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Teen Dilemma Chap 2.

"I have to stop this!" yelled goku, entering into the fight like a whirlwind and knocked turles and nappa into different directions. "STOP THIS BEFORE YOU GET INTO TROUBLE!" Then turles and nappa get up off the ground in burning anger.

"GET INTO TROUBLE, YOU'RE THE ONE THAT'S IN TROUBLE NOW FOOL!" Screamed nappa, as he charged after goku in full force and starts fighting him. Then turles and Giovanni were staring at each other evilly in their fighting positions.

"Shall we finish this!?" ask turles, in a smart tone of voice.

"Yeah, let's!" said Giovanni, in a smart tone of voice as well. Then like lighting strikes it's victims, that's how they charged at each other and the girls notice that even with goku over their, things still wasn't going well.

"Girls, we've got to do something!" yelled Gina, wondering what can be done.

"What do you suggest, we can't go and tell dean will all get kick out of school for sure!" shouted chichi, feeling nervous.

"But we can't just let them keep fighting, they are going to kill each other out there!" yelled bulma, feeling afraid. Then Gina had a thought and immediately charged over to where vegeta and Angus was fighting.

" !" screamed bulma and chichi to Gina in fear of her life because they know how powerful this fight is and also knowing how powerful saiyans are. In slow motion Gina immediately jump on vegeta as she was entering the fight and at the same time ended up getting kick in the face by angus and punch in the stomach by vegeta and immediately the fight stop because angus and vegeta realized what just happen by her entering the fight and seeing Gina hitting the ground knocked out and bloody. The girls run over to Gina and Vegeta quickly gets on the ground and lifts her up in his arms and starts to rock her slowly looking wide-eyed and scared.

"GINA, WAKE UP!" shouted vegeta, fighting back the tears. Then goku and Giovanni even though was still fighting turles and nappa immediately sense Gina's life energy dying out, immediately stop fighting and instantly disappeared and reappeared over to her leaving nappa and turles to themselves.

"HEY, WHERE DID THEY GO?!" Yelled nappa, in anger.

"COME BACK HERE YOU COWARDS!" yelled turles, in anger as well. Giovanni and goku quickly got on the ground where the girls, Angus and vegeta were at and vegeta exploded in anger at Giovanni.

"IT'S YOUR FAULT THAT SHE'S DYING.I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" screamed vegeta, in explosive anger.


"SHUT UP YOU STUPID WENCH!" screamed vegeta, looking up at bulma wide- eyed and wild looking in the face as he was still slowly rocking Gina back and forth.

" can't be happening!" said chichi, with tears falling down her face.

"She's not dead yet, *taking out three sensu beans* give these to her vegeta!" said goku, putting the beans in his hand. Vegeta puts them in her mouth but by her being unconscious, it will only slide down her throat.

"What is taking those beans so long to work kakarot!" vegeta yelled in anger.

"Calm down them a few seconds!" said goku, smiling.

"SHE DOESN'T HAVE A FEW DOPE!" vegeta screamed in explosive anger. Then suddenly an electrical shock wave hit her, Gina jerk hard and started to cough.

"Something's in my throat!" said Gina, as she starts to clear her throat.

"Are you okay Gina?!" Ask chichi, smiling at her.

"For a minute there, we thought you were a goner!" said bulma, smiling.

"Yeah, I thought I lost you!" said vegeta, still holding her in his arms and smiling at her. Gina gets out of vegetas arms like nothing happen to her and looks around seeing all the damage that was done.

"How are we going to explain this to dean fisher?! The students parking lot is is going to be splattered all over the front page of the schools, Gossip Now Newspaper!" said Gina, looking concern.

"We don't explain, let's jet over to the blitz before he comes out!" said Giovanni.

"Besides, who is going to believe those people who may have seen us fighting anyway, we were moving to 's go! *He turns around* "nappa, about what happen here and come to the blitz with going to get in trouble if you hang around here any ya!" said goku, smiling at them and doing the instant transmission. Nappa and turles look at each other straight faced and instantly started smiling.

"SURE, WHY NOT!" They shouted, as they started walking and was about to fly away, vegeta became more furious and instantly stops them.


"But vegeta, I can't get into any more 's military school for me on planet Nebula if I get kick out again man!" said turles, looking serious.

"I want to see admiral ducky in the kids' corner over 's my hero!" said nappa, with a silly grin on his face. Then everyone fell to one side.

