"You have given birth to a baby boy!" The midwife exclaimed and handed a bundle of joy towards the pregnant woman and her husband.

"What should we name him?" Her husband looked at his newborn son for the first time.

"Hiccup ... Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III." His wife smiled at their new son. Then the pain, that she just experienced, repeated. "What's happening?"

"You're giving birth again. You're having twins!"

Half an hour later, the cries of another babe pierced the air.

"You've given birth to a healthy baby boy."

The two parents didn't miss how the midwife said healthy to the second twin, and not the first but before they could question her, the door blew open.

Outcast soldiers rushed into the Healer's tent. "Stoic, we have come to conquer this Island in the name of the Outcasts."

The Chief unsheathed his sword, while the wife grabbed both her new sons and ran out of the tent, and the midwife ran out to get help. The Viking wife ran as fast as she could but was cut off by two soldiers. She was too tired to fight; she had moments ago given birth.

One of her shoulders hit her on the head really hard, and she fell to the floor. They grabbed the boys.

"Hey, this one is a runt." The one that lifted Hiccup said.

It was then they heard their Commander yell to fall back. They dropped the runt and ran with the healthy boy in their grasp.

"Well, did you get them?!" The Chief of the Outcasts yelled. "We got the healthy one." They sniggered. "When Stoic falls, his runt of a son will have to take over, and you'll be able to conquer Berk for yourself."

"Good thinking, Savage. Even when Stoic wins he fails."

When they were about 5 hours out at sea the baby began to cry. No matter what they did, he wouldn't shut up. Eventually they decided to drop it out to sea. Nearby was a Dragon Nest Island. The ungodly beasts would finish him if the sea didn't. So they threw the-several-hour-old boy out to sea.