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They left the Hanging Tree and were back in the battlefield. Tarkaan was no longer trying to injure anyone. Instead, he tried to simply knock them down. He was pinning down Eragon as the other dragons kept more and more Nirmians away.

Naruto took a huge scan. It was hard to find Gaara among all there red furred animals scattered all over the place. Karin however had more luck.

"I see him," she said, "he is behind the Iiepmop fighting a Suivusev-"

"What on earth is that?" asked Naruto.

"The Suivusev is that creature that looks like they fused a bear and a dog."

"I see it too," said Suigetsu, "I think I'd rather meet Freddy Fazbear than that in a night walk."

"Well, the Iiepmop is that mutant dog. See it yet, Naruto?"

"I see them," said Naruto, "How do I get there? It's basically across the battlefield."

"Fly genius!"


"You forgot?! Pure Genius! Rikudou Senin! War! Extraction! (Note: the events in chapter 3 happened after Naruto and Sasuke got the powers of RS. Basically, it happened after chapter 675. Yeah, in this story, I cut all chapters from then on. Well, in my opinion, the ending was terrible.)"

"Oh yeah! But, there are creatures flying too-"

"Have you become a coward all of the sudden? Well, if so it's okay. Who would not be afraid to go across a battlefield where about half of the soldiers are psychopaths? But thousands of lives are in danger. Yet, if you don't go, I'll go!"

Naruto did not allow that. He got up and started flying. Karin was right. He could be sort of afraid but Nirmia was depending on that.

He arrived right on time to see Gaara give the death blow on the poor Suivusev. He hit Gaara with lots of strength.

"I won't let you harm anymore innocent lives," said Naruto.

"On the first time you hit me," said Gaara, "I ran away. But this time, that won´t happen."

Gaara formed a sand wave and launched it at Naruto. Naruto rolled over and formed a Rasengan. He threw it at Gaara, but Gaara easily reflected it with the sand. Gaara was suddenly gone.

Naruto looked around for him. There was no sign of him anywhere. Until he noticed huge sand waves crashing at Tarkaan. Naruto flew as fast as he could. Before he got there, Suigetsu as a changeling did. He bit Gaara and threw him over. He started flying down towards the water, at a speed Gaara could not fight against. They both crashed into the water in matter of seconds.

There was suddenly mud spilling all over the water. Suddenly, a horrified Gaara ran out with stings from millions of Edilas. Suigetsu as a changeling came out a few seconds later.

"Why you," said Gaara, "now I cant use my sand for a long time. I lost my sand basket. Who knows if I will be able to use it again!?"

"Well," said Suigetsu, "I guess that makes me the hero of the hour."

"Yep," said Juugo from a distance as a changeling, "I wonder what Cashmere is going to think."

"Talk about hero of the hour and Cashmere later," said Naruto, "I think that there is something very bizarre happening."