Just Single

Ch. – 1 – Awkward

There was two things Rukia hated right now— her pants that her sister gave her… and running errands in those pants. They were given to her on her birthday and from day one, she decided that she would never wear them. That would be final if only Hisana didn't come over to help her with her current overbearing problem. But today was laundry day and those were the only pair of jeans she had available. From this morning she had silently put up with wedgies and ride ups from her unhip jeans. Fate right?

Rukia tried to walk casually into the hardware store as Hisana began speaking. "Surely we will find where the doors are…"She spoke in a calm voice, carrying her large purse in one hand and Rukia's wrist in the other.

Did hardware stores have doors for sale? That would be weird right? Rukia just sighed. Aside of her door just abruptly breaking down, her sister was about to ask the weirdest question. Hisana held on to her tightly— as if she were some child menace. If Hisana let her go, she'd disappear in an instant. Rukia had put this off for way too long anyway and she worried that her sister would get robbed if her door wasn't fixed. "Couldn't we just see if we can find it on our own?" Rukia wiggled in her high water sparkling jeans.

"Excuse me sir…" Hisana tapped a random stranger.

It was a male with earphones in his ears who seemed to be in his own world. That was more indication that he didn't want to be bothered. Yet, Hisana just had to get his attention. She pecked at his shoulder some more until he removed his earphones. Weird question in three… two…

"Hi, we are looking for a door to replace the old one. Might you have one available?" Hisana paused, looking at the sales associate, who seemed confused. He didn't even look like he wanted to help. In fact he sighed as he took off his earphones. "A wha?" the man raised a brow, raking through his short orange hair.

"My door is broken." Rukia answered. "It won't lock." Clearly they could just change the locks, couldn't they? However, her landlord strongly believed in changing the whole darn thing if one part didn't work. Her sister smiled, finally letting go of Rukia's wrist.

"Yes. Weird right?" Hisana added.

The man nodded as a matter-of-factly, "OH… doors…" of course Hisana talked so quietly he couldn't hear her. Rukia didn't even wanna know what he thought she said… "On aisle five." The man turned around, putting on his earphones, and started stocking shelves again. Rude. But Rukia took that opportunity to grab her sister and flee. She should have known that it wasn't going to be that easy.

Hisana pecked at the now annoyed man again, "And where is that?" he turned back around, frowning this time.

He pulled out one earphone this time. "Huh?"

"Can you show us?" Her sister asked again.

"Come on, Hisana I'm sure… we can find it." she tugged on the woman, "…we can count…"

"This way." The orange haired man sauntered off and Hisana trotted behind him.

"Come Rukia."

Rukia rolled her eyes, waiting until this freakishly orange haired man was a few feet from them. "We could have found it… eventually." She whispered. "He doesn't seem very friendly." She could tell by his perfect frown.

"Oh please, Rukia." Hisana spat back, "It would have taken us years. And he seems like a nice man." The sales associate turned back, almost suspecting that the twins were talking crap about him. They pulled straight faces and Hisana began to smile instantly.

"Here you go." the man stopped in front of the wall of wooden doors— not really sure on why they would want a whole door for but eh— the hell right? "Anything else?" since he was here, he might as well ask. If not, this woman would peck on him and he really didn't want to lose his job for yelling at her. Plus yelling at her felt like animal abuse so he waited patiently.

"Yes thank you for asking… erm…" Rukia's sister glared at the man's name tag, "Err… Ichigo. Actually we need to find the right one. It has to match her condo. The landlord said so…" Hisana beamed a smile.

Rukia rolled her eyes again. "But if we can't, we will go somewhere else. It's fine."

"To find the right one you need a barcode." Ichigo replied already annoyed that his woman was calling him by his name now.

"Okay… thanks." Rukia attempted to grab for her sister, giving an apologetic sigh to the poor guy.

"No wait Rukia. Couldn't we just find one just like it?" Hisana glanced at Ichigo, "You can see why this would worry me."

"I could?" Ichigo raised a brow. Honestly, he could give two shits.

"Seriously?" Rukia frowned.

"Well wouldn't you be worried?" Hisana turned to her sister, "I mean look her, and she's a small defenseless woman living on her own with a broken door? She's single and lives all alone." Hisana admitted calmly. "She hasn't had a boyfriend since middle school and she is twenty- nine."

