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Ch.-3- She likes to get Things Done

There was no time to waste. The black haired midget paced to the back of the store, hoping that it wasn't the same moron from yesterday. And if it was? Well— may Buddha—God— Jesus… hell— some unknown force help her maintain the remaining sanity left. But— if it wasn't the same guy, hopeful this guy would have a wee bit more knowledge. Rukia stopped at the fridges and then made a left just as the woman instructed her to. There was a mini station back in the corner of the store. She approached the work station, eying the massive pile of books, papers, blueprints that became of the little spot. Rukia suddenly felt like she was coming up on uncharted terrains. Reasonably anyone would. Quite of a messy area to work. On top of that, no one was here like the woman guaranteed. Pathetic.

"You must be the young lady…" a much younger guy approached the petite lady from behind. The employee smiled, revealing a charming line of white teeth. It was a much better impression than the other guy left. Still Rukia rolled her eyes— smiles didn't mean a thing for a male. Just another method to hide emotions.

"Yes I am…" Rukia followed him to his messy work station.

"Great. My name is Mizuiro. I warn you, you're stuck with me. The manager is out today. But with little work ethic, mixed in with a little humor, I'm the next best thing." He winked.

Rukia couldn't tell if this guy was worse. "How cute. But knowledge is the key." Her eyes practically laughed at him in his efforts.

Mizuiro smiled again, "Of course… and knowledgeable too." There was an awkward silence before the young male cleared his throat. "…well uh, I received a call about an incorrect door delivery?" His voice squeaked unintentionally. He cleared his throat again.

"Yeah. About that." Rukia grimaced, "The code your fellow coworker put in was incorrect. The men came to my house with the wrong door."

"Sorry about that." The man attended to his computer, sweat coming down as he nervously bit his lip. "I'll get you squared away with a new door— first class." He seemed done with trying to be cute. He seemed almost scared of her now and, she didn't even find herself to be that intimidating this time.

"Please, if you don't mind." Rukia waited impatiently, her eyes glaring at the man as he took his precious time typing in the accurate code. Messing up meant extermination for him.

"What's your address?" he asked.

"976 7th Avenue at 51st Street, New York City, NY 10019." She sighed irritatedly— everything took so much time. Didn't they have this shit in the computer by now? "Aha, Rukia Kuchiki, right?"

"Correct." She said deadpan.

"Your name sounds familiar." He nervously smiled, handing her the receipt. "Here you go…"

His name sounded familiar too. But the midget wasn't going to admit that, "I'm sure it's just a coincidence." Rukia grabbed the piece of paper. "Thank you very much."

"It's been a pleasure." He waved, staring back at his computer. "Thanks for shopping at Lowes."

Rukia pulled into the driveway of her condo home and noticed right away something seemed off. Hisana's car was on the curb. Another car was there as well. Hm…

"Well thanks for coming by." Hisana sipped her tea neatly then set it down on a china saucer. "Would you like some tea dear?

"Oh no. I don't like tea. Besides, I rather get out of here before your sister comes back. He was feeling pretty bad about her making a second trip to his job for something he caused. Maybe he might have known that was the wrong code but didn't change it because of pure laziness. He really didn't think he'd see her again, let alone be at her home but, seeing how Rukia would literately come undone if she knew that vital piece of information, he had to remember to keep that to himself. But he was glad he did screw up. Come on, if he hadn't done it, he wouldn't be here. Hisana called him there personally to check the door. It didn't get better than this.

"What THE HELL?" Rukia nearly dropped her bag, seeing the same damn orange haired freak from before… and this time, he's standing in her fucking living room. "Explain…"

"Your sister invited me over for tea." The man grinned lightly. "Which by the way, I think I'll take you up on that offer."

"Oh no dear, you stated that you didn't like tea…" her sister giggled.

"Uh yeaa, I slightly tend to confuse my experiences with the dislikes with the never tried." He smiled at Hisana.

"Well of course then," and the older woman poured him a cup.

Rukia growled, watching the man plant himself beside her sister. "Hisana explain?"

"Oh little sister stop being so mean. I just thought that this idea would be faster." Her sister smiled.

"Faster?" Rukia twitched, "to my love life or my bad side?" This could all be Hisana's way of trying to hook her up. That made Rukia's blood boil.

"Darling, I just thought you needed a little help. I called him over to look at your door since he was the one that took care of us last time. He was extremely happy to do so and for that, I offered him tea." Adding to the sister's protest, Ichigo smiles and takes another small, calm sip.

