It had been so long since Kronos had seen her. His sweet, caring and beautiful Wife. Rhea had been his sister, but she had also been so much more than that. Being in the blackness of the Pit had given his mind a free pass to roam through old memories. Most times his mind fell to Rhea and her kind silver eyes. Almost all of Kronos' memories of her were pleasent. Only the memory of her betrayal had left an eternal scar.

Though he was no longer in the Pit, his mind still wondered. Kronos sometimes wondered if it was the fact the he was using a mortal vessel . He was forced to sleep and that caused dreams, but not the normal dreams that a human would have. No, these dreams were more often than not visions of the future. Most times he hated them, but there were a few like the one he was having that he enjoyed. They were all about a girl that looked a lot like his long lost love.

This dream showed a family of three in a 50s convertible Volkswagen Beetle. The car was painted white with blue and red racing stripes. Within a large circle on the hood was the number 53. But the car was the least of Kronos' concerns.

No, it was the girl in the back seat that caught his eye. She was thin with curves in all the right places. Her face was roundish with a delicate nose and full kissable lips. A light spray of freckles sat on her fair cheeks. Her eyes were a gorgeous blue/violet color with silver the same color or fresh blood spilled down her back. Around her slender neck was a necklace. It was a thin gold chain with a rose charm.

Kronos frowned in remembrance. Roses had always been Rhea's favorite flower. He remembered turning whole bushes into gold for her. Moreover the charm seemed to glow; seemed to pull him in. It caused the gaping maw of emptiness within him to stir.

He didn't know when or how, but at some point he had lost his Love for Rhea. That love had left an aching void within him that nothing could fill. Over the years he had wanted desperately to love her again and had looked for ways to bring that love back. But to no avail, nothing worked and the more he tried the more profound it became.

He woke with a start on the Princess Andromeda and looked around. There was a knock on the door of his room,he was staying in the captains rooms. The dream had caused his whole being to ach with a need that he could not provide. He knew he needed to answer the door so he got up in only a pair of threadbare jeans and wrenched the door open. A demigod stood there with their head down casted, they never looked him in the eye. " What do you want?" He snarled. The dream had put him in a bad mood.

" There is a demigod here that wished to speak with you." The demigod before him was a girl with mousey brown hair and thick glasses. He could tell that she was shaking and smiled knowing he was the cause.

Kronos nodded and stepped out into the hall. He motioned for her to lead the way to their visitor. She flinched having caught sight of his gold eyes. Nodding she led him to the demigod who was sitting at a table in the dining hall.

The demigod was male and in his late 30s maybe early 40s with shortish wavy black locks. He had high cheek bones that protruded from under his fair skin. A strong square-ish jaw and straight lips let Kronos know that this man meant business. The demigod looked up as they approached, his eyes were a hard bright blue.

Kronos sucked in a breath having recognized the man before him. It was the girls father, the girl from his dreams. But why was he here asking to speak with his enemy?

The man nodded as Kronos sat down across from him. Kronos tried his best to look at ease, but Lukes constant bickering with in his head made that hard to do.

" Oh, so now you have a thing for a girl and a mortal girl at that." The boy chided.

" Shut up" Kronos advised him. The ex-change was silent, but if you looked closely you could see it behind the titans gold eyes. " Whats your name?" he asked the demigod.

" Salazar and I've come to ask for your help. My daughter who is adopted is neither human or a demigod." He explained.

" What do you mean?" Kronos asked having his interest precked.

" She was given to us by the gods in order to protect her." Salazar paused " She is their mother." He stated handing Kronos an envelope of pictures. " They figured out a spell that reset her time so when we first got her she looked like a baby."

Kronos flipped through the pictures watching as the girl went from being a baby with silver eyes to the young woman with crimson hair and blue eyes. She had a thing for camo as she wore it in most of the pictures along with combat boots. Most of the pictures were of her and the man before him camping.

" You can't bring her here, at least not yourself." Kronos stated " But I could meet you somewhere." He looked up at Salazar. " What is her name now?" He asked.

" My wife and I knew who she was so that is her name." Salazar answered.

" Great, another titan to add to the mess." Luke snorted " This is gonna end badly."

" Rhea" Kronos breathed ignoring Luke. " Where can I meet you to get her?"

" There is a campground in the mountains of Pennsylvania, it will be easy for you to find its soaked in her power." Salazar stated getting up from his chair. Kronos did the same and nodded. " I have to go now, but I look forward to seeing you again." Salazar left leaving Kronos to his thoughts.


Rhea sat in her room packing. She had always lived in New Rome, had always thought that she would join the legion. But her mother's father had forbidden it. Her room was an interesting collection of gold. Not actually gold, but the color. It was amazing, how different shades of the same color looked together. Her walls were such a deep shade of gold that it looked like bronze as the sun sets. While the picture frames were a light pixie dust gold. Within the frames were painted eyes. The gold eyes that had haunted her dreams since she was small.

Her dressers were a metallic gold and were littered with gold and silver jewelry. One necklace stood out among the others. It was a small, thin gold chain with a gold rose charm. The necklace seemed to give off a sort of glow. It had been a gift from her Uncle Pluto. He had told her that the necklace had been his mothers for whom she was named.

Opening a drawer Rhea moved across her room to a golden brown camping bag that was sitting on her bed. She and her father both had a love for nature and camping had always been their thing. It was fun spending time with her dad and he taught her things that the Legion wouldn't. He had taught her how to fight and hold her own against the monsters that haunted them. The first thing you learn about being a demigod, is that being a demigod sucks.

She was average when it came to height and weight. Her curve were well known in all of New Rome. She was often called Venus, though when this happened she would apologize to the goddess of love. Rhea had never thought of herself as being pretty let alone beautiful. No, she had always thought of her crimson hair and blue/violet eyes as horrid. Her face was roundish with a light spray of freckles across her cheeks. After she was finished packing, Rhea went on a walk through the only home she had ever known.

New Rome was a beautiful place with shops and cafes. Traditional Roman architecture mixed with new city styles. Arch ways and pillars next to skyscrapers with tinted windows. It was a dizzying mix that Rhea had always loved.

A street vendor who sold pastries offered Rhea food. She accepted the food with a small smile. Rhea knew that today would be hard. Everyone in Rome and camp Jupiter knew she was leaving. She was very dear to all the demigods of New Rome. They were very likely to give her things. In fact most of her jewelry had been given to her by the people of Rome.

Several of the purple house spirits that populated Rome came up to her. They all wore togas, some had short hair others had long hair. Some were short and others were tall. Male and female, they were called Lars. They all looked at Rhea with sad eyes, as if they knew something she didn't.

Rhea saw her parents in the crowd. They were waving her over to them. Her dad held her camping bag over one of his broad shoulders. In her mothers hand was her gold rose necklace. She walked over to her parents. Taking the necklace from her mother, she placed it around her throat.

She looked nothing like her parents. Her mother had long blonde hair and deep brown eyes. While her father had short wavy, raven locks and bright blue eyes. Rhea's father handed her her camping bag as they walked out of the only home she had ever known.