HELLO EVERYONE! Looks like it's over. No, you are not being trolled. This is really 100% legit. First off, I would like to say thank you to everyone of you guys who pushed me to update my stories weekly (even though I couldn't keep my promise), for taking time out of your life and busy schedule to read some fanfiction off the internet when I'm sure you probably had better stuff to do, for taking even more time to review and click a follow and favorite button that is really hard to find, for…

Well… You get my point.

You guys are awesome for giving me the motivation to write and honestly I couldn't have done it without you! Now, I did promise a sequel and I definitely keep my promises(this time I mean it)! I'm just taking a short break from Deceitful to work on a few other projects I've had in store such as Lucario's Gift and whatnot.

Now I have one FINAL REQUEST!

PLEASE write short review of your final thoughts on the story with details such as your favorite character, what you liked the most, what you disliked the most, what you expect to see in the sequel, or anything else along those lines.

It ain't over just yet, guys.

My name is Damian or as you know me, Riolu17… And I thank you for all of your support.