We all know Emma worked as a bail bonds person before Henry found her and brought her back to Storybrooke to break the curse. Well what if one of the many people she was charged to find was a young girl named Elizabeth Alice Dewlia? Elizabeth was a young girl when Emma found her. Abandoned by her family Elizabeth had turned to thievery to feed herself just as Emma herself had done when she was young.

Seeing herself in the little red head Emma brings her back to the authorities, but strikes a deal with them so Elizabeth won't have to go to jail. Emma is to take Elizabeth under her wing and act as a mentor, teaching her wrong from right so Elizabeth can grow up and earn a decent living.

Emma brings out the sweet, innocence that Elizabeth had buried deep inside of herself and in turn buries the rude, obnoxious thief Elizabeth had been. The two grew to be like sisters and were inseparable until the day Elizabeth was sent to a foster home. They still kept a close relationship that suddenly stopped when Emma left with Henry for Storybrooke.

Worried about her closest friend Elizabeth begins to have trouble with her foster home. Things just keep getting worse so she eventually leaves. Using her thievery skills Elizabeth tracks Emma to Storybrooke. She arrives around the time when Emma and Snow White return from the Enchanted Forest and when Cora and Hook arrive in Storybrooke in episode 10 of season 2 called "The Cricket Game."

Elizabeth has trouble fitting in with the other fairytale characters, but she does her best to help them solve the mystery of Archie's so called death and helps them defeat Cora. When she first arrives Elizabeth and Henry form a close bond, both having strong beliefs in the magical elements the others possessed, but a rift formed in their relationship when Emma spent more time with Henry than with Elizabeth. The rift only grew greater when Tamara and Greg stole Henry and Emma set of after him, leaving Elizabeth behind to hope for their safe return.

Our story begins the night after they left. Elizabeth is staying with Granny and Ruby at their Inn, but isn't very happy about it…

Chapter One:

"I can't believe she left me," I mutter. Aggravated with both Emma and myself I stomp up to my room in Granny's Inn. I slam the door behind me, I want everyone to know that I'm mad, of course they already know that. "I have every right to be mad," I huff and plop onto my bed.

"I mean she's like my sister, would it have killed her to bring me along? I could have helped. I've helped a lot while I've been here, why would it have been different in Neverland?" I sigh and lay back on my bed. At least I'm not still with my foster home. They're probably happy I'm gone. I sure am happy I'm gone, it's not like I had any friends there anyways.

I feel a tear slip from my eye and I quickly wipe it away. What am I saying? Emma is my bestfriend, she has her own reasons. Besides I might never see her again, I shouldn't be mad, she just wanted to protect me.

Letting out another sigh I sit up again and glance around my room. It's plain and boring with only the necessity furnishings including a bed, a mirror, and a chair. Standing up I walk over to the mirror and look at myself.

Bright green eyes stare back at me from a lightly tanned face framed with perfect ginger curls. I'm wearing my favorite overly large white sweater-shirt that falls off my shoulders and shows off the straps of my tank-top and bra. For pants I'm in my black skinny jeans and I have on some of Emma's old combat boots. My appearance makes me smile, everyone says I look like Emma and that's something I like to hear.

The thought makes me happy, but it also leaves a pang. I turn away from the mirror and drag the chair over to the small window next to my bed. I throw open the window and breathe in the night air.

For some reason I've always loved the night. I feel more alive then than in the day. Emma used to say I was nocturnal.

I sit in the chair and rest my elbows on the window sill with my head resting in my hands. The stars twinkle in the sky like everything is normal and nothing is wrong. Their constancy gives me an odd feeling of peace and I let myself get lost in the wonders of the sky.

While focusing on the stars I notice something odd. Two of the stars seem to be moving. They grow brighter as they get closer and closer. Stars don't move. I back away from the window as the stars continue to approach me.

My hand knocks over a glass on my dresser as I back up and the glass shatters on the floor. "Is everything okay up there Elizabeth?" Granny calls up the stairs.

I'm tempted to call her up, but something keeps me from it. "Yes, everything's alright." My eyes are glued to the window as a body appears. It's the shadowy outline of a man. His eyes are what I had previously thought were stars. They glow with an unearthly light as he floats outside my window.

I'm frozen, unsure of what to do. "Who are you?" I ask. The shadow tips its head. One of its arms reaches into my room and I gasp. It holds its hand out for me, but I resist.

"Who are you?" I repeat.

"I think you know that," a voice echoes in my head, it's the voice of a boy and it sounds oddly familiar though I'm sure I've never heard it before.

