Spock and his team returned to the Turner. Spock, went to the bridge to discuss his findings with the captain of the ship, Admiral Pike, and the Doctor to discuss his findings. Spock explained all that happened in great detail.

"So, had we blew up their facility, we would've started a war, that we would certainly lose?" asked Pike.

"Basically," replied Spock.

Pike turned to the Doctor who was sitting just to his right in the ship's conference room along with himself, Spock, and Dr. McCoy who didn't even make it through the hole after repeated attempts and said "Why didn't you tell us?"

"Well," said The Doctor.

"Well what? Had we done what we intended to we could've unknowingly caused our own race's extermination!" exclaimed the Admiral.

"Heh, that's funny." replied the Doctor.

"How is that funny."

"You wouldn't understand."

"Your'e avoiding the question." Said Bones. "Why didn't you tell us?"

"Because I thought that if you just destroyed that one complex and released all your anger you wouldn't try to start a war with an ultra powerful Galactic Empire. I was trying to save you."

"We don't need a saviour. We're perfectly capable." said Pike.

"Oh believe me I know." said the Doctor.

"Get off my my ship." ordered Admiral Pike.

The Doctor rose from his seat an left. The 3 sitting in the room could hear a distant wheeze and then nothing.

"We need to get Jim back." explained Leonard.

"Why would we need to get him back?" Asked Spock. "Where has he gone?"

Bones and Pike glanced at each other.

"Kirk's team fell through the gap and landed in Middle Earth. His connection broke and we can't retrieve him."

Spock fell silent.

After Spock, Pike, and Bones' discussion each went to their respective quarters to contemplate recent events.

Spock felt a great sadness and determination. He was determined to retrieve Kirk. Her knew it would require patience but he would find a way to return.

Leonard felt enormous rage and determination; not determination like Spock's: he was determined to avenge the Enterprise and James. And nothing could stop, not even God himself.

Admiral Pike felt confusion. He as overwhelmed by all that was happening. Normally he was so in control and sure but now, he was lost.

After hours of thought each decided what they would do.

Spock would create a team of super intelligent people to create and test ways to travel between universes, and not at random. No matter how long it would take, he would find a way.

Leonard would return to Earth and recruit a likeminded crew and steal a ship, a warship, and return to the Galactic Empire's gates with a big gun.

Pike would watch. He would stop trying to control the actions and sit on the sidelines. Retirement, really.