Do You Remember?

Rating: T

Main Pairings: TohruxKyo OCxOC

Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Friendship/Romance

Chapter Name: A New Day

Published: 3/17/14

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Summary: She's lost everything. Her mother, her brother, her memories, & her childhood. She sees no point in living, & wanders around, an empty shell of her former self. When she meets the Sohmas, she gains the courage that she needed to continue on in this life. But when it really comes down to it, does she truly have the strength to defeat her worse enemy? Can she truly defeat herself?

Please do not spoil the story for any of the other readers on the reviews, as this story will be following the plot line with a few twists and tweaks here and there, but this is NOT a continuation of 'You Don't Belong In A Fruits Basket'. It is NEW and IMPROVED. It is LIKE YDBIAFB, but it is NOT YDBIAFB. Thank you for your time. *huggles to everyone*

There was once a story about two little kitsune...

About a brother and a sister...

They were different from their kind...

She was a Good Luck Kitsune

He was a Bad Luck Kitsune

So horribly rare, that when the Death Gods found the two, they kidnapped their family; blackmailing them with the price of their family's life

They were thrown into enslavement, and every time Good Luck Kitsune shed a tear, every time she was depressed, every time she was in pain, good luck fell upon the Shinigami.

But of course, whenever she was truly happy, even lesser good luck fell upon them, borderlining bad luck.

So they had her in pain whenever they could.

But it was different for her brother

Bad Luck Kitsune was the complete opposite of his twin sister

Whenever he was happy, lesser bad luck, borderlining good luck fell upon the Shinigami

But of course, everytime he shed a tear, or let out a cry of pain, bad luck fell upon them

So they tried to keep him as happy as they could

They allowed him to live among them, to train among them, to become one of them.

She was left to become a slave among a great race

And as the years went by, her children, and her children's children came to serve a Royal Family, whose name had lost meaning in the human world

The Zodiac

~ 1 year later...

"I said no."


"Would you like another 24 hour lecture?"


"I said no, and that's know that you shouldn't have even called this house. It's dangerous, they can track the phone-"

"This is a pay phone!"

"Well at least they'll have some idea of where you are! Tohru, I wish I could give you the life you deserve. I do. But I don't want you to-"

"To what, get hurt? Roku, I don't want to live this kind of life; always on the run. And from who? My own family! I can't hide with Grandpa forever!"



"Tohru, I'm not letting you come back here, and that's final. It's been awesome to listen to your voice again and find out what you were doing; but you can't call me. Ever again."

She heard the familiar 'CLICK' of the phone, and her eyes widened in surprise. 'Well, that hurts...' Tohru thought. Letting out a sigh of exasperation, she placed the phone back on its pedestal, grabbed her bookbag, and walked out of the payphone booth. The city was active, even during the day. When she looked hard enough, she could see drunks wobbling about, and half naked woman trying to seduce them. She heard the seagulls caws, and the alley cats meowing. Tohru continued to walk down the street until she was met at a cut off between the city and the suburbs. She started walking towards the destination she knew as 'home'.

"Grandpa? I'm home!" she yelled, dropping her bookbag onto the ground near the doorway. Yawning, she took out the ribbons from her hair and walked into the kitchen where her Grandpa usually resided when she came back from school.

"Ah, Tohru. Please, sit down. There is something urgent I must talk to you about before I forget once again." he said with a soft smile. "The house is being renovated. Your cousins are coming to live with us since they have no where to go due to the fact that their house was burned down. Because the house is so small we will have to have it renovated. I am staying at a retirement home until the renovations are complete. Considering, I cannot stay with anyone else. Please understand. Tohru, do you have anywhere else to go?"

Tohru was shocked. Her grandfather had been disowned as a 'family' member, for reasons that even she didn't know. Her family had never gone so far as to kill one of their own; especially such a poor family like her cousins. Why didn't they try to kill her grandfather then? Was it because he was an old man and figured he would die soon? He did have many battle scars... 'I don't have any friends to stay with though...even so, I wouldn't go to them...I would simply be a burden.'

"Yes." she lied. "I have somewhere to go."

"That's great Tohru." he said joyfully. "Well, I'm off to bed. The renovations will start in three days."

'That's odd...why didn't he ask me where I was going?' she quickly threw her suspicions away, simply thinking that he had forgotten to ask the question. 'Thank goodness too...'

That night, she started to pack her things. Her emotions were conflicted from her earlier conversation with her brother.


