Hi guys my name is stacey i just started today and i hope you guys i like it

Rhydian Pov
It's my 18 birthday today i wish Maddy was this my chance to find her that's all i ask to find her..she's the best thing that's ever happen to me i love her she's the one that i want the only one.
She shouted trying to cut off what i was thinking of
I saw him holding a chocolate cake that says 'Happy B-Day Rhydian' which i love.
I blew the flames as fast as i can cause i hated the fire when i was finish they cheered and i just stand there looking a little embarrassed.
Tom-Present time!
She gave me a little rectangle box i started opening it
Me-You guys didn't have to gi-
I stand there shocked and in my hands a train ticket to Axminster in Devon.
Shan-it's from all of us we know you wanted to find Maddy
Me-But how did you know where she was
Tom-We were her best friends since we were small and we knew she only had a cousin in Axminter
Me-thanks guys
I hugged them
Me-Does my foster mom know?!
Shan-yup and you better hurry cause your going tomorrow!
I put on a big smile that hurt my face but i didn't care cause i never felt like this since jimmi fell down the stairs or got beaten by a girl or when i asked Maddy out on a date.

I'm at the station and it's really quiet i went to my laptop that my foster mom gave me for my birthday it was Mac.I went to youtube and watched someone play games like Minecraft,Sims,The Beyond,Fez and some random games.

I'm here in Axminster!Ok i believe that shannon said they live in Uplyme Rd 86.I arrived here i knocked at the door and this girl opened it she looked about 16 or 17."I'm can i help you?"she says
Me-Hello i'm Rhydian Morris..i'm Maddy's friend
Girl-ohh Rhydian Morris..Maddy talks about you all the time..ohh yea my name is Ariana Smith..come in
Me-Where's Maddy?
Ariana-She's at work
Me-What does she do
Ariana-she works at a restaurant
Me-She's a waiter?
I raised an eyebrow while i sat down
Ariana-nope she's a lead guitarist in her band umm do you want tea or coffee?
Me-coffee please...what about your parents or Maddy's parents?
She gave me my coffee and she sat down in the couch
Ariana-my parents are buying food with mads parents.
Then we heard the door shut "I'm home!"i voiced just echoed to the living room.
"Aria have you seen my-"i stood up and she stood there shocked i can see she has a guitar case and she has eyeliner on with a little wing in the end and she wears lipstick.