I've been wanting to write this for months! I hope you like it~

It was a lovely day outside. The early morning sun was sharing it's warmth with everything it touched. A gentle breeze barely swayed the tree's branches. In fact, it was so lovely outside, Test Tube decided to sit outside and stare at the pale blue sky. She knew why it was blue, and knew why the wind blew. But, there was one thing on her mind that she didn't understand...

"Hey Test Tube. Nice day out, huh?" Fan said, disrupting Test Tube's thoughts. He came from around the tree, making her wonder how long he had been there. He had a strange tendency to watch people.

"Yeah. I was just thinking about you-" Test Tube cut herself off, and Fan noticed how quickly she did it. Test Tube looked away from Fan to hide her face. Oh, why was she so... awkward.

"Err... I didn't hear that last part." Fan looked at Test Tube, but she refused to face him. He sighed. She clearly didn't want to tell him what was on her mind. "Want to take a walk?" He asked kindly. Test Tube looked at Fan. She nodded, and they both got up and began walking.

"Lovely morning, isn't it? I'm glad I took a break from my laptop." Fan said. Test Tube nodded in agreement as they passed a flower patch. Fan stopped and stared at the lovely flowers. Test Tube, who didn't notice that Fan had stopped, bumped into him, knocking them both to the ground. "Well, this is awkward." Fan said.

"Oh my gosh, I-I'm so sorry Fan! I'll get off you right now!" Test Tube pushed herself up quickly, blushing madly. Fan was blushing as well. He got himself of the ground as Test Tube proceeded to apologize.

"It's ok, Test Tube! It wasn't that bad." Fan said quickly, trying to get her to stop. They both paused and realized what he had both turned away from each other. "Maybe we should head home? It's getting late..." Fan said, trying to change the subject. The sky was now a lovely shade of pink, with soft looking clouds in small patches across the sky. It was a splendid sight, and they both stared before walking away.

"Fan, why do you have your phone out?" Test Tube asked. She didn't really care about what he was doing; she just wanted to break the awkward silence. Fan looked up.

"Oh, just looking at a poll I made. I was right; Marshmallow is the most popular contestant!" Fan looked proud of himself. He quickly noticed that Test Tube looked a little down. "What's wrong?"

"It's just... I'm not popular. I know that you like the popular people, like Marshmallow." Tears glistened in Test Tube's eyes as she sat down. Fan sat down next to her and wiped away her tears. Test Tube looked into Fan's eyes.

"You don't need to be a fan favorite."

"But-" Test Tube started, but Fan covered her mouth.

"I don't care that you're not a fan favorite. Because you're my favorite."

And then, Fan kissed Test Tube. It lasted a long while before they headed home, holding hands.

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