A Change in the Air

Takes place after Alistair dies. Theresa has a plan to get Jane back and takes Ethan back to court. This takes place at the courtroom and is AU after that.

Chapter 1

The judge had just rendered his verdict. He awarded full and sole custody to Theresa. She had both her children. She won. Gwen was furious. Rebecca was floored. They had lost. Rebecca had no money. She was divorced from Julian thanks to Theresa. Gwen's trust fund was running low, thanks to Theresa filing suit against her for defamation and slander. Theresa won that too. Ethan was glad that Theresa had her daughter back but hurting for his wife. He knows how she felt about Jane and it was like losing another child.

Theresa had her nanny pick Jane up from the babysitter that Ethan and Gwen had hired. Outside the courtroom, Ivy rushed Ethan and Gwen and asked what happened. She had seen Theresa leaving with a broad smile on her face and assumed the worst. Her fears were confirmed. Theresa now had custody of her precious granddaughter. What was that judge thinking?

Theresa went back to the mansion to be with her children. She told Ethan that he was the father of Ethan Martin but Alistair's adoption of him was binding. Ethan could not seek custody. Ethan Martin was thrilled that his little sister was with them again. He had missed her. Now that she was back his mom would be happier and that made him happier. Fox was around more. He liked hanging out with Fox and secretly wished Fox was his father. Ethan Martin hoped his mother and Fox would get married and was doing everything in his power to make that happen.

Theresa had given up on her dream of Ethan. She realized she had to be there for her children. They had to take top priority. She would never let someone take them from her again. Beside she has been getting closer to Fox. She has always tried to be there for him. But now she can see a new future for herself in him.

Fox was overjoyed for Theresa. She had her children and no one could take them from her again. He and Theresa were growing closer again. He and Kay had split after she told him she still had feeling for Miguel and Whitney had Chad. Fox realized just how much Theresa was there for him. He also realized how much he felt for her.


Gwen was packing the last of Jane's things. A person from the mansion would be by later to pick it up. Ethan looked in on her and saw how angry and withdrawn she had become. She was throwing clothes into a suitcase. "How are you honey" asks Ethan. "Don't talk to me unless you found a way to get our little girl away from that monster" replies Gwen. Ethan goes on to argue that Theresa wasn't out to hurt her, she just wanted her daughter back. Gwen argues back that all Theresa wants to do is hurt her. She doesn't care about those precious gifts, just what Theresa wants. They continue to argue until there is a knock on the door. It is Rebecca.

Rebecca wants to know why they are arguing where the help can hear. They still live at the Bed and Breakfast. That was one of the sticking points with the judge. Ethan and Gwen still can't see that living in a B-n-B with a baby is not good. They haven't bothered to look for a place to live. Gwen is supporting her mother as well as herself and Ethan. She is quickly running out of money. She needs another job and soon.

Rebecca needs to find another source of income. She can't rely on her daughter to support her forever. Besides she has standards. She needs someone with a lot of cash. Curse on Theresa for making her agreement between herself and Julian null in void. Now he has divorced her and she has nothing. The only reason she has a roof over her head is because of Gwen. Ivy is of no help.


Ivy is in trouble. Sam has ended their relationship. He has found out that she blackmailed David into being Grace's "husband". They were never really married. But there is sorrow in the news, Grace died before making it back to Harmony to be with Sam. Sam is not on good terms with Eve as well. He feels betrayed by both these women. Jessica is shattered.

She keeps reliving what her life could be like had she had her mother in it. Had she not gone down the route she went. Jessica feels that her mother was betrayed by what was supposed to be her best friend. How could this happen?

How could she lose it all? It was just in her grasp. If Kay hadn't talked then no one would know. She would have Sam and all would be right with her world. But no. the rug had to be pulled right from under her. Sam didn't want a thing to do with her now. Ivy had it all and now she had nothing.


