I never go too long without updating, 2013 wasn't even that long ago. The worst part is that this only took me 20 minutes to write T.T

Chapter 3: Manly Man

"Tsuruga-san," Kyoko followed behind her senpai, albeit nervously. "This really isn't a good idea" She stumbled over some rocks, not knowing this side of the river as well as the other. she begrudged her full attention to the placement of her feet, never finishing her thought.

"I'm gonna have to agree with Kyoko on that one" Yashiro said, a squeaky tone in his voice. "I'm thinking, since I've never been to Kyoto and therefore have no attachment to this bet, that I should just go back to the hotel" He reared on his heels to cross back over the river, which was more like a stream with how much the water flow had slowed over the last 6 years, only slightly offended that his companions didn't seem upset by his leaving. "I am a man," he whispered to himself, wading through shallow water "Not wanting to be murdered by evil creatures in a forest does not make me any less of a man" He stumbled back to the outskirts of the forest and took a moment to survey his surroundings. He was not at the same place where he entered the forest; in fact, he had no idea where he was.

"Grandfather!" Maria called out, loud enough that she didn't need to look over her shoulder to communicate with the man behind her. "It's what's-his-face, the skinny, nervous one, Ren-sama's manager"

"What's-his-face can hear you!" Yashiro replied indignantly. "I've known you for three years, how do you not know my name by now?"

Maria shrugged as Lory walked up behind her, slightly winded from chasing down the sporadic child. "What did I miss?"

"Ren and Kyoko-chan are chasing down monsters in a forest" Yashiro replied casually.

"That sounds fun!" Maria ran into the aforementioned woods, not even waiting for a more specific rendering of their location.

"Of course," Lory sighed, dragging his feet as he slowly followed behind the 8 year old girl.

Yashiro started up again on whispering to himself, "I am a man!"