Hello, its me again. Kidding it's Jennifer Lawrence (if only). Anyway here is my newest chapter, I apologize for any spelling errors, I wrote this quite late at night. I was also thinking of doing a Fault in Our Stars story, if you have any ideas or comments please leave them in the comments below. ;)

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"Katniss, I made your favourite," Peeta calls from downstairs.

Silently, I close the bathroom door and walk down the stairs. Peeta is standing in the kitchen with a tray full of cheese buns and flour smudged on his cheek. Instead of tell him he has flour on his cheek, I simply walk up and kiss his cheek. As I lean in to kiss it again Peeta turns his head at the last minute and I end up kissing him on the lips. I smile into it and wrap my arms around his neck. Peeta shifts for a second and I think it is to place the cheese buns down, but instead I end up with a smear of flour on my nose.

I give him a death glare and smudge the flour from my nose into his hair. Unexpectedly he freezes in place and suddenly I am scared that he is having a flashback.

"Peeta," I whisper touching his arm lightly. "Peeta, no! It's not real, I'm right here."

When he doesn't move I am terrified. I am feeling a tear slide down my cheek as I reach up to touch his face. As my hand is moving up to his cheek Peeta shifts again and I suddenly have a load of flour on my head. I let out a high pitched scream and dart out of the kitchen laughing, Peeta following in my wake.

I am almost at the door when I feel strong hands grab me from behind and I get twirled in the air. Catching my breath, I look up to see Peeta's clear blue eyes staring down at me.

"Don't you ever scare me like that again, okay," I mumble into his now flour coated shirt.

"Whatever you say Girl on Fire," Peeta replies kissing my head. When I recoil from his shirt I see a wide grin and flour coated hair.

"You need a shower," I laugh kissing his cheek.

"You can join me."

I give him a glare, but allow him to pull me up the stairs. On the inside I am just laughing at his stubbornness.

After we are both rinsed off and have towels wrapped around each other we exit into the bedroom. Our bed in still made from this morning, white pillows tucked in and all, except for the pile of clothes that now sits on the quilt.

Keeping a tight grip on my towel, I lean down and pile all the clothes off to the side and start to pick out fresh, none flour coated clothes.


"Yah," I respond a little too quickly whipping myself with my hair.

"Have you thought about it yet," Peeta whispers, seeming a little unsure of himself.

"Thought about what? Oh and can you turn around for a quick second." Peeta turns to face the wall as I remove my towel and slip into clean clothes.

"Kids," Peeta quickly answers. I was about to pull my shirt on but instead I drop it on the floor.

"Peeta, you know how I,"

"Katniss," he cuts me off and turns to see me standing behind him, in only my underwear. "I know your scared, but there is more games," Peeta responds holding my shoulders as I look up at him with sacred eyes, "no more danger."

"There will always be danger!"

"But you can protect them from that kind of danger. You have to take risks."

"I took a risk letting Prim be a rebel nurse and look where that lent me!" I thought I could move on, but I guess one can never move on from something like that, epically at conversation like this.

Suddenly I am in tears and Peeta has me in his lap.

"Katniss, I'm so sorry, forget I said anything."

I wipe my eyes and shake my head.

"No, that's no it."

I take Peeta's much larger but steady hand in mine and guide it over my bare stomach.

"Katniss," he whispers not seeming to understand what it means until I see his eyebrows raise as he seems to connect the dots.

"Katniss, are you," Peeta whispers still staring at my bare stomach. I only have the energy left to nod. As soon as I do Peeta is squeezing me and kissing my neck.

"Oh my god, Katniss!" He raises his head and sees the tears that are soaked my cheeks. "Hey, I promise I will always be here with you for this. Always." Peeta takes my face in his hands and simply kisses me. I already feel better now that he knows.