I said collection. I hope you don't hate me for all these...

Suite Case sat there, doing nothing at all. She had just picked up a stick and was now drawing pictures in the dirt. The ground was softened by the rain they had last night. Thick, gray clouds still hung above them, the air smelling of rain. Balloon walked by, and saw her sitting alone. He walked over and sat next to her, hoping that she didn't mind.

"Oh, hi Balloon!" She said in her always happy voice. Balloon also picked up a stick and started drawing.

"I saw you sitting alone, so I decided to sit with you." Balloon blushed. That made her smile, and Balloon was glad. They were both drawing pictures in the dirt. Balloon tried not to look at Suite Case's drawing, but was too curious. She had drawn a picture of her alliance and Balloon. Balloon was flattered by the drawing. He had drawn a picture of him and Suite Case.

"I was thinking..." Balloon started, but cut himself off before he could say something stupid. Suite Case looked at him, and tilted her head a bit. He blushed, feeling like a fool.

"I-I was thinking that we should... uh... find some shelter! Looks like it's going to rain soon." Suite Case agreed, and Balloon never felt so relived. He felt a rain drop on his head, and he looked up. What do you know, Balloon thought, it really is raining. They went to the closest place to them: Balloon's house.

"Nice place you have here, Balloon." Suite Case mused, looking around. Balloon smiled, and he sat down at his table. In order to prevent splinters, it was made entirely out of plastic. He pulled out a seat next to him, and motioned for Suite Case to sit next to him. She sat down, and that was all they did for a few moments. Neither spoke, they had nothing to talk about. He stared at Suite Case, and then their eyes met. They sat like that, neither's gaze wavered. The only sound was the sound of the rain, pounding on the roof. After a full minute, Balloon decided to speak.

"The rain is pouring hard, huh?" Suite Case nodded. Balloon looked at his arms, and looked at Suite Case and the facts. They couldn't be together, she was too loyal to her alliance. Balloon excused himself, and he walked into the kitchen, shuffling in his cupboard. He thought about what Suite Case would like, and settled on grabbing some hot chocolate. He needed to use it up anyways.

"Thanks Balloon!" Suite Case said after drinking some of her cup. Balloon blushed, and took a sip of his. He felt a bit light headed, he's never spent this much time with Suite Case before. He enjoyed it, even if they were not talking for about five minutes. He felt this feeling inside him, and little did he know, Suite Case had the same feeling. He knew that there might never be a second chance, with Suite Case's alliance around all the time. He scooted his seat closer to hers, and put his arm around her. She blushed and nervously looked at Balloon. He turned to face her. "What I wanted to say earlier, could by explained by this."

Balloon kissed her, and neither have ever felt so happy. Little did Balloon know, Suite Case wanted the same thing.

Yep, that's it. Starting to notice a trend here? I bet you do. You don't even have to read every chapter, but I suggest you do read all of them.