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Chap 9: "Impossible"



"You two really are made for each other"...

Erutis punched a hole into the side of her dresser. "Why did Chris say that?" she thought aloud. "He's wrong, so wrong, dead wrong!"

She didn't care how Eclipse would react to the destruction of furniture owned by Raenef's namesake. Too filled with a ferocious entanglement of emotion she was unable to think clearly about anything right now.

"Damn that wavey haired blonde!" she yelled, pacing. "His eyes are pretty though..." she said quieter, only slightly aware of the words which spilled from her lips.

His hair felt nice when it brushed across my face...

She jumped up, face hot red she hoped from anger, not a blush. A sound came suddenly to her attention and she spun around. There sat that demon lord who was on her mind.

"You seem unwell, are you coming down with a cold, as mortals do?" he asked with what appeared to be true concern.

She hastily replied "No I-" and a breath stopped her, and she regained a portion of her senses. "None of your damn business" she growled through gritted teeth.

Still worried he asked with gentleness in azure eyes "I could easily acquire any medicine or herb necessary to heal you". He stepped toward her, reaching. Frozen she couldn't move to slap the hand away. His palm rested on her forehead for several moments. The flames in her eyes died as he let go, saying "I have never checked for a fever before, but-" she cut him off speaking slowly, "I don't have a fever Krayon".

Eyes widened in surprise, that was the first time she said his name without fury or disgust. Unable to fight the uncharacteristic emotions that welled up in her, Erutis turned away, emerald eyes closed. "Just go, please" came her pained whisper.

He heard the tears in her voice, and memories rushed across his mind- of human cries as he destroyed cities, families, murdered boys and girls... This crusader must surely have been a part of numerous battles, the opposition. In that moment he realized how ridiculous it was to think that she could ever return his affection. He, a demon lord, with his history, to she must seem the true essence of every evil she wished never existed in this world.

In a flash he felt... felt... repulsed yes, for the first time in his long existence, he felt repulsed by his own deeds. What was this empathy?! He never possessed such an emotion before?! A demon lord brought shame upon his very name by feeling such an array of humanistic emotion.


He disappeared so suddenly Erutis was unsure that he actually left until she turned around and found herself alone in her bedroom.



End of chap 9



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