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Chapter 6

It was the day of Sam and Pilar's wedding. Family and friends gathered at the small chapel on the Crane estate. The local priest was happy to do the honors of marrying the loving couple. Luis walked his mother down the aisle and Noah was Sam's best man. Theresa was the maid of honor.

The couple said heartwarming and touching vows to one another. The priest then pronounced them man and wife. Sam and Pilar kissed and the chapel cheered. Then everyone went to the reception also held at the Crane Estate.

Julian must have caught the wedding bug because after the couple left for their honeymoon, he got on one knee and asked a very important question. Eve was floored. She didn't expect this. She said yes and they kissed. Everyone there cheered. Happiness had indeed come to Harmony.


Jared escorted Jessica home and told her he had a big question to ask her. They would talk over dinner the next night. He had already asked Sam for his daughter's hand, now was just asking Jessica. They would meet for dinner the next night. He said he would pick her up about seven forty-five.

The night turned into day and it was time for Jessica's big date with Jared. HE arrived right on time. They made their reservations for eight. They were shown their table. Jared was acting nervous all night. She wondered why. They had been dating for over a year. They had no secrets from each other. They had a lovely meal and then over dessert he got out a ring box. She was a flutter. She could guess what was coming. He didn't even get the question out when she answered with a resounding yes. He let out a big sigh and smiled. He placed the ring on her finger and they kissed. They had dessert and he took her home.

Jessica called her sister as soon as she got home. She told Kay what happened and the sisters shared their excitement. They planned to meet with Fancy, Palmona, Theresa and Whitney the next day to start planning her wedding. Kay suggested they invite Sheridan and Gwen along. Jessica agreed. Kay said she would call them and did so after hanging up with Jessica. The two women readily agreed to come to the lunch and help plan the wedding between Jessica and Jared.


As it always does, the days pass. Ethan and Gwen renew their vows in the Church. This time without any problems. The next round of weddings are being planned to the smallest detail. The children grow. More are welcomed into the fold. Kay and Miguel welcome a baby boy named Jeremy. Ethan and Gwen, twins named Joseph and Kylie. Noah and Palmona are expecting their first. Sam and Pilar are back from their honeymoon, and have settled into to a new house. Pilar has given her house to Miguel and Kay and Sam, his to Palmona and Noah.

Gwen decides it is time to make amends with Theresa. She asks her to meet up for lunch. They meet and Gwen apologizes for all the bad things she had done to Theresa. Theresa realizing that Gwen is sincere, accepts the apology. They have a good lunch and make plans to rebuild their friendship. While it may never be best friends, they may one day be good friends.

Theresa arrives at the mansion to see Fox playing with the children. She always gets a warm feeling when she sees how good a father he is. He doesn't treat Jane or Ethan Martin any differently than their twins. And now Julian was being a good father and grandfather to all the children. Life was good.


The months passed and it was time for Jessica's wedding. Jessica was so excited. Today she would be someone's wife. Jared woke up on this day just as excited. He was marrying a beautiful, vibrant woman. He was sure they would be happy together. They had built a solid foundation of trust and respect.

Everyone gathered at the church. All their family and friends took the day off to celebrate this happy occasion with them. Sam walked his baby down the aisle. Kay was the maid of honor. Jared asked Fox to be his best man. He was eternally grateful that Theresa and Fox offered him that job. He met the woman he was going to spend the rest of his life with. They, too, share heartwarming vows. There was not a dry eye in the house. The priest pronounced them man and wife. Then they kissed.

After that everyone went to the Bennett house for the wedding. Jared had a few surprises for his lovely bride. He purchased her dream house. Jared remembered her pointing it out to him one day. He found out it was for sale and bought it. Jared gifts Jessica with the keys at the reception. He tells her they can move in after the honeymoon. She was overjoyed at the idea that he bought, or even remember her dream house.

Everyone agreed that was a very romantic gesture. Jared and Jessica share a dance and feed each other cake then depart for the honeymoon. Julian and Eve leave soon after, him promising that their wedding will be better. Everyone else spends a little more time together and then the party breaks up. Everyone going home. Pilar's and Sam's children promised to be by the next day to help clean up.

It is two weeks before Jessica and Jared come back. They move into their new house and make it a home. Both Jessica and Jared start back at Crane. Jessica is given new responsibilities. Theresa has seen some sketches and placed her on a design team. Sheridan saw them as well. Both women think Jessica has great potential as a designer. Jared is supportive of his wife and the direction her career has taken. He is quite sure soon she will have her own line and everything.


Eve and Julian's wedding was soon upon the town. There seemed to be a never-ending list of things to complete. Eve and Julian were getting married at the mansion by a justice of the peace. They were having a simple wedding with only close friends and family. There would be tight security surrounding this one. Miguel had already briefed his teams.

The days passed and the wedding day quickly came. The day before Eve stayed at her daughter and son-in-law's. She didn't want to jinx the marriage. While not overly superstitious, she was follow this old wives' tale. Julian and Eve both woke the day of the wedding with a new energy. They were ready to finally be husband and wife.

The only person of the gang not attending is Rebecca. She can't see Julian marry another woman. After everything, she really did love him in her own way. Gwen and Ethan were only going to the ceremony but were not staying for the reception. They were going to join Rebecca at the Seascape for a charming brunch.

Like with Sam and Pilar, Julian and Eve were married in the little chapel on the grounds. The justice had them recite their vows and asked if there were any objections. T.C. thought about objecting but realized that all he wanted was for Eve to be happy. If Julian did that then who was he to stand in the way? The justice pronounced them husband and wife and they kissed.

Then the group moved to the gardens to have the reception. It went smoothly unlike the tail end of Luis and Fancy's and so many other that happened in Harmony. Eve and Julian shared their first dance as husband and wife, and feed each other cake. Then the happy couple left to go on their trip around the world.

This is where we leave the residents of the little town of Harmony. More children join the family, couples grow older and stronger together. Evil has left. It may return, it may not. That remains to be seen. But for now the town grows in love and understanding. This is the passion for life.