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"Come on Soap, stop cleaning the pieces and move them!" Nickel shouted at Soap, who was deeply consumed in her cleaning. Nickel had challenged Soap to a game of chess, but all she did was scrub the pieces. She looked up, still scrubbing the king piece.

"Who knows what germs these might have! Besides, I'm almost done." Soap held out her king. It glowed a bright white color, and Nickel could see his own reflection in it. Her part of the board was practically glowing, radiating it's light all over. Nickel shook his head, trying to stop staring at the pieces.

"Can we play now? I'm tired of waiting." Nickel grumbled. Soap saw the look of displeasure on his face, and sighed.

"Fine, who should go first?" Soap said, laying down her king. Nickel looked at the board before saying

"Ladies first, of course." Nickel rolled his eyes. Soap saw this and sighed. Nickel was always so mean to her. What was wrong with a little cleaning? Germs were everywhere, and she couldn't risk anyone getting sick. Not after what happened...

A few minutes later, Nickel swiftly knocked Soap's king down with his castle.

"Finally! Now, lets- hey, what are you doing?" Nickel growled. Soap had moved on to cleaning his darker pieces. "Gee thanks, those pieces were really dirty." Nickel said, the sarcasm showing in his voice clearly. Soap frowned.

"What? You most likely didn't wash your... feet... before playing! I don't want anyone to get sick!" Soap complained. She looked very concerned.

"Why does it matter if I get sick? It's not like it'll kill you. Grow up!" Nickel snapped back, hurting her feelings a bit. Noticing this, he softened his tone. "Look, not every thing has diseases, ok?" He said, not sure if that was he helped or not.

"Nickel, why are you so mean to me? Is it because..." Soap started, thinking. A mischievous grin spread across her face as she continued, "Is it because you love me?" She said sweetly, making Nickel blush. He sharply turned his back to hide his blushing face.

"N-no, that's just a lie mothers tell their daughters so that they don't get their feelings hurt." Nickel stuttered. He didn't look back at Soap, but he knew that she didn't believe him .

"Ooh, I heard you stutter! You know, if you didn't possibly have germs, I'd hug you!" She said, opening her arms as if to hug him. Nickel turned around, almost instantly regretting it. Soap saw how much he was blushing. She scooted over to him and began to clean him, much to Nickel's displeasure.

"H-hey, cut that out! Come on!" Nickel complained, hoping that no one else was nearby.

BaseBall looked at Nickel and Soap. He had no idea what was going on. All he could tell was that Nickel was blushing a lot, and Soap was cleaning him. Also, there was a rather shiny chess board. He grinned and walked off.

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