Never Believe

Chapter 1 – Through the Portal

The instant Amelia's feet touched the hollow ground, she felt relief wash over her. As she worriedly checked her body for any missing parts, Henry fell flat next to her. She anxiously helped him up, helping him dusting off his dark coat. She discreetly glanced at Tamara, hoping to see her look elsewhere. Which, fortunately, she did. Amelia brought her eyes back to Henry, and as they met, their unspoken plan was made. With one final nod, she let go off him, allowing him to run away. He didn't get really far, though.

"Slow down, pal." Greg said, grabbing him by his coat. "You got nowhere to go."

Amelia angrily gritted her teeth. She took a step forward to position herself between them. "Do not touch him." She warned, clenching her fists. Greg just glared at her, clearly unimpressed. He swiftly let his backpack slide of his shoulders, before dumping it on the sand, his coat quickly following. "We made it." Tamara exclaimed, smirking, clearly proud of herself. "Mission accomplished."

Amelia was about to wipe that smirk of her face when Henry did it in her place. "Are you sure about that? 'Cause my mom's coming to get me." He said, earning glares for the two adults. "Both of them." He made sure to put a lot of emphasis on the word 'both'.

Amelia simply nodded, definitely agreeing with the kid. She had watched over Henry enough to know that his mother's weren't going to let him go that easily. They probably already were on their way to save their son's life, saving Amelia's in the process.

Greg slowly walked towards him, making Amelia protectively warping her hands around the kid's shoulders. He stopped in his tracks, and started talking. "You're going to want to look around, kid." He said, pointing to the trees all around them. "You see any clock towers? You're a long way from Storybrook." Henry shook his head. "It doesn't matter! My family's been to the Enchanted Forest before, and they can get here again." He exclaimed, terrifyingly sure of himself.

A loud cry made itself heard from far away, making everybody's head snap to the left. There was nothing to be seen. That didn't exactly reassure Amelia. "Well, we're not in the Enchanted Forest." Tamara stated, taking her annoying air of superiority again. Henry's eyebrows knit together. "This is Neverland."

That made Amelia's brain kick in. "Neverland?" She asked, incredulous. "You're here to destroy Neverland?" This was insane. They could hate magic all they wanted. They even could destroy Neverland, for all she cared. But why did those psychopaths need a ten-year-old kid to help them?

"It's the mother lode of magic." Tamara explained, once again wearing that annoying smirk of hers. As Tamara started to talk about some communicator, Amelia made Henry face her. "What do you have to do with this?" She whispered, scowling a little. His eyes widened. "Nothing. I-I don't know. I swear." He said, also whispering. Amelia carefully looked around, still trying to understand everything. If they were on Neverland, where were the pirates? The mermaids? The Lost Boys? And more importantly, Peter Pan? Or his shadow? Or whatever that sick guy used? Henry's voice made her snap back into reality.

"An office in a jungle? Uh. Who works there?" He asked, curious. Greg shot him a glare. "Who we work for." He slid his backpack back on his shoulders. "It's not your concern, kid. Just know that they take care of us." He hissed, getting dangerously close to him. Amelia desperately wanted to make that psycho shut up and take him as far as possible from Henry, but they had nothing to fear, yet.

Those two were basically harmless comparing to the hundred other things that could probably kill them in that jungle. "Do they? Can they tell you how you get back home after you destroyed magic?" Henry asked defiantly. Amelia looked at Greg, who didn't even act like he had a brain. "We don't ask questions. We just believe in our cause."

That made Amelia snap. "No shit. Believe it or not, I'm not listening to any of this crap anymore." She said, far beyond annoyed. She tried to take the kid's hand, but Greg grabbed her wrists. "Who are you anyway?!" He asked, which made Amelia's face drop. Were they actually stupid enough not to know who they kidnapped? Really? "She's my babysitter. A-Amelia!" Henry screamed, clearly worried. He carefully studied her. There wasn't much to say, really. Green-ish eyes, small nose, curly blond hair. It didn't really scream "I'm a killer!".