She clutched her mother's picture closely to her heart, not daring to put it in her bag along with the rest of her things just yet.

"Is Roku starting to hate me too, Mom? Is he really becoming one of them?" she spoke to the picture softly with much tenderness, a single tear falling down her cheek.

A faint memory of Tohru 'meeting' her brother slowly surfaced her brain.

She felt as if she had been woken from a horrible nightmare. Her head pounded, her throat was parched, sweat covered her forehead, and goosebumps covered. her skin.

Her eyes slowly focused in the dark. She could tell it was night, as the soft moonbeams beamed from her window onto the bed that she was currently residing in. She could hear the hoots of owls wide awake in the night and she suddenly thought...

'Who am I?'

When she asked herself that question, all of her senses stopped. Who was she? What was she doing here? What happened? 'All I can'

Her head started to pound as she tried to remember the last thing she had been doing when suddenly-

"Yo, you awake?" a boy asked, and she felt her covers shift to reveal a boy with short brown hair and big blue eyes. What was she doing in a bed with a boy? Was this boy her lover?

"Who are you?" she felt her brain mentally smack itself, as if belittling her for asking such a stupid and obvious question. "I'm Roku. You don't remember anything, do you?" She shook her head negatively as her reply. "What's the last thing you remember?" Roku asked, and he placed a hand on her forehead. He quickly brought it back, looking at her with worry. "You're burning up."

She ignored his statement and tried to think for a moment. What was the last thing she remembered? "I don't remember anything." She replied uneasily.

What was going on? "Damn...when he said he'd take away everything, I didn't think..." Roku whispered. It was faint, but she heard it. "Take what away? Are you my...boyfriend?" Roku laughed. His laughter was mildly deep, puberty forcing his tone to crack once in a while. By the end of his laughter, he had tears in his eyes, and a soft jingle was left instead of a deep laugh. "No, we're brother and sister. Do you know your name?"

That was why he had been laughing so hard...

She nodded. It was slowly surfacing in the back of her mind. It started with a T, right? "Tofu?" she asked. Her 'brother' shook his head and smiled. "Tohru. Your name is Tohru." She felt a bit stupid and her cheeks painted with a light red color. "It''s nice to meet you..."

She felt her brain mentally slap itself again. How could she forget his name? Her brother's name no less!

"Roku. Big brother Roku." he said with a smirk.

Tohru could feel her own smile adorn her lips as she nodded tiredly. "Night...Roku..." ~

Tohru simply sighed and placed the last of her things inside the small suitcase. Her heart ached for the feel of her older brother's arms surrounding her body, especially when she was alone at night. For Tohru, not only was Roku a mother, father, and a brother, but he was also her friend. She zipped the suitcase with a shaky hand and climbed into her bed, clutching her fluffy pillow tightly.

Sometimes, when she was all alone, she could hear faint voices whispering, trying to break free of some strong barrier. It made her so afraid at night, so afraid to be alone. She was plagued with nightmares that she could never remember when she woke up and sometimes found out, later, that she had hurt herself during these nightmares.

But sometimes, she felt as if she had the most heavenly dreams on earth. She felt as if she could hug every single person in the world from her happiness, from the love that overflowed from her heart.

But, she could never remember.

A few days later...


The sky was gray, and she knew that it was going to rain. She didn't know how or why she could sense this, but she never usually questioned it, simply stating that it was an intution.

Roku even joked that she had the senses of a 'cat'. But dismissed it later, saying she was more like a fox then a cat.

"Geez." he said, tapping her nose. "You really know if its gonna rain?" Tohru nodded her head furiously, pointing at the sky. "I CAN FEEL IT! I CAN FEEL IT!" Roku chuckled and ruffled her hair.

"You act like an 8 year old. In fact, you act like a baby cat, a kitten."

Tohru huffed. "I do NOT act like a kitten." Roku rolled his eyes. "You're right. More like a sneaky, sly, mischievous fox then a cat."

Tohru shook her head with a soft smile on her face, a touching and soft memory easing her heart a little bit as she walked to school. The trees snagged at her dress and hair, causing much grumbles from the frustrated girl.

Ah yes, she had finally moved into the forest.

Tohru had grown accustomed to it quickly, and had no problem washing her clothes in the river or not eating for a day, only drinking water. To pay her tuition soon was coming up, and she would not allow her Grandfather to waste anymore money on her then he has. Saving money was the only option, but having so little in the first place didn't help a lot either...

