Hey guys. I just wanted to say sorry. I had all these plans for this fic that didn't go through (although I'm definitely going to use Marvel Studios as my exist because holy balls do they love ruining my timelines) Anyways, I'm not abandoning this fic.

holy shit I know.

Life got in the way, and it would've been nice to update you but here goes anyway.

Fall 2016 my mom was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. If you know anything about that particular type then...yeah. Writing stopped, working stopped, I left school, the whole thing. January 2017, she passed away. So this is me coming back to yall after more depression naps than any one person should really take, lots of soul searching and what not. I seriously considered dropping this story entirely, particularly because of some stuff I'll get into in a second, but I couldnt bear to drop the AU. (Its kind of the same reason that Twilight story is still on in my published works even though despite my best efforts I can't make it good.)

Ok, so what's going to happen to TSE?

Well I'm rewriting it. I haven't decided if I'm going to just put it in a new story or not. Mostly I just want to condense things. Instead of what probably wouldve been 20 chapters before we even got to the juicy bits, the parts I've already written will be condensed down to like...5.

I've got to. Otherwise it'll never get done and Jesus I want to finish something. Anyways, do you guys realize I'm 22 now? I've been on and off working on this since I was 16. Jesus Christ.

For that reason, some parts of this fic are literally painful for me to look at now whoops. And more than that, I've decided once and for all to say fuck the MCU. Don't get me wrong I love it, and this story will most likely still lean on the movies more than the comics (I'm still scarred trying to map continuities) But if you've seen Infinity war, you'll understand. What infinity stones? never heard of those. nope. nuh uh.

But for that reason I'm doubling down on this story being about relationships more than action. It'll still be there, because Hermione's had a superhero codename in my head for ages now and I desperately want her to punch Loki in the throat, but its not the focus. Also, I'm gonna say right fucking now, I just. Cannot with Spiderman. Tom Holland you're a cinnamon roll but you've put a fucking black hole in my timeline you beautiful little shit.

Most likely I'm age him and Shuri up cause them being 16 is ruining all of my ships. (not that anyone is good enough to touch my Wakandan Princess but I digress)

I'm rambling. Be on the look out for an update in the next couple of days.