Chapter 1: The News Report

I yawned, stretched, and smiled as I saw all six of my Pokemon still sleeping in their separate beds.

Blaziken, Floatzel, Weavile, Ampharos, Staraptor, and my new Treecko, were all sleeping peacefully.

I tiptoed out of my room quietly and went for the dining room table.

A plate with dark toast, fried eggs, bacon, and a cup of orange juice was waiting for me patiently on the table.

Under the plate was a sheet of lined paper.

I moved the paper from under the plate and read the written content.

Damian, I'm out shopping with your dad and sister. Try to get up earlier if you want to go out with us!

Love, Mom.

"It's shopping, not the arcade," I joked aloud to myself.

I piled the two fried eggs onto the toast along with the bacon to make the ultimate breakfast sandwich.

I took my first bite and struggled to chew the different textures together.

I heard my bedroom door creak open.

I smiled as I looked in the direction.

"You better not try to scare me guys!" I laughed.

None of my Pokemon came out of my room.

My room was in a hallway that leads to the dining room table and straight ahead after that is the living room with our 60' inch LED/LCD television.

Yeah, that's the second smallest tv in the house.

I took another bite of my sandwich, keeping my gaze on the hallway.

"I'm serious!" I said with a grin.


"Oh my God!" I gasped.

I turned around to see Weavile smiling at me sheepishly.

"Nice one," I chuckled.

"Weavile!" he replied.

Now in the room were the rest of my Pokemon.

"Good morning everyone!" I exclaimed.

They all replied by saying their name.

I took the last bite of my sandwich, then looked in the cupboard for Pokemon food.

There were three huge bags of different labeled Pokemon food.

"Let's see... One at a time, tell what you guys want."

I heaved at the first bag to remove it from the cupboard, but failed.

"Ken. Blaziken."

Blaziken lightly shoved me aside and removed all three bags with ease.

"Yeah I get it. You're stronger than me," I joked, "now, we got spicy, sweet, and uhh... Holy crap! Are these all... They are! Oh my Arceus, Razz berries! These aren't just Pokemon food! I might grab a bowl of these! Anyway, who wants what? Staraptor?"

She pointed a wing at the sweet food.

Weavile chose spicy, Blaziken chose spicy, Floatzel chose sweet, Treecko wanted both, Ampharos picked sweet.

I poured the food into separate bowls, getting some by Blaziken.

I poured a few Razz berries into the bowls afterward, then tasted one myself.

I spit it out in the trash can and made a disdainful face.

My Pokemon all laughed at my reaction.

"Haha. Very funny. Yuk, these don't even taste like razz berries."

It tasted like a Gushers candy filled with salt water.

I stuck my tongue out in disgust.

"Oh man, that tasted awful!" I whined.

I went to my room grabbed a long sleeved, grey, button up collared shirt.

Then a pair of dark blue jeans with color fading at the thighs.

And other clothes.

I took a quick shower and felt clean as a whistle.

I put on my clothes, fastened every button on my shirt except the top two, rolled up my sleeves to my elbows, and fixed my collar.

I put spiking glue in my hair and lifted my front bangs.

I went to my room, put black socks on and finished my getting dressed routine with my brown, leather shoes.

I skipped brushing my teeth and instead mouthwashed, then reentered the dining room to be greeted again by my team of six Pokemon.

I took a seat on the leather couch and turned on the television set.

The news immediately came on screen.

"-me. My Flareon. I just... I don't know anyone could do such a thing," a heavy set woman said to Kirsten Trish, the reporter.

The screen switched to Kevin 'Lucky Seven' Willard, my favorite person on the planet.

He had a straight face, which was surprising, considering he's the happiest guy I've ever known.

"Thank you Kirsten. In related news, Team Plasma has also been reported to be kidnapping children. Here is footage that young Stephanie Gale filmed with her phone."

"Team Plasma? Again?"

A poor quality video, possibly from a flip phone, showed a forest, a Pawniard, and a young girl narrating.