"What the hell Hisana? You said you trusted me to do this on my own. I'm almost 30, I can certainly handle myself and personal problems. ON TOP OF THAT, out of everyone in that stupid warehouse, you had to choose this one?"

"Wha? What's wrong with me?" Ichigo frowned.

"What isn't wrong?" Rukia scowled.

"Oh stop being so dramatic, Rukia. He came all this way on behalf of his mistake." Hisana explained, "Please let's be mindful and appreciate his efforts."

Rukia paced over to the hanging tarp over the entrance, "Get out!"

"Rukia?" Hisana couldn't understand why…

"Alright… chillax, I'll go." Ichigo walked right passed the angry woman and headed outside.

"Rukia! That was certainly rude! Go outside and apologize to that young man." Hisana commanded.

"NO! You aren't the boss of me! You didn't even ask me if that was okay! You just randomly invite guys to my house for tea? The bitch doesn't even like tea!"

"This is why you're single… Rukia." Hisana admitted again, "You don't even take the time to know them. How do you even know that he doesn't like tea…?"

"Wasn't it obvious? He only pretended to drink it." Duh. (Which explained why the cup still looked full.)

"Your problem is that you're so unbearably rude, that you scare the pants off these poor men! Learn to be kind to others— just as you would want—"

"Someone to do on to you… I hate that stupid phrase…" Rukia sighed, and walked back outside. His stupid junky car was still there. Uck, she'd rather watch him drink out of her cup than her saying sorry. Besides! He's a stupid guy, they can take insults right. If anything, he should be saying sorry to her. If he would have gotten the codes right the first time, she wouldn't be going through this mess.

Ichigo still hadn't noticed her yet— too busy with trying to find his car keys. Finally he looked up noticing an odd silhouette which formed on the passenger seat. Papers drifted from atop his head as he stared through the cracked window, abandoning the jingling sound of keys. His car was so old, he rolled down the window manually. Hopefully this would be a sorry coming out of her mouth.

Rukia frowned at the man, smelling a hint of cashed weed. "Ichigo— right?"

"You remembered." Ichigo seemed shocked. Her sister had been calling him pet names since he got there and he didn't even have his name tag on. "Impressive."

"Don't flatter yourself." Rukia cooed, "As I tell my kids, I'm horrible at names. It's just easier to remember the annoying ones."

The man paused for a moment, already turned off that she had kids (and insulted him without knowing him personally first), broke the silence with a, "Ooohhhh, alright." To add to his second impression of Rukia, Ichigo was pretty sure that Rukia was an extremely authoritative parent with unbelievably stringent rules. "So about coming over uninvited— Sorry. Rarely do I get home calls, and its good money so I take advantage of those opportunities— you understand…"

"Sure, sure." Rukia raised a brow, "And uh… sorry for the temper. If Hisana knew how I felt about unwanted company she wouldn't have called."

"And if I knew she was the one that called, I wouldn't have come over. Trust me." And… He would have made sure she had the right code if he had known that she had kids and a massive sexist temper. Speaking of, Rukia seemed to take offense to that too. "My dad lives near you… so I try to avoid this way at all costs." Something that should have sounded sweet made her roll her eyes.

At some point, Rukia wondered if his dad was worse than he was. "Is that so… small world eh?"

"Unfortunately…" He was just about to grab his keys before the midget retaliated.

"What in hells name do you mean by that?" she pouted, forcefully crossing her arms in anger. She didn't wait for answer, "I have you know that's strike two…"

"Strike…two? Wha? What did I say?" the man was confused. Hell, what did he say before to put him at strike one? He just saw her once.

Rukia mocked, "Small world, eh… unfortunately… You sound like it's a bad thing that I live close to your father." She explained. "Well I'm sorry… the choice wasn't mine to make…" she watched the man ball his hands into fists. He was definitely going to lay it on her but unfortunately, but Hisana stepped outside. There wasn't a doubt that she wanted to quietly eavesdrop.

"Um ma'am," Ichigo's voice suddenly changed, feeling the sweat as it rolled down the side of his tan face. He took a hand and slid it down his cheek. "If this helps out with your frustration, I don't even know my father… I just know that he lives close to you." He grabbed his keys quick and shoved them into the ignition. "And your French door will arrive tomorrow— I'll be sure of that. Is there anything else we need to talk about?