"But-" I start to say, but I'm interrupted. A soft melody floats in on the breeze and my thoughts get jumbled. The sound is so beautiful, I just want to be near it. I stumble forward so I'm closer to the shadow. My instincts tell me to stop so I pause before its hand.

"Come on now, don't be shy, we're all waiting for you," the voice speaks to me again. After he finishes the music grows louder and I lose all feelings except the need for the music. I must move forward. My hand reaches out and holds onto the shadow. Before I know what's happening I'm flying out of the Inn with some creepy looking shadow and headed for who knows where.

Of course I start to panic. "Granny, Ruby," I scream, but the shadow whisks me away before they hear. As we get farther from the Inn the music grows louder, dulling my thoughts and easing me into unconsciousness. I struggle against the pull and just barely manage to keep my eyes open.

The land beneath us whizzes by and soon Storybrooke is gone. Now we're surrounded by stars and darkness. There's an explosion of light and then the stars return. Ahead of us is a giant black blot that is rushing closer as the shadow continues forward.

I realize the black blot is an island before we reach it. I glance down. So this must be an ocean. That's why it looks like we're surrounded by stars. When I look up again we've already reached the island and the shadow drops me on the shore then disappears into the sky.

My wrist aches, revealing I was flying for longer than I thought I had been. It had only felt like minutes, but it must have been hours. I stand up and brush off my pants then turn to get a look at where I was. To my shock when I turned I found myself looking directly into the face of a young man with curly blonde hair.

He has on a dark cloak with the cowl pulled over his head. In one hand he holds a walking stick and in the other he has a torch. He looked less than pleased to see me.

"What is the meaning of this?" he demands. I glance around, looking for who he was talking to. There were several other boys on the beach, but none of them answer the man's question. "What is the meaning of this?" he repeats.

"Um, I was hoping you would tell me," I answer.

"Who are you?" the boy asks.

"Wait, you don't know who I am? So you ordered this shadow guy to go grab me for no reason?" I demand.

"No, of course not. We aren't supposed to get any more for sometime. Peter already has the one he wants," the boy says.

"Peter," I repeat, feeling my heart sink. "Like Peter Pan?"

The boy smiles. "So you've heard of him?" I nod. "Well yes, I mean Peter Pan, this is Neverland after all." My heart skips a beat. Emma, David, Mary Margaret, Regina, and Mr. Gold are here. Henry's here too!

"There must be some mistake," I say.

"Yes I agree. We only take boys and you most certainly are not a boy," the blonde looks me over. I cross my arms and glare at him.

"Yes, I'm not a boy. So can I like leave or something?" I ask. I'm not sure if I want to leave though. I want to help Emma.

"Sorry, but no," a new voice says. Crap. It's the voice from before, the boy's voice I heard in my room. That can only mean one thing.

"Peter," the blonde exclaims. For once I wish I was wrong. "There seems to have been a mistake. The shadow brought this girl," the blonde moves out of the way, revealing Peter Pan. He isn't exactly what I expected.

He was leaning against one of the trees behind the boys I was assuming were the Lost Boys. He was in a green shirt with dark pants that almost blended in with the shadows around him. He had dark brown hair that was unkempt and crooked teeth that were revealed in a slanted grin. His brown eyes were full of mischief and malice. Altogether he only looked a year or so older than me and he was pretty cute too.

"No Felix this wasn't a mistake. She was brought here on purpose," Peter walked forward. The Lost Boys moved out of his way and formed a circle around us as he stepped in front of me.

"There are no mistakes on this island, I make sure of it. This young lady has a purpose here just like all of us do," his eyes stare intently into mine. It was unnerving how intelligent he looks when he's still so young.

"Welcome to Neverland Elley," he grins. I open my mouth to say something, but before I can one of the Lost Boys covers my head with a sack and everything goes dark.


Hey everyone. So I am a hugamongouse fan of Once Upon a Time. I also love Peter Pan and I love the OUAT twist they've given him. Now I personally think Peter is a hunk so of course I came up with a story for him. This is my first OUAT fanfic so sorry for any mistakes or anything I get wrong. Please let me know if something isn't correct. I don't know how long this story will last, it's more like writing practice than a real deal full time story so I don't quite know how well this will go. However if this becomes really popular or something then it might turn into a bigger focus for me so if you like it then you need to review. Also there will be more of Elizabeth's history and her personality and stuff in later chapters so don't think this chapter reveals it all. She's a very deep character. Besides this is more of a pilot chapter anyways. Well just let me know what you think so please review!