Fairy Tales of Ouran

Chapter 1 Intro/ It all began

I was going for more of a once upon a time (tv show) sort of feel when I wrote this a long time ago. It is supposed to mix between a 'real life' event in the host club and fairy tale somewhat. Super sorry that this is like 6 years late. I had high school and it was a hard experience. I rewatched Ouran High School Host Club earlier because of a recent reboot of Fruits Basket (another show I like). Since I was going to rewatch one show that inspired my love for anime I thought that I might as well rewatch the other. This is probably not the best work ever done but I appreciate those who enjoy this.

The host club was closed early and they had nothing to do. Nobody could leave, there were thick layers of snow all over the ground right when they were going to go home. They should have checked the weather or looked out the window before they were locked in. But oh well, now it was just Haruhi, Tamaki, Kyouya, Hunny, Mori, Hikaru, and Koru as usual in the Music Room.

"What do we do now?" Hikaru and Koru said extremely bored.

Just as they said that Hikaru accidentally kicked boredom an old bookcase.

"Aaa!" Hikaru screamed as three books came toppling down in the exact spot where his head would've been. He quickly stepped away from the incoming danger...but he didn't pay enough attention to his surrounding and slammed his foot into the wall. Ouch!

Hikaru fell to the cold floor and Koru came quickly to his brother's aid proclaiming "Hikaru!"

"I'm fine Kauru" as he got on his feet Haruhi came.

"Ouch! Ouch." Hikaru said.

"Hey, what's that book?" Haruhi said curiously as Kyouya came and casually picked up the books for her.

"Let me see…" he said as he wiped the dust off the book covers and continued. "One is about chemistry and this one is–" Kyouya said but was stopped immediately by Tamaki.

"I um, that's mine I lost it here last year," Tamaki said embarrassed then put it on the table, Kyouya already knew is was Tamaki's he was just wondering how long it would take him to realize he had lost it.

Kyouya had a questioned look and returned to reading the covers "The Last book is 'Fairy Tales of Princes and Princesses'."

"Fairy tales?" Hunny asked joyfully.

"Yeah," Mori responded simply.

"How about we read them Tama-chan?" Hunny said happily. (They were snowed in any way)

"Commoners Fairytales? Do you know these Haruhi?" Tamaki asked Haruhi

Then she carefully grabbed the old book and examined it. It was a book in dark brown leather binding with gold accents all over the side.

"Yeah, I know these stories I read them when I was a little kid," she responded stiffly. It was similar to what she knew...however, her storybooks were not as elegant.

Hikaru and Koru took the fairy tale book out of her hands and looked at it with fleeting curiosity. When suddenly an excellent idea came to the twins as they looked at each other and back at the others said in sync, "How about we read these stories until we can leave?" then handed the book over to Tamaki.

"Great idea!" Tamaki said happily while gleefully sprinting to pass the book to Kyouya.

"Not to put a damper on your 'storytelling' but," Kyouya said as he turned the pages. "pages are falling apart and you can barely read the text."

Hunny clutched the book and put it on the table, (the poor book had been all around the room) then said. "How about we tell stories that we now?"

"Even better! All of us will tell a story about a princess and prince story." Tamaki said looking at Haruhi ecstatic but Kyouya rolled his eyes at his statement.

"How about that Takashi wanna tell a story?" Hunny asked.

"Sure." Was Mori's simple response.

"Who's going to start?" Hikaru and Koru questioned curiously.

"I'll go first!" Hunny said excitedly as he jumped up.

"Okay Hunny, what story are you going to do?" Haruhi questioned.

But he only smiled and went to the sofa and started telling his tale…

Really need fairy tales that are good for a Hunny and Haruhi Pairing. As well as Story's for Mori and Haruhi pairing I'll ask for each character remember I write by your votes. I know the last one will be Kyouya and Haruhi pairing and the story will be of course beauty and the beast. For Tamaki and Haruhi I think the princess and the frog.

What story do you think Hunny is going to tell? If you want you can give ideas on what story you want each person with Haruhi as the princess to have. (Give comments needed this is only my second fan fiction and I'm not done with the other it's called "Powers" also with Ouran host club.)