Phoebe walked through the ship as Rhea and Luke talked. She wasn't happy about her sister contacting the Atlantean could help them, she didn't trust him. As a destroyer he could very well kill them all.

She looked around and saw that a lot of the older monsters were looking at her. They must have heard that they were going with her off the ship. Phoebe knew they didn't like Rhea being here. To them she was a traitor, while she was everything her brother had ever held dear.

Rhea was Kro's only weakness and the gods knew it. They knew that sending her here would shake him. It was also the safest place for her to be due to his protectiveness.

Phoebe also knew that it was only a matter of time before Rhea ended up pregnant. Her brother had an appetite for sex that could rival Zeus. Then again the two were father and son. The difference was Kro had only ever cheated on Rhea once and learned quickly not to do it again. Zeus just kept pushing Hera's buttons

Reaching the main deck Phoebe sat down on a deck chair. It was one of the few that hadn't been broken. She watched as the demigods in Kronos' command trained.


Luke held Rhea's hand as they made their way back to the captains rooms. He need to have as much her as the titan that pushed against him. They wanted to have her under them again. It was a want that Luke wasn't used to having.

" Move faster" The titan lord growled with in his head.

" Move to fast and the nightmares will notice I'm not you." Luke shot back.

It was true too. They were surrounded by beasts of all types. Most of them were the older monsters that had lived in ancient times. Kempe's brood was going to try and start something.

Finally reaching where they were going, Luke opened the door and pushed Rhea in. They still had a few hours until the meeting at noon. Both he and her titan husband planned to wear her out before than.

Shutting the door Luke looked into the room to find Rhea on the bed. Her clothes had changed as well. She now wore an extremely short gold dress. It was made of real gold and would have been good armor if not for how short it was.

Luke swallowed as he felt the lines between himself and the titan lord blurr. All he could think about was the incessant need to be inside her. They hadn't gotten there last time and it was something both wanted.

He walked over to the bed and stood at the bottom. His eyes roamed over her body, her ample curves. She was begging for him to touch her.

Placing one knee on the bed he removed his shirt in one smooth movement. Crawling over her he placed himself so he was on top of her, but his weight was to the side of her. He felt himself growing harder in his jeans and the titan Lord was growling for more in the back of his mind.

Luke became to kiss Rhea's neck and smiled at the steady hum she gave in response. The titaness was so responsive that it made him and Kronos moan. Biting gently into her neck they got what they really want as Rhea moaned.

Luke ran his hands down her gold covered body as he took her lips with his. She slipped her tongue into his mouth and explored. Feeling every groove and dip with her tongue. Her arms circled his shoulder and her nails bit into his skin.


Rhea pressed her hips up against him and smiled into the kiss as he groaned. Luke pulled back from her lips and began looking for a way to remove the dress. His eyes were a heady mix of blue and gold that told her what the fates would proclaim.

She let him fumble around the dress before taking it off herself. Smiling she watched as he stilled and looked at her exposed body. It was few minutes for him to started moving again, but when he did it was in a frenzy.

The titaness moaned as he latched on to her breast and rolled her nipple in his mouth. Her hand became tangled in his hair as her back arched into his touch. He bit into her gently causing her head to fall back against the pillow.

Luke moved one of his hands down to the juction between her leg. He rubbed her wet bud slowly at first to make her even wetter. He didn't want to make her come yet.

He moaned when he felt Rhea begin to unbottan his pants. Luke wanted to be free of his jeans and quickly took them off. The demigod let out a gasp as Rhea used her legs to pull him into her.

" Mmmmm" Rhea hummed as she slid him into her. He was so hard and it felt so good. Luke's eyes turned gold as her husband took over. Kro kissed Rhea as he moved slowly with in her..

" Damnit, you're so tight." Kronos growled as he began to kiss her neck and move faster.

Rhea tilted her head to give him more room. She moved her hips with his and moaned as her walls began to shutter. She couldn't hold off and screamed his name as she came.

Kronos kept going until he came within her. Smiling down at her he kissed her nose. The Titan lord pull out of his wife and laided beside her.

Rhea curled up next to her husband and placed her head on his chest. She smiled when she felt him wrap an arm around her. The faded quickly as sleep claimed her.


The Titan lord untangled himself from Rhea and dressed. He had about a half an hour until he had to leave for his meeting. Sitting on the bed he stroked her hair gently. It was silky soft and pulled on his figures. He bent down and kissed her forehead before leaving, locking the door behind him.

Kronos walked to the dining hall and sat in his golden throne, many demigods and monsters were already there. He watch as they talked and was surprised when his sister Phoebe entered. She walked over to him and seemed to be worried about something.

" What's wrong?" He asked her as she came to stand next to him.

" I'm worried about Rhea. Its only a matter of time befor you get her pregnant again and she won't be able to take you eating the child." His sister answered.

The titan lord flinch at that, because he knew that if she did end up pregnant that he would want to eat the child. It had been hard wired into him to do so since he had taken the sickle. If she did end up pregnant he would have to fight it at all cost when he won this.

" Your screwed." Luke stated with in his mind.

" Shut up" Kronos shot back as rubbed his face with his hands. He needed to figure out what to do with Rhea and fast.