it made him suffer and depressed.

It was night, the streets were quiet and everybody was probably asleep, but Syd wasn't. He was doing something he adored doing, painting. He has always had a passion for painting, and that's because could express himself through drawing. He paused for a moment to look at the brown drawer labeled 'happiness' in the corner of his room. Syd has walked to reach the drawer. He opened it a smiled a mischievous smile. As his hands reached to a plastic bag that has acid in it, a mysterious person knocked on his door.

Surprisingly, Syd wasn't mad at all. Instead he closed the drawer then slowly opened the door to see a sight full of misery. It was a young woman shivering in the rain; she looked like she was lost. "How can I help you?" asked Syd calmly. "Are you Mr. Roger Barrett?" she stuttered. "Yeah," he replied. "Come in," he continued.

The mysterious woman stepped into the house and Syd offered her a blanket. "The name's Lucy, Lucy Neptune," she finally introduced. "Well you know my name, but you could just call me Syd, Lucy," he said whilst smiling. "Well, Syd, I was sent here to help you go through your problems," said Lucy. "What do you mean, problems?" Syd choked. "Your drug use and your mental illness, which I've been told is schizophrenia," she replied. "Oh," he faintly whispered. He has already shed a tear in that moment, and Lucy patted his back, "It's okay Syd, it'll be okay, I'm here to help you," she whispered to his ear. Syd looked into her hazel eyes, "are you sure?" he asked. "Yes, I'm sureā€¦" she said with a voice full of sympathy.

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