"Wow… really?" Rukia let go of her sister hand. Hisana was worried about her not being safe in her own home yet she tells a complete stranger that her sister is single and lives alone…

Who knows what went on Ichigo's head but his demeanor completely changed. He watched as the two women began to bicker, "Ma'am, ma'am… don't worry. Tell me what kind of door it is and I'll certainly find it."

Hisana smiled wholeheartedly, "Thank you so much, sir."

"No problem. We'll get your

"Well Rukia— go on…" the eyes of her sister and this now interested fellow were gleaming at her.

She couldn't redeem herself so why even bother, "It's a green, single French door with brass locks and handle."

Ichigo found it just like that. He pulled out a note pad. "How about giving me an address…"

Rukia's eyes widened, "Um excuse me?"

"I said, your address? That particular door you want is unfortunately sold out. I'll have to order you a new one and have it delivered to your home." He explained.

Of course. Duh. Why would a stranger just blatantly ask where she lived? Rukia grabbed the pen and paper and began to scribble.

"So Ichigo." Hisana spoke calmly, gazing at the orange haired male, who looked up from glancing at the midget. "Are you single?"

"Hookay! Hisana… wasn't there something you came here for as well? Hm?" Rukia growled, "Wasn't it some light bulbs and rope?" a light bulb went off in her older sister's head.

"Oh just light bulbs." Her sister replied obliviously. "Why would I need rope…" she giggled.

"I know one way…" Rukia gritted through her teeth.

Ichigo stared deadpan. "Light bulbs are on the other side of this wall."

"I'll leave you two the door situation…" and just like that the older woman ambled away, leaving the two birds staring at each other for what it seemed like a long while. Both didn't dare to think of what the other one was thinking. However, both could agree that Hisana was annoying.

"Ahem. Well— back to your door ma'am." Ichigo broke the silence, raking another hand through his spiky locks.

"Right— here." Rukia handed the employee his note pad.

"So…" Ichigo awkwardly uttered as Rukia quickly averted her gaze, "Is that your mom?"

"No… Sister." Rukia blushed, "I'm really sorry. She attends to create unnerving moments." And how embarrassing that she looked that young.

"And… spill personal information." Ichigo added with a small warming smile, inducing Rukia to blush even more.

"Sorry." She sighed. "Like I said… unnerving."

"Nah it's okay." He began setting up the order on his portable computer tablet. "I am single by the way. So you're not alone." He didn't look up to watch Rukia's expression. However, he was sure it was a stunned one.

Rukia couldn't figure out why he said it but she picked out the annoying mega wedgie out of her butt before he caught her.

The man finally glanced up. Perhaps he should explain himself. "Not flirting." He uttered quickly, "Just being really honest."


"I just noticed how uncomfortable you were." She was doing a nervous dance— a pee dance in slow mo. "So… eh… I wanted to explain myself…" He added, this time nervously. Almost like he had said too much.

Really Rukia was over that now. Hisana was coming back to other side with a few packages of light bulbs. "No nothing that you said. It just my pants won't stay up." Ichigo blinked twice at her pants. What a perv for looking. "Eh, I mean…. Well…" she flushed again, "That wasn't flirting either… that sounded really wrong and…"

"Relax." Ichigo printed off her receipt and tore it from his tablet, "If that's flirting, I don't want to live on this planet anymore."

"Oh…" Phew. Rukia's thoughts were at rest until she realized something, "Wait… did you just… insult me?"

"Insult you?" Ichigo blinked, "I don't even know—"

"Rukia are you ready…?" Her sister asked, grinning at both birds.

If Rukia ever wondered why she was single, perhaps she took things way too seriously. "Yeah. More than ready." Rukia whirled around walking like an uncomfortable cowboy. Jerk. I'm a great at flirting— who the hell does he think he is?

"Thank you very much, Ichigo. For all your help." Hisana bowed prancing after her sister. "…Rukia, he's a nice guy isn't he?"


"Ya. Sure…" however, if he ever wondered why he was single, that would be the golden reason why— his stupid egoistical sarcastic remarks that happened to act so famously in repelling the opposite sex without even trying. "Meh…. Who cares?" Ichigo placed his earphones on again, the Jpop settling back into his eardrums, separating him from the world. "It's not like I will ever see her again…"

OR… would he?

Ichigo shook head, traveling back to his department.