Rukia blinked twice at his calming demeanor. Hisana walked back inside, probably to scoop up some trouble. "No… I… guess not."

"Thanks for ordering with Lowes." He turned on his Lowes sign which was awkwardly on top of the car.

Finally some respect. Rukia cracked a small grin. Guess that pee brain started working in that rock hard head of his. "Well thank you… I guess." Rukia attempted to walk off before swinging back around, noticing Ichigo was glaring at her, "I guess you're back to strike one."

"Eyeeeaaa… why was I there again?" Ichigo remained still while Rukia made back, this time she was in his face.

"Don't forget the little insult from yesterday." Rukia reminded him.

"WA?" Ichigo started but the midget shushed him.

"I know how to flirt I just don't waste the time with guys like you." She explained walking off.

He accelerated forward to grab her attention. "Wait, guys like me?" Ichigo raised a brow, "Explain…"

Rukia crossed her arms, staring indignantly at the spiky head. "Explaining might hurt your feelings…"

"Is that a joke?" he spat.

Rukia sighed, rolling her eyes again. "I don't waste my time with guys like you because all guys are the same, good for nothing sordid, revolting dogs who lust, screw, then plant their seed in some girl who they have lied to, telling them that they love them but plan on eloping as soon as the female falls for them. It's pointless really." She smiled. She had been thinking like man since her last breakup two years ago; there was no way that Ichigo could out do her in man thinking.

"Not all men are like… that…" Ichigo muttered, still taken by surprise that Rukia just offended his gender without any remorse.

"Mr. Ichigo, I am a teacher and teachers know that all kids aren't bad. Yet schools enforce stricter rules for the misbehaved ones. What does that tell you? It takes one kid to ruin it for the bunch." Rukia smiled again, attempting to walk off.

Ichigo blocked her way again. "Ok, so you have been hurt. Does that mean you have to have a cold heart?"

"Hm, how does it go?" the midget waved her finger in the air as the thought came to her, "Oh yes, prevention is better than cure… good bye Ichigo. Till we meet again then." As I surely hope that we do not.

"Wait…" Rukia deliberately ignored him and went inside. At that point, Ichigo could feel something weird. It was a strange feeling to prove to this lady that guys weren't all jerks. He had to think of some way to see her again. But how? He made sure the door would be coming here first class? Then he remembered that all orders could be canceled within eight hours before they shipped…

He couldn't decide if canceling the order meant he was getting her back for hating his gender or because he was sure he could turn her beliefs around if he saw her once more. Whatever the case, he was going to cancel the order and… she was going to be back. Probably pissed out of her mind, thirsty for his blood.

Ah oh well. She's tiny. What's she gonna do? Huh? Tell the manager? Ha, yeah right.

Rukia came in to see Hisana sipping on freshly brewed tea. "So did you apologize?" she asked the woman.

Rukia frowned. "Yes." She threw down her bags on the couch. "He's sending the door here first class. It should be here tomorrow."

"That's reassuring." Her sister smiled. "Did you two exchange numbers?"

"NO." Rukia growled. "We did not!"

"Why?" her sister remained calm.

"I don't… like… him." She tried not to lose control. "He… isn't… my… type…"

"He is, darling. You won't give him any time of day." She wasn't at all bothered by Rukia's attitude and she was going to show her that Ichigo WAS the guy for her. She needed an idea that would make lots of change. Permanente change. Rukia was stubborn. So it had to be something that couldn't be undone even if Rukia tried. "Rukia…" Hisana called to her sister softly.

"What?" the tone confused her. "What is it?"

"What's your work schedule this week?"

"8 am to 5pm… why?" The midget raised a brow, "What the hell are you planning?"

"OPS! Nothing dear. I'm just asking…" her sister got up to wash the tea cups.

"Don't invite him back over Hisana… if you do, I'll kill you both."

"I'm not going to invite anyone over. I just asked." She sighed, "You said the door was coming tomorrow? I needed to know what time to be here. Now I have a good idea."

"And nothing else I hope?" Rukia glared, totally not convinced that Hisana was done invading her life. She knew she wasn't. But the woman seemed to keep up this undetectable façade, Rukia wasn't sure of what was going to happen next.

"Nothing else…" Hisana yawned. "Well since you're here, I'll go take a nap. It's been long day."

"Whatever…" Rukia watched her sister tiptoe up the stairs. "…What the hell is she planning?"