Marvin was having a Bad Day. Unfortunately, this was not unusual for him. In fact, it was almost unheard of for him not to be having a bad day. However, this day was especially awful, and warranted the capital letters.

The Badness had started when the badness had finished, about the time he had run into an extremely annoyed platypus. Annoyed is the default state for a platypus, what with the reflexes split between those of a duck and those of an beaver, and with a few random reflexes God had thrown into the mix. But this platypus was the epitome of annoyed; its very being radiated pure irritation- with Marvin, with Him, who was doing a really bad job of it all, but most particularly with a certain human being named Arthur Dent.

Arthur Dent had never met this platypus. He hadn't accidentally trodden on its eggs. There was nothing Arthur Dent had ever done to exasperate this platypus- except exist. Arthur Dent had, inadvertently but irrevocably, killed or participated in the annihilation of every form the soul dwelling in the platypus had taken. Originally, the platypus had not realized the pattern. Reincarnated beings are not supposed to remember there previous lives, but when a trend becomes visible, even recycled minds start to slowly recall everything.

The day that Marvin encountered this platypus was a Tuesday. Not that the sort of person who spent time with Marvin would know that. The only person who spent any length of voluntary time around Marvin was Marvin, and even then he tried to find excuses to be somewhere else. Marvin had been strolling jerkily down a stream bed when suddenly the platypus was in front of him. One moment there was only the gray-brown of the ground, the next there was a very angry mammal.

"Oh dear," moaned Marvin, "I assume that, like every other wretched animal on this wretched planet, you will have a pressing desire to eat me, take me home to feed your babies, use me to line your nest, collect me because I glitter, or do your business on me. Am I correct?"

Much to Marvin's surprise, the animal replied.

"Yes. But it doesn't matter for you. You've got it all right. You're not a repeatedly killed platypus with reflex problems."

"And you are not a Sirius Cybernetics Corporation Genuine People Personalities prototype robot with a brain the size of a planet, unless I am missing something, and I never miss anything. Never. That's the worst rotten thing in this entire rotten universe."

"Oh yes?" snarled the animal, "You think that you've got it bad, do you? Really? Do you know what I have gone through? Continuously killed by a human being called Arthur Dent, never a moment's respite? It's bloody awful. I even managed to be killed by him thousands of years before he was born! And now I think I'll use you to line my nest; you suggested it and it seems like such a good idea!"

"Oh, dear. Brain the size of a planet and you ask me to line your nest..." Marvin mumbled as he was dragged off.

Marvin only narrowly avoided being nest-liner. His escape included the use of twenty-five small bunny plushes, one false document that claimed he was Doctor Dogbert A. Johnson, and a hopelessly inexpert 'Wizzard' called Rincewind.

How did Rincewind escape the fury of the platypus? That, my friend, is another story.