Hello! So I was rereading The Angle Experiment again and when it to the part when they free the mutants I started to wonder "Whatever happened to the girl with wings? Did she manage to help the rest of the mutant kids escape?"

So I decided to name her Violet and write her story. About how she and the other kids adapted to the real world, because that was what they were bred for, to adapt. Some of them will die, some will live, so submit a character and read to find out who makes it…..and who doesn't.

Ooooooooooo how's that for a dramatic summary? Well here's the SYOT and please try to PM me your character, but if you're a guest then just review it.

No offence in any way shape or form but please try not to make your character to cliché.



Hair color:

Eye color:


Build (skinny, strong, scrawny etc.):




What is there opinion on The Flock and on Violet? :

Ok that's about it, not much but enough to work on. I only need ten characters counting mine but I might add more depending on how many people want to do this.


VV The Wise Girl