"Ugh! Shinichi! Come on! Tell us! Please!" Ran practically begged he childhood friend.

"Nope! You have to guess it for yourselves. And no asking Masumi-san. She has been sworn to secrecy!"

Ran glared at her girlfriend. Sera grinned sheepishly, "Sorry, Ran."

"Mou! Heiji! Stop beatin' aroun' e' bush! Tell us 'e answer now!" Kazuha fumed.

"No way, Kazuha!" Heiji childishly stuck his tongue out, and Saguru gave a disapproving frown towards his boyfriend.

'Heiji, Stop being a child. Sorry, Kazuha chan., this is one you will have to accomplish yourself, I'm afraid." Saguru, always the gentlemen.

Kazuha huffed, then spying something over their heads, she waved her arm and called out, "Hey! Kamelia-san! Over here!"

It was break time, and the students were all gathered in the cafeteria for their meals.

Kamelia made her way over to them, a look of relief on her face. She slid into the seat next to Saguru, facing Kazuha.

"Hey, everyone." A warm smile lit up her pretty face. "What's going on?"

"You are just in time, we have to solve this riddle that Kid sent, and those four great detectives are not helping!" Aoko cried.

"Hmm?" Kamelia took the slip of paper from Kazuha. Her eyes scanned the paper as she read aloud.

"On the Eve of the Lord's existence,

According to Hickory

I will free the Red Lady

Amidst the Ring of Fire."

(A/N: Try to solve this before I reveal the answer later down the chapter!^^)

"Well, it's simple, really." She said after a while of thinking, a thoughtful look on her face.

"Eh? You figured it out already, Kamelia-chan?" Sonoko exclaimed in disbelief.

She nodded. "The Eve of the Lord's existence means the day before the Lord, Jesus Christ was born. Hence, Christmas Eve. According to Hickory...This refers to the nursery rhyme, Hickory Dickory Dock. In this Rhyme, there was a clock. And according to the rhyme, the clock struck 1. Since it cannot be 1 in the afternoon as Kaito Kid operates under the cover of the full moon, it can only be 1 am, in the morning. The Red Lady refers to the Red Ruby crystal that was recently found in America. The ruby is said to possess magical properties and will be on exhibition in Japan-at least, that's what I heard. And the place? That's the last sentence. There is a place on earth that is filled with volcanic islands in south east Asia. These islands of active volcanoes form a ring, and this is known as the Pacific Ring of Fire. Thus, the Place will be the Pacific tower, in Kyoto."

Akako looked towards the great detectives, and they nodded, signifying that Kamelia was correct.

All the girls looked at Kamelia in shock.

"What?" She shrugged, feeling conscious under their stares.

"That's pretty amazing how you figured it out so quickly. It took me 15 minutes." Sera explained.

"Well…um…" Kamelia blushed. "Thank you."

"So…how do you know of Kid, Kamelia san?" Sonoko asked.

"Of course I know of Kid the Phantom Thief. He is, after all, an internationally wanted thief. Though, it's strange how he only operates in Japan instead of internationally like all those years ago, before he disappeared for eight years."

"What do you think of him, Kamelia-chan?" Kaito asked, wanting to know the morals of this new girl who seemed to possess deductive prowess similar to them.

"Of course, I disapprove of his methods of search, but glad that he has a 'no one gets hurt policy'. Not many thieves have such policies. Kid may be the only one."

"Hmm…What makes you think that he is searching for something?" Shinichi asked, surprised that she could reach to such a conclusion without any prompts.

"Please. Stealing a gem and then putting it back? He doesn't do it simply for the fun of it given how thorough and meticulous he is. No, he is searching for something, a particular gem, to be precise. Do you approve of him, Kuroba kun?" Kamelia was eyeing Kaito closely, so much so that he was starting to feel uncomfortable under her intense gaze.

"I'm his number one fan! I love how he's so elusive and his magic tricks are well…he he, magical." Kaito grinned, his poker face working on overdrive to mask his panic. 'She can't possibly know, can she? She's only been in Japan for, what? Two weeks?'

"But surely, you, as a detective, have to have the morals to know that what he is doing is wrong."

"Hey! I'm a magician too, y'know? And there are worse crooks out there than a non-threatening thief."

"I see…and what about you, Kudo-kun? Do you, as a seasoned detective, share your boyfriend's sentiments?"

"Well certainly I do not approve of Ka-Kid's methods."

"But, he's generally okay with it. Kid gives him the challenge." Kaito interjected defensively.

Shinichi glared at him.