"All right then, A-Amelia. We'll see what they'll do with you." He smirked, mimicking Henry's stammering. Amelia seriously considered head-butting the guy, but decided against it. She didn't need to make them hate more than they already do. And she also didn't need a headache. "And who are you in reality?" He asked, curious beyond belief.

"None of your bloody-" She was interrupted by Tamara, who didn't seem very happy. Greg let the blonde go, turning around to face Tamara. Amelia sighed, obviously relieved. This time, it was Henry's turn to make her turn around. "You never told me. Who are you?" The girl just shrugged off the question. "I'm Amy, you're awesome babysitter you have who risked her life to come with you." She joked, winking at him. He tried to hide it, but he cracked a smile.

"What the hell is this? A toy?" Tamara asked, angrily. Henry and Amy both turned around to see Greg holding some communicator. A nonfunctional communicator. "It's a good thing you guys don't ask any questions." Henry stated.

Greg growled. "Let's go." He made a move to push Henry, but stopped halfway as Amelia grabbed his arm. He glared at her, but she stood her ground, daring him to try again. He tore his arm out of her grasp, and simply turned to Henry again. "Walk."

After about half an hour of vain walking, Greg finally decided to act smart and stopped to build a signal with smoke. Tamara had done nothing but complaining. "What if that's not enough?" She asked, arms crossed over her chest. "What if the broken communicator wasn't an accident?!" She said, her voice angry, but also worried.

Amelia scoffed. "What if the sun blows? What if you've been tricked? What if this is dangerous? What if you'd asked questions before kidnapping random kids? So many questions with no answers. Good thing you guys 'believe in your cause', right?" She said, sarcasm more than clear in her voice. Tamara gulped nervously, almost trembling then.

Amy smiled to herself, happy that her words had that much. She glanced at Henry, who seemed pretty shaken up, too. Of course he was. Being kidnapped wasn't something that happened every day. Well, she hoped so.

"Don't let those kids get in your head." He said in a low voice, pronouncing each and every word like he was talking to some toddler. She was about to answer when they all heard footsteps coming from somewhere to the left. Amy immediately made her way to Henry, taking his hand in hers. Out the trees came a boy. A teenage boy, actually. About as old as Amy. Around seventeen.

The wheels in her head were turning like crazy, but she just couldn't help but ask herself the wrong questions. When she should be thinking about how to escape this unavoidable mess, or how to talk her way out of it, or even how to get Henry out of trouble, all she could think about was: "Why are there teens on Neverland?"

Her heart skipped a beat when she noticed other boys coming out of the bushes. She looked at Tamara for some answers, but she looked as clueless as Amelia. There first was a short silence, which was quickly replaced by Greg's somewhat trembling voice. "Who are you?" He asked, his eyes wide. One of them, the first one who appeared, stretched out his arms.

"We're the home office." He smirked. "Welcome to Neverland." Tamara snorted. "The home office? They're a bunch of teenagers?" She asked Greg, looking really confused. "They're not teenagers." Henry stated, matter-of-factly. "They're the Lost Boys."

The head Lost Boy raised his eyebrows. "Look at that." Henry continued. "Why do the Lost Boys want to destroy magic?" His smirk grew a little. "Who said we wanted to destroy magic?"

Amelia, a little pissed then, scoffed. "That's what happens when you don't ask questions." But, at that point of the conversation, she knew it wasn't going to be pretty.

Those two brainless idiots had been tricked. Her breathing started to accelerate as she tried to find a way out of there, in vain. There was no way in this scenario that they were going to walk out of there alive. None.

Just great.

Greg tried to reason the guy, but the Lost Boy's eyes were fixed on someone else. "Now the boy, hand him over." The guy said, in a very low voice. Before Amy could even react, Tamara walked in front of Henry, protecting him with her body.

"Not until you tell us the plan. For magic, for getting home." She said, her tone determined. The guy smiled, and looked at the ground. "You're not going home." He said, still smiling. Greg gulped, but didn't back down. "Then you're not getting the boy." The Head Lost Boy laughed. "Of course we are."

And that's when hell broke loose.

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