*Getting up off the ground* "You have some serious problems nappa!" said vegeta looking at him strange. Vegeta walks over to Gina, as his eyeballs were focus on Giovanni getting in his car with Angus and zooming off. "THIS IS NOT OVER WILL FIGHT ME NOT ONLY FOR INTERRUPTING MY BUSINESS WITH KAKAROT BUT ALSO FOR CAUSING MY WOMAN TO ALMOST DIE!"

"I'm fine vegeta and it wasn't Giovanni's know stop blaming him! *Taking his hand* "forget about this and come to the blitz with us!" she said smiling.

*Removing her hand from his* "FORGET ABOUT THIS?! I WILL NOT WOMAN! GIOVANNI "DESERVES THE BUTT KICKING OF HIS LIFE AND I'M GOING TO GIVE IT TO HIM!" Bulma and chichi pull up next to Gina.

"Come on go! I'm sure goku has already ordered his food!" said chichi.

"Yeah, and you know how that place gets after 's like a clearance sale in the mall at Myra's fashions!" said bulma.

"SHE'S NOT LEAVE!" Yelled vegeta, rudely.

"Don't yell at my friends and you are not in control of where I can and can't go vegeta!" yelled Gina in anger.

"I am not trying to control where you can and can't I am saying is, don't go to the blitz because you know how I feel about Giovanni!" he yelled.

"I'm not going to miss out on having fun with my friends because you want to fight Giovanni over something that wasn't his fault in the first place and from what I heard you should be thanking Giovanni because wasn't for him, you would have lost the rest of the school year of weight training!" she said.

"I don't one interrupts my business, especially when I'm dealing with , are you staying with me or not?!" he yelled.

*Gets in the car*

"NO! Are you going to come join us?!" she said frowning at him.

"NO, I WILL NOT ASSOCIATE WITH A DRUG LORD NOR SHOULD THE GIRLFRIEND OF A SAIYAN PRINCE!" he screamed as he closed his eyes and turned his head the other way in a snooty sort of way.

" THAT 'S GO!" She screamed in anger.

The next day in the mountains

"KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAAAAA!" Screamed goku, as he shot this at Giovanni. Then he dodges it and disappeared and so did goku. Then the both of them reappeared at the same time and started to fight real fast and hard causing the ground to crack and krillin, Angus and piccolo fell to the ground.

*Rubbing his head* "Look at them go!" shouted krillin in excited.

YEAH MAN!" shouted Angus, as he was watching them excitement.

I can't believe how strong Giovanni is.I have never seen a human who has ever spared with goku last this long. He hasn't even got tired!" said piccolo in amazement.

I believe goku is just toying with him.I'm sure any second now; he'll swat him like the fly he is!" said seventeen in anger.

*Turning his eyeballs towards him* "Still angry about him slamming you through those trucks that were loaded with magnets?" piccolo ask smirking at him.

"He didn't slam me, I .it took the doctor weeks to get me back to my normal really screwed up my social life big JERK but that's alright, the doc fix me real good this time where magnets of any kind will never affect me , HA, HA, HA!" laughed Seventeen, with a wicked look on his face.

*Sweat drop* "Yeah." said piccolo, wondering was he okay. Then Giovanni slammed goku in the spine and goku instantly turns in pain and knees Giovanni in his stomach and slammed him in his back and Giovanni disappears and doesn't reappear. Then goku begins to focus.

*Thinking to himself* "Where is , there you are!" then goku sensing Giovanni coming, shot a ki blast at him but misses him because Giovanni dodges it then goku disappears.

Then both goku and Giovanni reappeared in the sky staring at each with there hands extended on one another's shoulders smirking at each other.

"I can't believe how strong you are Giovanni your fighting techniques are almost got me!" said goku, smirking at him.

"Yeah right, I'm a long way from beating , you haven't even transformed yet!"

"That wouldn't be fair but this IS!" shouted goku, as he head butted Giovanni and Giovanni started falling fast towards the ground then he disappears and so does goku. krillin, piccolo and seventeen doesn't sense them anymore.

"Hey, what happen?! I can't sense them anymore!" said krillin, looking around.

"Neither can I!" said seventeen doing the same as krillin.

*Sensing them* "LOOK COMING OUR WAY!" screamed piccolo, as he begins to move out of the way and so does seventeen and krillin.

On kame's look out

*Looking down at the earth* "I can't believe how strong Giovanni is and there is no question in my mind about goku's 's really amazing!" said Mr. popo smiling.

"You're so right Mr. popo but there is something I am sensing right now and have been sensing off and on for a while, that is coming to the earth." Said kame.

"Is it bad kame?" ask Mr. popo looking serious.

"I'm afraid it is Mr. popo.

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