"Ain't this beautiful Sharpie?"

The video got a slight look at the girl.

She had black hair, brown eyes, and wore square frame glasses.

Then, something caught my eye.

The movie ended with the girl screaming and the phone dropping.

I paused the show, rewinded, and paused the video as the girl put the camera to her face.

The video was poor quality, but I could at least make out one thing behind her.

My gut was hoping it wasn't what I thought it was.

I took a picture of the screen with my smartphone, turned up the sharpness of the image and both swore and gasped simultaneously.

"Lewis?" the name made my lips burn.

"Oh my Arceus..."

The image I took had his shiny Gliscor, but not Lewis himself.

"Tor? Star?"


One of my Pokemon nudged my shoulder with a claw and I nearly jumped out of my skin.

"Guys... Lewis... He's with... He's with Team Plasma," I croaked.

The setting in the video was actually familiar.

I just couldn't recall it.

My Pokemon seemed as shocked as I was.

Lewis is... WAS my best friend. Sometimes, I swear we could've been brothers at one point.

We liked the same everything.

Music, movies, food, genres, video games, everything.

There was only one person I know with a shiny Gliscor, and that was Lewis.

"Maybe they just... Took his Gliscor?"

'That's impossible! I just saw him and all his Pokemon yesterday!'

I could see my family pulling into the driveway.

I flustered to remove the paused news session from the screen and switched to Comedy Television Network.

Mom, dad, and Angel all came into the house holding shopping bags. Angel had the lightest of the groceries and a cardboard cupholder with ice cream sundaes.

"Damian, make you and your Pokemon useful and get the rest."

I didn't reply, just continued to stare at my phone.

"Damian! I said put the stupid phone down and help!" mom ordered.

"Yes ma'am," I groaned.

"What's that?" Angel asked, sneaking behind me.

"Just," I sighed, "you know Lewis right?"

"Know him? He's our illegitimate child! Yeah we know him! What about him?" dad replied.

I took a moment to process my thoughts, then turned off my phone.

"Lewis... He's... He wants to know if we can hang out today."

I thought it would be best to just not tell anyone yet, I mean, there's not a hundred percent its him.

But the accusation still had me questioning if it really was him.

"Sure. But first you gotta get the groceries," mom said.

I forced a fake smile.

I stood up and was tempted to take my phone out and call Lewis.

I had my Pokemon bring the remaining groceries inside with me, then I rushed to my room.

"Whatcha doin'?" dad asked.

"Calling Lewis," I yelled as I rushed to my room.

I shut the door behind me, not even letting my Pokemon in.

I dialed Lewis' phone number frantically.

(347) 507-6614

I tapped my foot as I listened to annoying dial tone.

"Yo bro!" Lewis greeted.

"Hey Lewis... Umm... You wanna hang out today?"

"Sure dude! I'll come over right now!"

"Actually, can I come to your place? My mom said... My room's pretty bad and she said she wants no one inside it."

"Okay, get your butt over here then!"

"Oh... Okay," I mumbled.

"Dude, you okay? You sound sick."

"Yeah... I'm just a little tired."

"How long were you up last night."

"Late. Anyway, I'm coming over."

"Aight bro. Get here soon before I change my mind," he joked.

"Yeah I will."

I was ready to hang up, but then put the phone back to my ear quickly.


"What up?" he replied.

"How's... Gliscor?" I asked.

"Shiny as ever. Why?"

"Oh... No reason. I just... Thought I could beat you with Staraptor, that's all."

"Yeah right! I'll beat you down then dance circles around you and Staraptor!"

"Okay... See ya," I concluded.


I hung up the phone and sighed.

I exited my house and got on my bike.

"Damian! What about your Pokemon!?" mom asked from the front door.

I thought of another lie for the day.

"His Pokemon are injured! I can't talk! Gotta go now!"

"Love you sweetheart!"

"Love you too," I replied.

I pedaled my bike and went to my 'friends' house.