Ethan came to see Theresa at Crane Industries. He wanted to know if he could have visitation with Jane and Ethan Martin. He told the receptionist that he was there to see Mrs. Crane. She told him to wait while she called her. While he waited Julian came through the lobby and saw Ethan. They talked about the recent events. Julian felt sorry for the man. He knew that Theresa would only let him see the children and not his wife. He also knew that Ethan would demand that Gwen be let around his children. Julian could see a battle coming up on the horizon.

The receptionist told Ethan that he could go on up a see Theresa. So he did. He knocked on the door of Theresa's office. She told him to come in. They exchanged pleasantries and Theresa told him to cut to the chase. Why was he there? Ethan said he wanted to see his children. Theresa was willing to let him as long a Gwen wasn't around them. He told her that she was his wife and would be around. Theresa told him that if he planned on having Gwen around the children then he couldn't see them. Gwen was unstable and the children had to be protected. Ethan threatened to take her to court and she told him to go ahead. He told her it wasn't over and left

After he left she got on the phone with her attorney and told him of the conversation. He told her not to worry and to let him take her to court. Ethan won't win, so she has nothing to worry about.

After Ethan left Theresa's office, he went to file papers for visitations with his children. He was not going to let her keep them from him. Ethan then went home and told Gwen about what happened. Gwen was furious and told Ethan that this was just another example of Theresa's pettiness.

Gwen told Rebecca. Rebecca had been out trying to catch a rich new husband. So far no one was responding. Rebecca was just as furious as Gwen. They were hoping Judge Reily was going to preside. They knew they could blackmail him. Now it was a waiting game.


Since Miguel's return, he and Kay have gotten closer. She has broken it off with Fox and gotten together with Miguel. At first Ivy was happy. She was away from her son. But that has changed. Kay and Miguel are engaged and plan on getting married in a few months.

Ivy is upset that Fox, though through with Kay, is now with Theresa. And then Kay tells her story. What a month. Sam is happy for his daughter. She is with her first love. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not. Just goes for show.


(Alistair died in Rome. His body was found along with Beth's and Marty's. Sheridan still marries Chris Boothe and adopts James. Fancy came to town and so did Noah. Fancy and Luis got together and so did Paloma and Noah. The couples are just starting out.)

Sheridan and Chris are spending the day with James. She is still mourning the loss of her unborn child. She is uncomfortable with her ex-fiancé, Luis, being with her niece, Fancy. Fancy and Noah called it quits awhile back and she and Luis have gotten closer. Noah and Paloma have gotten closer. Sometimes Sheridan still wished Fancy and Noah would worked out. But she tries not to dwell on it. Sheridan believes in not dwelling on the past, nut looking to the future.

Luis and Fancy have decided to spend the day together. They have been working hard all week. Fancy just starting on the police force and Luis trying to get detective status back while working a beat. He has also been training the new recruits. Though he wishes his sister and Fancy weren't in the class.

Paloma and Noah are having lunch. She has been busy with training. Noah has been busy working for Crane as head of Security. Both have been having trouble finding time to be together. But they managed. They have been making it work. Both couples are really in love.

Noah is worried for his sister Jessica. She has been depressed lately. Everybody has been looking out for her. After Spike was killed in Rome, she seemed to sink into a deep depression. Now with the revelation about what Ivy did and their mother's death, she seemed to sink deeper. The only one who seems to get a positive reaction is Theresa. Noah hope that Theresa can help get Jessica back on track.


The date for the court hearing was set and the judge assigned. The judge was Jacob Zimmer. Rebecca despaired. This judge couldn't be bought or blackmailed. She had to make sure Theresa was intimidated by Ethan and gives in. Even if she has to threaten her.

Theresa was thrilled with the selection of judges. She knew the case would be heard on its merits. Theresa felt good about going into court in the coming weeks. Her attorney and herself have gone over her case and made it airtight. They documented Gwen's instability. They felt assured that there would be no surprises.

Theresa also prepared to talk to Jessica the following day. She knew the girl felt abandoned. Shen knows that Jessica feels the only person who seemed to care, Spike, died in Rome. Now she felt totally alone. Theresa was going to show her that she wasn't alone. Theresa went to bed, eagerly awaiting the coming days.