Merlin AU where Merlin is sent to be Gaius' apprentice at a younger age—10 years old to be exact. This begins with Arthur meeting Merlin. In this universe, however, Lancelot, Gwaine and all the Knights of the Round Table are, in fact, knights.


Merlin walked was walking across the training grounds when he saw them; all of the knights, including Prince Arthur, were doing drills when Arthur's new manservant stumbled on to the field, dropping the armor he had been carrying. Stopping their drills, Arthur walked towards his servant with the knights close upon his heels. Smiling maliciously he clapped his servant on the back.

" Gentlemen, I believe we'll be moving on from drills to moving target practice. You," he pointed imperiously to his manservant, "grab a shield."

" Yes, s-sire," the obviously nervous man stuttered. He picked up a shield and began to jog back and forth across the field, as if this wasn't a new practice for him.

CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! Merlin watched in astonishment as the knights began throwing their knives at the servant on the field, jeering as the servant flinched with each hit. Merlin watched as one knife sailed perilously close to the poor servants head and before he knew it he was striding across the field towards the knights. He reached the group just as the servant fell to his knees, allowing the shield to roll away from him towards Merlin, who stopped it with his foot.

"Boy," Arthur called, " move aside and let my servant take up his shield again."

Merlin knew he was being foolish, honestly what did one scrawny ten year-old expect to do against the Knights of Camelot? He was supposed to be keeping his head down, avoiding anything that would draw attention to him and risk the discovery of his magic, but then, Merlin never did as he was told, only what he knew to be right. Consequently, when the servant began to reach for the shield again he placed his foot more firmly upon it and gave the manservant a small smile before turning to look at the prince.

"Why don't you pick on somebody your own size, you prat?"

Arthur's eyes widened and he took a menacing step towards Merlin, who in turn thrust his chin up defiantly. "Do you know who I am? You have no right to tell me how to deal with my worthless servant! I am a knight of Camelot and the Crown Prince and I will not be talked to in such a manner by a child!" At the word child Arthur gave a disdainful snort and the knights all snickered.

Merlin fixed his coldest stare on Arthur. " Honestly? I don't care what you think; all you are is a bully." Merlin swept his gaze over all of the knights who were staring at him with astonishment. " I always heard stories about the brave knights of Camelot, but if this is what chivalry," he spat the word out as if it were poison," is then I guess those stories must have been fairytales." And with that the young boy turned and hurried away, back towards Guias' chambers.

The knights just stood there for a moment, astonished at the boy's audacity (and a bit ashamed if they were being honest) before resuming their normal drills. Unbeknownst to those present Uther Pendragon turned away from his window, smiling slightly to himself.


As you guys might of guessed this story has also been adopted so enjoy!