"Heh? Why would you, Kuroba-kun, be alright-even happy- with the fact that this Kid can pose your boyfriend the challenge that he yearns for instead of you, seeing as you two are on the same level? Wouldn't that make you jealous, Kuroba-kun?"

"Err…" Kaito blanched. 'This girl knows way too much for her own good'. He thought.

Luckily, Saguru came to Kaito's rescue. "Kaito-kun cannot give Shinichi-kun the adrenaline of a good chase and intellectual challenge like Kid's heists and Riddles can."

"Hey!" Kaito squawked indigantly.

"Sou-ka…" Kamelia accepted that reason, and she dropped the topic.

But she did not look convinced, so Kaito did not feel completely reassured.

They then chatted about other things like school, subjects, teachers, America and to Shinichi's and Saguru's delight and much to Heiji's and Kaito's chagrin, it turns out that Kamelia was a fan of Sherlock Holmes and plays the Violin as well. She also liked Agatha Christie and is an avid reader of books. The conversation slowly turned into an intellectual debate on who was smarter- Holmes or Moriarty: Sherlock's rival. Kamelia even included Mycroft, Sherlock's brother into the debate.

The rest of the girls simply rolled their eyes and sighed, "Detectives…"

Christmas Eve morning: 12:30 am:

"Get into position lads!" Nakamori Keibu, chief inspector of the Kaito Kid Task Force yelled into his walkie-talkie. "Kid is no doubt preparing for this as we are!"

"Ah, Kaito-kun, Kudo-kun, Hakuba-kun, Hattori-kun. I'm so glad you could make it. What kind of lunatic holds a heist on Christmas morning?" he grumbled.

He then turned to talk to his subordinate and completely missed the offended huff the Kaito let out, and the comforting hand of Shinichi's on his boyfriend's shoulder.

Heiji and Saguru sweatdropped, thinking, 'The one whom you are calling 'lunatic' is standing right in front of you!'

"Glad we could help, Keibu…" Kaito said through gritted teeth.

"Thanks for helping!" Nakamori said, completely oblivious to Kaito's annoyance.

"Okay, keibu. I will take the East side of the building, Heiji will take the West, Saguru will take the North and Kaito will take the South." Shinichi said. (Do you notice what I did there? ;P )

Shinichi was actually giving Kaito an opportunity to be closer to the target of tonight's heist, and also closer to the exit that was planned out. With all four genius minds in on the planning of tonight's heist, the plan was foolproof.

"Oh, uh, okay." Nakamori said distractedly, focused on giving his subordinate instructions.

Before they left, Kaito and Shinichi shared a kiss.

"Be careful and good luck." Shinichi wished Kaito.

"Lady Luck is always with me." Kaito smiled confidently, and then he got serious. "You too, must take care, okay?"

Shinichi smirked, "Always, Kaito, always." Then they shared a French kiss.

Heiji and Saguru hugged each other, each saying "Be careful." And "Take care." simultaneously.

Then they laughed and kissed. Then, Kaito, Saguru, Shinichi and Heiji separated and headed towards their respective stations. What they all did not notice was a pair of eyes watching them from the shadows.

45 minutes later:

"You can't catch me, Keibu!" Kaitou Kid the Phantom Thief laughed as he rounded another corner towards the exit, his muscular legs bringing him further ahead of the others.

"DAMN YOU KID!" Nakamori swore as he and his officers got caught in the trap that Kid had set up, while Heiji, Saguru and Shinichi expertly dodged the trap. The excuse that they gave for Kaito being absent was that Kid had knocked him out when he had entered the tower from the side that Kaito was guarding and dragged him off to god knows where.

Saguru, Heiji and Shinichi burst through the door to the roof to find Kid standing there, his cape fluttering majestically in the wind, and holding the recently acquired Red Lady ruby up to the moonlight.

He sighed as he lowered his arm and turned towards the three detectives. "This is not it either, Meitanteis. I thought that with the mysterious history of magic behind this ruby, it might be Pandora. Alas, it has all been for naught."

He threw the ruby towards Saguru and Heiji, who caught it between them.

Shinichi clapped Kid on his shoulder and gave him a little squeeze. "Kaito…"

"I knew it."

All four of them whirled around. Kaito squinted and looked at the spot in the shadows where he swore the voice came from, which sounded eerily familiar .

"My deduction was correct, after all. It is a real pleasure to meet you, Kaitou Kid. Or should I say…Kuroba Kaito." Kamelia emerged from the shadows, a confident smirk on her face.

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