Adam wandered through the maze, looking for Tasha, Leo or Mr Davenport. Courtesy of Marcus and his father, Bree, Chase and Adam had been split up, put in this maze and were told to retrieve one of their human family members and find their way out.

'Easier said then done' thought Adam as he walked along the maze, wishing he had Bree's super speed to dash through the high walled dead looking place, or Chase's super smarts to figure out his exact placement in the labyrinth.

They had been given a task to find their family members, who were hidden throughout the maze, each of them had to find one family member, Leo, Tasha or Mr Davenport. If they found all the family members and brought them back to the entrance of the maze, Douglas and Marcus would have to let them go.

Adam felt a tug on his heart as he relayed the instructions in his head. 'What if I don't find them?' Guilt was bubbling up inside Adam as he thought about it carefully, 'What if I disappoint my family and I can't get back to them?' He picked up his pace and stared running as fast as he could through the maze, growling with frustration every time he saw a blocked path.

A few minutes passed by before Adam turned and was met, yet again, with another dead end.

"Damn!" Adam smashed his hands against the labyrinth wall and it stared to crack.

Adam felt the wall shudder and hit the wall again and again until the whole wall collapsed.


Adam could recognise that girly scream anywhere, "Leo!"

Leo looked up in surprise, "Adam! Man am I glad to see you, I've been wandering this funky place for hours!"

"Leo you've been here for 10 minutes."


Adam grinned at Leo's humour, "come on buddy, lets get out of here."