The Phantom Moon Rising: Book the first: The Werewolf, the Ghost and the Vampire

Writer: So this is again an AU or Alternate Universe. This time Amity Park is in England and the Year is 1888 A.D.

Clockwork: You know I hate it when you mess with time because then I have to clean up everything around and before that time.

Writer: So what? You can't touch what I write because they are my stories on with the story!

A lone young man aged fourteen years (Though in this time naught a thing existed as a teenager) strides through the dank forest that is borderline a marsh. The night is light up by the full moon at its zenith. Though the dead trees lining the roads block out the sky in its entirety . But the forest is not the point of this story.

Nay the teenaged young man is point of the story. Though he is blissfully unaware that many things that go bump in the forest are simply not human. For now let us call this boy Danny.

A howl rings out in the forest just a few miles in any given direction.

Danny leaps out of his skin, landing behind himself, he watches his skin deflate comically before picking it up and putting it back on, "Wow would Sam and Tucker love to hear this story. THE BRAVE DANNY PHANTOM IS SCARED OF A HOWL IN THE FOREST!" Laughing he picks up the pace hoping to reach the Amity Park Inn. Using magic one could access a place called the Spirit Realm; in fact, many people have accessed this realm and have made a 'road map' of sorts for the 'inter-dimensional traveler'. The legend is simply, wherever there is an 'X' you are to avoid unless you desire a quick death.

Notable places to avoid entering are the Seireitei, Hueco Mundo and Jigoku, because many of the people that try to explore these areas never come back. Places that support tours well there is only one so far and that one is the Ghost Realm. Now Danny's parents' tried to access the Ghost Realm the trip was mostly successful but disaster struck fast.

So the concept is that when you try to access the spirit realms there is a gate of sorts. Some say Truth exists beyond the gates. Others say hack the gate. Still others say to try and tamper with it is to play as a god. Thus to pass through this gate alive, something must be paid. As in the case of two sorry alchemists physical parts of their bodies were taken though one lost his whole body and got sealed away in a suit of armour.

Danny's parents though did not prepare any sort of payment, so the ritual failed. Though they tried to skip the gates and access directly the Ghost Realm. The portal was stable at first. But Death felt cheated of not only two bodies but two souls now he added to the cost though he spared the third body in the room. He set off an explosion emanating from the portal.

Thus with Danny's Parents standing not even a meter form the epicenter of the blast, were vaporized instantly. Danny standing in the doorway was morphed and changed by the energy being thrown off by the explosion. Half of his soul was ripped away and replaced by a ghost half. From the fact that he survives and is able to fight with his ghost energies signifies he is one though kid. That incident was eleven years ago he is fourteen now. He grew up with Jazz, Sam, and Tucker, all three were orphaned at one point in their lives, but Jazz took them all in and cares for them.

Danny reminiscing of his past hears and only too late a twig snapping behind him. Though as fast as he could be dragged from his thoughts, he turns around casually around. Though what does he get for his casual glace? Why a Werewolf standing over him of course!

"Oh crap!" he activates his intangibility, thinking: You cannot bite something you cannot touch dog!

But the fangs contact his skin and blood starts pouring from the wound. He drops to the ground clutching his wound. In his heart he feels something though it is so strange it for it is exsorbitantly concentrated version of rage building up inside him. He feels pain ripping it's way over his body, as if every single bone breaks. As if a sickening choir of wet snaps and crunches started singing, his bones breaking and healing so that he can grow to the proportions of a werewolf.

His eyes now undergoing the transformation, begin to blur. He feels his control beginning to slip for the boiling pot of rage is bubbling over. He pour as much air as he can into his lungs and releases it in the form of a bestial howl. He looks down to see a beast standing where he once did, He voice he found has also changed, from a tenor down to a baritone rumbling "But how am I still me? Oh curse you cruel fates! I can't be a werewolf! I am so dead. But I must deal with this thing."

A bat flying around the two shout, "BEWARE! BADA** Werewolf fight approaching! AVERT THINE EYES IF THOU HATH A QUEASY STOMACH!"

The feral beast swings it clawed limb with all its might in hopes of cleaving Danny's head completely off

Danny grabs the clawed paw of his opponent and throws the limb to the opposite side, ecposing the enemy's ribs. He claws twice at his enemy, one aimed for the ribs the other to the abdomen, both attacks land. Though the one to the abdomen sends viscera and blood everywhere.

The other werewolf kicks him back ignoring the organs practically hanging out of its abdomen. It punches Danny in his face and tries to hamstring Danny. Danny back flips away from the low sweep.

It, seeing its prey retreating, rushes head first at Danny and bites his arm again this time on the left arm.

Danny struggles with it he eventually rips off the feral beast his arm. Now blood from the two now cover the forest floor. "Ok so you wanna fight dirty? I'LL OBLIGE YOU!" Danny kicks the head of the feral werewolf, buying him some more time to regain his balance. He charges and kicks aiming at the chest of the stray, driving it further back so much so that it's back is pressed into a tree. Danny leaps up three storeys into the air and brings his heel on the top of the monster, crushing the head spraying the blood everywhere, ending the fight.

A bat still flapping in place shouts," ALL CLEAR! Just wait for the cleanup crew to deal with THAT mess!"

Danny focuses on his human half exactly like how he changes back from being ghost though now his ghost half is no longer existing. Due to the sudden loss of strength, he staggers into Amity Park and then, when even more of his strength vanishes he stumbles over to where Sam, Tucker and Jazz are waiting. As he collapses into his seat he mutters "Ok I think I will have a blue rare steak this time." he tells the waiter that approaches the table.

Sam raises an eyebrow, "And why would that be?"

Danny holding his head up, "Take a guess."

"Wow you are a Werewolf, Aren't you? Bite me please." Sam requests

"No." Danny gives her the cold shoulder.

"Please?" Sam pouts and gives baby eyes.

"No." Danny continues to give her the cold shoulder.

"Please?" Sam begs using the pout and puppy dog eyes

"It is a curse I do not want to spread it to anyone!"

"Oh good point. But I am a Goth since when did curses scare me?"

"Sam there is a very fine line between bravery and foolishness. That, Sam, is foolishness." Danny gravely points out. "I might have to kill you, because it is hard to control yourself in that form. Besides it almost killed me all I want to do is go to bed."

Pardoning the pun he 'wolfs' down his meal and hits the sack for the night Ugh what a foul fate that has come up on me


Writer: FINALLY I actually got the challenge met. I will update this sometime this week with the Van Helsing characters introduced. Thanks to the most recent reviewer who spotted the original references though I has added more since then until I decide to write Fan fiction again... Auf Wiedersehen!