Tohru sighed and carefully worked out the tangles when her hair got caught in another branch. She mentally decided to put her hair in a braid when walking out of the forest instead of making it prep and ready for school next time.

Tohru finally untangled her hair, and glared at the offending branch. She stood up fully and brushed the dirt off her skirt, smiling triumphantly. She continued to walk her normal path when...

Another branch got caught in her hair.

She decided to take a less...branchy area and walk on a clear, uncharted road.

She had never taken this little pathway, but considering the fact that she was almost late for school, not to mention that rush hour was already starting, she took the risk. For some reason, she simply hated going to school late. She felt as if she owed someone this, or to spit in their name by being late.

She started to jog with her small carry bookbag in hand, throwing a quick glance at her watch before speeding up. She slowed down though, when she saw a little house.

'A house? In the middle of a forest? Not a very big one, but still...a house?'

On closer inspection though, she saw 12 equally sized rocks, all painted in different colors. But on CLOSER inspection, she saw that they were painted in familiar animals...animals that represented...

"THE ZODIAC!" she yelled excitedly.

She didn't touch the little figurines, in fear that the owner would soon come back. But, nonetheless, she felt mesmerized by the beautiful blend of colors. She didn't know that she was leaning into the rocks, until a deep voice disturbed her from her thoughts.

"If you look any closer, you might bump your pretty little nose into the rocks."

Tohru flew backwards. On instinct, without thinking, she bowed her head in an apology, bobbing it up and down. "Sorry, sorry, sorry! They were just so pretty, and I couldn't resist, and, I'm on your property, b-but they were so pretty! The colors were just right, and-and-" Tohru continued to ramble, keeping her head low as she spoke. She suddenly heard the loud laughter of the man in front of her, and lifted her head shakingly, as if afraid to suddenly see a gun pointed at her.

But the man in the yukata simply smiled at her. "It's quite alright. I'm simply glad that you appreciate my art. You know, a lot of people don't appreciate the simple things anymore." the man sighed. "By the way, I'm Shigure. Shigure Sohma, nice to meet you." he said, the soft smile still present on his face. "I-I'm Tohru Honda...nice to meet you Mr. Sohma!"

'Mr Sohma? Where have I seen this before?' Tohru thought absently. Shigure chuckled and nudged his head at the rocks. "Do you know what the animals represent?"

"The zodiac...right?" Shigure nodded. Roku had told her many stories about the zodiac; and she had loved them all. Especially the one with the banquet. Poor cat...

"That's correct. What is your favorite, Tohru?"

Tohru thought for a moment. "Well, I love all the animals of the zodiac. Especially the cat, even though he's technically not apart of it..."

Shigure had a thoughtful expression on his face, before he spoke up once more. "Most people usually don't say that. What makes the cat so special, Mrs. Honda?"

"M-Mrs?!" Tohru yelled, completely forgetting the question at the sound of the honorific next to her last name, and soon, a blush staining her cheeks. "N-No! I'm not married!" Shigure chuckled again. "I'm surprised a young woman like you isn't spoken for." his soft smile soon turned into a perverted one. "So young and ripe look-" his head was suddenly smacked with a book, and an ugly bruise started to sport from his head. Fake tears flowed out of Shigure's eyes as he rubbed his head to sooth the ache. "Oooowww." he whined. "Yuki, why are you so mmmeeaannn?"

"I was protecting this girl from a hideous and perverted monster." As if the pain went away, Shigure did yet another perverted smile. "She doesn't need to be protected, if anything, I would save he-" This time, he got a punch to the head instead of a simply smack.

"I'm terribly sorry Ms. Honda. He's a bit...retarded." the boy dead panned. Tohru's eyes widened when she realized that the boy she was THE Yuki Sohma. "O-oh...h-hi..." As many times as the Prince Yuki fan club had threatened to kill her, she had never understood why. But seeing him in person without him being flocked by fangirls was a bit surprising. Yuki smiled fondly, although his smile did not reach his eyes. "Let's walk to school then?" he asked politely. Tohru stared into his eyes for a single moment, wondering why they were so empty, and his smile was so fake. 'It must be because I'm annoying and bothering him...' at these thoughts, she was determined to stop being annoying, and gave him a small smile. "Sure!" she responded cheerily.

The duo left Shigure twitching in pain from the power of Yuki's powerful punch.

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