Chapter 2: My River. My Rules.

Kyoko eyed the Ryokan nervously. 'Will they even remember me?' She wondered. 'And if they do, will they want to see me? Will they just kick me to the curb? No, probably not; I'm technically a customer. They'll probably just hate me in silence. But will they hate me?' She rubbed the bottom of one foot over the top of another. 'They were always so nice to me when I was little' she frowned. 'But that's because I was their little 'housewife in training' so now that shouta-baka and I had a 'falling out' they aren't going to put up with me any more.' She let out a heavy sigh. "Well," She thought aloud. "I'm not gonna find anything out by standing here all day," She cautiously approached the large front door.

Upon entering Sho's mother greeted Kyoko as she would any other guest, without showing any signs of recognising her. "Easy enough," Kyoko mumbled to herself as she carried her bags to her room. She noted that the room was the same as where she was often put up for a few days at a time when she couldn't bear to stay with her mother any longer. She smiled sadly as she looked out the window, remembering all the weird stories she had heard about her fairy tale forest.

"Well," She told herself joyfully. "Rumors are made to be proven wrong right?"

Ren retrieved his cellphone from his pocket and put it to his year. "Hey boss,"

"Ah Ren," He could practically feel Lory's evil smile. This wasn't going to end well. "I wanted to wait to tell you this until after you were out of 'hurting me' range; About how you have work here, I lied" And just like that the line was dead. Ren shot a glare from the Demon Lord to his 'lovely' manager.

Yashiro had already given up on trying to make sense of the president. "What did he drag me into this time," It wasn't so much of a question, as a complaint.

"Well on the bright side," Ren deadpanned. "The president got us some vacation time."

Yashiro decided to shut up. 'Jeez, I can only imagine how pissed he must be, that workaholic. I'll just need to remember not to tease him this week, at least not too much,' He concluded as he noticed Kyoko approaching the same Ryokan as they were staying at.

Kyoko reached out to gently touch one of the densely packed tree trunks fondly. She adjusted the straps of her backpack for the umpteenth time. She approached the small stream with the hamburger shaped rocks and bent down to the water. It was a little bit shallower than when she had last seen it. Kyoko jumped as she heard a rustling behind her of something that was far too large to be a chipmunk.

"H-hello?" She called out nervously, not really expecting any sort of answer, or at the very least, hoping there wouldn't be one.

"Mogami-san?" Ren and Yashiro emerged from the not so scary any more shadows.

"What are you doing here?" Kyoko released a breath she didn't know she was holding. "Don'tcha know it's dangerous around here.

Ren smiled momentarily before explaining "The president sent us on an unknown, and unwanted, vacation."

"Yeah" Kyoko agreed. "Apparently he does that now"

"Wait a minute," Yashiro cut in. "did you say it was dangerous out here?"

"Yeah," Kyoko said plainly. "Didn't you know that there are all sorts of mythological creatures that live around here?\" Yashiro gulped. "They only live on the far side of the river though, they are nasty little buggers."

"Oh please," Ren smirked, a very rare sight indeed. "There's no such thing as mythological creatures, okay well, they exist, but only in stories."

"That's not true!" Kyoko challenged.

"There's nothing on the other side of his for animals, and I'll prove it," Ren said as he started across the river.


A/N: Ren's acting weird, yes, but I'll explain, if'n I'm not too lazy -3-