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Chap 11: "The beginning"



One month later...

"What is rule #2226 my lord?" Eclipse asked, crossing his arms. "Don't hit your demon lord with a textbook? Hehe" he joked, backing away from the mess. Books were torn apart, desks were in pieces, and the window was wide open... due to the glass being shattered.

"A demon lord does not ever leave his castle in disrepair unless it is up to two days after a war that demolished his residence" the elder demon stated with a sigh. He gently pulled his young lord away from the pieces of glass on the floor.

"Well I only really demolished one wing" he smiled "...or two".

Eclipse shook his head.

I need to repair and clean up those two wings my liege...

"Maybe I can have Chris and Erutis help clean up, seeing as how they are house-guests" he suggested, thinking it a great idea.

Eclipse only gave him a sidelong glance. "This afternoon we will review what a demon lord does to-" he paused, focusing in the opposite direction.

"What a demon lord does to... what, Eclipse?" With a chuckle the younger demon mentioned "It seems Lord Krayon is visiting again".

"Indeed" Eclipse agreed, already feeling veins pulsing in his forehead.


Instead of appearing inside the younger Lord's castle, Lord Krayon of Egae walked slowly across the dark green field leading to the entrance.

Long locks though undisturbed by the elements was somehow less grand than usual. His body length brown coat did not billow by the help of sprites, the creatures were gone. A strong knock echoed throughout the expanse of Castle Raenef.

Chris looked up from the book written in a foreign language he was attempting to read- upside down- "Hm butler Eclipse will get that". He quickly shut up from his perch atop a table older than his great grandfather, looking around nervously. After several minutes passed and no part of him was burning, he sighed with relief.


Leaning out her bedroom window, Erutis smelled a familiar fragrance. "Krayon" she whispered. She ran out of her bedroom then, and down the stairs.

At the final turn she stopped, hearing voices.

"Lord Krayon, should I call to my master Raenef?"

She leaned over the banister, spying on the two demons.

Krayon looks like hell...

"No Eclipse, that will not be necessary" he responded in a melancholy tone, "I came to see Miss Erutis, but I suppose that was a foolish idea". Eclipse's eyebrows narrowed in confusion.

A highly renowned demon lord admitting to a foolishness?...

Erutis leaned further, to see if he was shedding the tears his voice indicated wished to escape.

"Gah!" she yelped as the railing disappeared and she was falling.

With immeasurable speed the demon lord of dreams caught her. She soon opened her eyes and saw his face before her, stricken with worry. "I... thank you Krayon" she felt so nervous, they were too close!

"Are you alright Erutis?" he asked, surprising all present by not adding "my love" or "my sweet".

Her heart was still racing, because of the fall- it must be only that. "I- I'm okay" she stammered.

Eclipse didn't have time for the foolish games these two insisted on playing, and promptly exited the room to return to his master Raenef "Go".

Still with concern furrowing his brows Krayon hurriedly said "I'm sorry you, must be very uncomfortable, I'll put you down".

As he did so Erutis thought, I wasn't uncomfortable at all...

She slapped a hand over her mouth as if she admitted that aloud. In the month since she last saw him, she contemplated the confusion stirring in her nearly every waking moment. In dreams she sometimes wondered if the demon lord was putting thoughts into her mind with the images that rushed through her sleeping mind.

He started walking away, losing his nerve for the first time in all of his many years. "Krayon wait" Erutis soon caught up to him.

"I haven't seen you in weeks, you weren't fighting a war or destroying a village, were you?" she joked, awkwardly shifting her weight foot from one foot to the other. He shook his head.

Caressing her face for a moment he spoke, "I only came to see you this last time to tell you I will stay out of your life from now on. I truly have behaved like a foolish child and-"

She interrupted "Krayon you don't need to do that".

Dropping his hand he continued, "You have made it most clear how you feel, and as a gentleman I must treat you as a lady. I respect your wishes my lady".

"You don't need to go, you're a demon lord, you don't need to listen to a crusader like me." She attempted another joke, though her face showed no jolliness, "You haven't up 'til now anyway".

"I do apologize" he finished, turning to exit the premises the same way he arrived.

Finally she blurted out "Krayon I... don't want you to go!". He turned to face her, confusion topping deep sadness in his sapphire eyes.

Frantically her lips crashed against his.

After the passage of several moments, slowly breaking away she rolled off of the tips of her toes back onto her heels. Looking down with nervousness rushing through her she whispered "I do like you, andI... don't want you out of my life".

The lord of dreams was now uncertain he was conscious "Erutis...?"

Part of her wanted this moment to be over fast. Her face flushed red.

Suddenly footsteps were heard nearby. "No Eclipse I'm sure that was something to check out!" Raenef shouted as he and his servant entered the room.

Viewing the two before him, standing so close, Erutis not yelling or hitting the fanciful demon lord, they paused. "See my lord, as I said-"

"You two haven't seen any sort of weird creature around here, have you? Like something... that was such a weird feeling, wasn't it Eclipse?"

The dark haired demon was looking away from the bothersome couple in front of them, but did reply "Yes Lord Raenef".

"I need fresh air" Erutis declared, and ran out the castle doors. Krayon smirked, "Go".

"Everybody's rushing around sheesh, let's go practice more Eclipse."

His pure innocence helped the older demon's mood, "Yes". Raenef grabbed his sleeve, "Go".


Out of the sight of the windows of Castle Raenef sat Erutis and Krayon.

"My lady", I kind of like the sound of it...

Erutis thought laying on a bed of grass. Watching the wind sweep through wavy blonde locks, she breathed a sigh of relief, this wasn't as difficult as she thought it would be.

"When do you think I should send out word of our betrothal my sweet?" he asked with a handsome smile.

Shooting up she exclaimed "Let's not get ahead of ourselves!"

"I'm kidding" he smirked. She rose to sit beside him, "No, I know you're not... Just hold on with that."

He did hold on; now bringing his arms around her form, he held onto the most precious aspect of his life. Smiling Erutis leaned into his embrace.




The End




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